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Hi My Name Is Hollie Rose And I Am 13 Years Old And I Have A Neice That Is 5 Months I Need A Baby

Here is the best babyname game ever!!!?

boyfriend: Grey Christopher Lane
house location: Manhattan , New York
9 bedrooms , 5 1/2 bath
twins: boy: Grey Ashton Lane girl: Bethany Skye Lane
sons room:green-jungle theme daughters room:purple-wildflower theme
2nd boy: Reece Bryant Lane
wedding- Detroit , Michigan
honeymoon- Honlulu , Hawaii
2nd daughter- Nicolle Lawrence Ryan Lane
sextuplets: girl- Grace Alexandria Lane
1st boy- Clint Joseph Lane
2nd boy- Connor Eli Lane
3rd boy-Ryncen Loy Lane
4th boy-Adriano Stephen Lane
5th Tyler Andre Lane
sons gf- Stefanii Claire Miller
sons daughter- Maya Noel Miller
triplets- Ava Elizabeth , Lynn Catherine , Norah Melinda Miller
my job-Actress
mansion in Dana Point , California

Long baby name game?!?!?

your name is Angelica and you live with your rich father Mario ,your step-mother Amelia and your step-sisters Rose and Leanne. your older brother Jesse is living with your real mother Mairetta in LA.
you finish your studies at kingdom university and marry a rich nice doctor named Cristiano .you go honeymoon in Paris for two months.when you come back,your step-mother has just gave birth to a little cute boy and she wants you to name him.his name is Chase and he was born on June 17th.(day&month)
a few years later you're pregnant with a son.his first name must be your favorite Harry potter name and his middle name must start with L.what's his name? Harry Lucas.
when your son is one years and three months old,you are pregnant again.when it's time to give birth you find out you're having b/g twins.what are their names? Kaylee and Travis
when your twins turn 4,your father and step-mother die in a car accident.that time you knew you were pregnant with another pair of b/g twins so you named them after your father and step-mother.what are your second pair of twins's names? Mario and Amelia
six months later your real mother dies of cancer and your older brother goes to jail for murdering his wife&his best friend Jake for sleeping with his take care of his three sons Cliff, Michael, Chris and his youngest daughter Kate who's only 1years old.
your now 40years old when your husband stay single for 6years before you decide to have someone again.
you go out to midnight parties and meet a lots of cute lawyers,doctors and chefs but no one interest day you accidentally bumps into your high school ex Seth and you find out he still has feelings for give him a second chance and date him.3 months of dating you decide to marry him in a church with only his family and yours.where do you go honeymoon? Russia
8 months later you get pregnant with triplet boys.their names must be your husband's three favorite boy names.what are the triplets's names?