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Hi Plz Help Shakesphere Interview

I need help with this interview, please.?

I actually am fluent in English and I cant even understand what he is saying lol. I think its because he said it very fast, so it sounded like his words were twisted.

INTERVIEW HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi everyone! I have a really great interview with this company that I am DYING to work for; however, I have 1 big problem. I am currently completely free until the last week of august to work full time, but there is a possibility that I might start graduate school in September. I do not want to lose this opportunity by telling them that I have to go to grad school in september, because then they wont hire me, but on the other hand, I will feel terrible quitting after 5 months! PLEASE give me suggestions on how to properly word this? I was thinking of saying "I did apply to graduate school, however I am not sure whether or not I will be acceped, but if I am, I will need to become part-time here" Also, I was told they pay $9-14 an hour, I have my bachelors degree ad some experienvce so what/how should I ask for $14? THANK YOU SO MUCH

Renaissance interview! Please help!!!!?

Those are three popular historical figures and so you should be able to find tons of information on them in a basic internet search. Just ask each person five questions that interest you and answer as if you were them. Be creative and try to respond to the questions using sentence structure/speech patterns that they would have been familiar with (ie Shakespeare was Elizabethan England). And try to avoid questions with a obvious or short answers.

I'll give you some advice.Shakespeare is best known for writing plays, not literature. By all means, ask his opinion. At the same time ask Spielberg's opinion on calligraphy.Shakespeare was a popular playwright. He wanted to make money. He had some certain undeniable gifts, and an uncanny ability to steal other people's ideas. If WS were alive today, what makes anyone think that he would waste his time with the theatre or with literature. If he bothered to write books, he'd write Harry Potter or The Da Vinci Code (okay, he'd write them much better, but still....). No, Shakespeare would write television or film. Better yet: he'd direct. Think of him as Spielberg. Indeed, they had very similar careers. They started out making highly popular fluffy (for the most part) pieces, and then matured into fine artists.I hope that is a help. I agree, I do not believe in writing someone else's homework. tell you a secret. When I teach, I will sometimes Google my essay questions to see if my students have submitted them to some site like this. Then I look for student answers that are really close to what I might find here.Do your own project. Otherwise you're wasting money.M2C

Five question interview with William Shakespeare?

When and why did you start writing?

How was your childhood and growing up?

Did any of your life experiences affect your work?

Who/What inspired you the most?

Were any of the plots of plays and dramas and sonnets a reflection on your own life?

Receptionist Job Interview PLEASE HELP!?

A lot of businesses will ask where you expect to be in 5 years time, they ask this to assist them in their decision to see if you have a plan or if you say you don't know they will know that you are not planning to stay at the company for long. they ask about personal qualities to see how you are in talking to people, if you are defensive they might not want to hire you because it might make you seem unhelpful to clients who call the company and no one likes a rude receptionist or one who talks on the phone to her friends or plays with her hair. Assuming people are boring is not a good start especially with the type of job that you are going for. A receptionist is one of the first people you see when walking into a company, make the people feel welcome and hopefully you will have a good phone manner and well dressed, stay away from tight fitting things and garish nail polish.

If I get to interview her, I would ask her the following questions:1. If you’re allowed to think for yourself and not depend on or get influenced by the men in your life, would you still kill yourself?2. If Hamlet tells you about the ghost and what he is going through, would you believe him or call him insane?3. If Hamlet’s love for you is true, would you still throw yourself into the river to drown?Every character in Hamlet is some or the other way mad, only the degree of madness varies. I deeply empathize with the character Ophelia. She wasn’t weak but was hopeless. Caught between the two men (her father and her lover), Ophelia ruined her chances of being with the man she loved and killed herself.

What do you know about IBM current products and services.In case you get the position, what would you apport to the IBM team.You would be asked about your economic expectations.You would be asked about your professional background and how do you think that experiencie could be useful for the position your applying to.You would be provide with hipotetic situations about a problematic, such as how would answer to a client in case something goes wrong in his request, and an etic problem, such as what would do if you see that a manager acts in certain way in order to get the things done.You have to demonstrate that your personal values are aligned with IBM values, honesty, etic, no discrimination are super important fo IBM. (There is also other moral values they’re were just an example).For each position the firts interview is different, each IBM area in the world and in each bussines area inside IBM has a different first interview, however the aspects I described applies for any due for IBM is important to know if you understand what we do now, if your personal values are aligned with IBM values, and how your professional background can be usefull for the position. (And if your economic expectations are comptible with the position economic offering).If you pass tbe first interview, IBM will send you on line test logical, and habilities as part of the selection process.If everything goes well, they call you back to explain you more about the position, and the economic part. After that if you get selected you will receive a economic formal proposal to get on board to the IBM team.Hope this can help you, and good luck!

Hi guyz!Plz help me wid my student council election interview !!!?

Well, I would suggest approaching this interview the same way that you'll approach job interviews in the future.

1. Take 5 slow, deep breaths before you enter the room. Count them. The oxygen will help counteract your nerves. Taking a deep breath before you answer each question can't hurt either.

2. Smile, smile, smile.

3. Make eye contact.

4. Remember, they're not 'out to get you'. I'm sure they seem stern but they are your teachers and they only want the best for you.

5. Win or lose, remember you're going to be ok. You can do it.

p.s. at the end of most interviews, they normally ask if you have any questions for them. People love it if you have a question. It shows you've thought about the position a bit. If they ask, I suggest you respond with "In your opinion, what makes a good student council member?" That way, if you don't make it this year, you'll have a great info and a better jump on next year.

Good luck!

English - Shakespeare Help Please :(?

I'm really struggling with the sort of questions below. Can you please sort of translate the question so it is easier to understand? & Also, I don't know what is meant when i am asked to ''describe the use of lanuage'' I just don't get it :(:( Someone please tell me what this means...

How do you think Benedick's character changes in the two Key Extracts?

What does the characters' use of language tell us about different attitudes to love and marriage in the two Key Extracts?

What do the two Key Extracts say about the status of women in Shakespeare's Messina?

The two Key Extracts show Beatrice and Benedick in very different moods. How should the actors speak their lines and behave during the two separate scenes?

Thanks you