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High School / College Grades Advice

Any advice for high school?

Don't stress out, it will be hard at first but you will manage
Don't procrastinate
Do get involved
Do keep your old friends, but try to make some new ones too
Don't skip class
Do try your best because that is all you can do
Don't pick on substitute teachers
Don't give in to peer pressure
Do be yourself
Don't listen to the drama
Do your homework
Do play sports
Do stay in school
And don't forget to have fun!

What is some advice on college you would give to your high school self?

Go to community college straight away. You’ll end up there no matter what you do now. Save yourself a lost year, $800 out of pocket and $2,000 of loans. And save yourself the cost and stress of college applications, too. Forget about the “shame” of going to community college. It’s stupid. When you enter the work force with a degree from a four-year college, they won’t ask if you actually went for all four years. They don’t care.Don’t stress so much about your high school grades. Do your best. Your community college doesn’t care about your high school grades.Don’t stress so much about the SATs. You’re gonna get a 1950 and it won’t be because you stressed. A 1950 is good. Believe me.Your community college grades will matter when you transfer to a four-year college BUT also don’t stress out about those grades. Do well enough to get into the program you want in the four-year college. Your GPA gets reset when you transfer anyway.You can be substitute teacher with 60 college credits completed regardless of what you majored in. Go for it. It’s good money, good hours and great flexibility.

Do colleges look at middle school grades?

Ok so you mention that you are in middle school but you don't say whether you are taking any classes for high school credit or even if you're in 8th grade. Essentially, it depends as to which classes you are taking this year. When I was in 8th grade I took:
-English (A,A,A,A)
-Science 8 (A,A,A,A)
-HIstory 8 (A,A,A,A)
-Algebra (this one is important because this is technically a 9th grade class and I finished it in eighth grade so yes, if you are taking this it'll appear on your transcript, it appeared on mine. (A -,A,A,A)
-Band (this is also important not grade wise, but remember to take a visual performing arts class, such as art in order to fulfill your A-G requirements to get into a UC but that comes into play later on)
For more information on your A-G click the link

-I was also a teacher's aid/tutor for kids in a class
If you are taking a foreign language give yourself a pat on the back because this is important to colleges and yes it'll probably end up on your transcript.
Don't worry too much about grades now but don't slack off, not trying hard in middle school can mess you up later on in high school because you might not be able to take necessary classes. You seem like someone who cares about their grades and works hard so this probably doesn't apply to you. I hope that don't stress to much, if you are in eighth grade any classes that you could get high school credit for would probably be for ninth grade anyways, which colleges don't look at as closely as tenth and eleventh. This might all be new to you at this point but don't stress out. I remember when I got my first A- I cried. Nobody is perfect and in middle school college may seem close but in actuality it's still a long way off. You haven't even gone into high school yet. As for your original question. It depends on the college. I would honestly say that almost all colleges would not so don't freak out. To get into an Ivy league your going to want to take the hardest classes possible and get a very high GPA , test scores (SAT/ACT) and extra curiculers (volunteering, community service, stuff like that)

Ok a lot of information, I know but right now is meant for practicing good work habbits. Good Luck!

I'm very tired of high school!!!! advices?

I'm a 17 y/o male senior who really is tired of high school. I just am very tired of the kids who are always showing off about their fads and the latest materialistic possessions they own. It's like they can never accept failures when it comes to grades too. I have 15 more school days until I graduate early and head on to college the next semester yet I'm also scared too about college. I feel lost and don't really know what to do. I've tried AP but they're harder than the actual college classes I've taken from my experience though i did pass the exam. People are thinking that I'm crazy just because I want to be a nurse. It's like being caught in high school drama that never ends. does it happen in college? Although I did have fun in High school playing sports, clubs, I really busted my *** all my past 3 years just so i could get a move on with my college prereqs. I hate talking w/counselors cuz they dont know how a transfer kid like me am going through and they're all lazy asses.

How to get good grades in high school?

I finished high school in June 2009 with a GPA of 4.09, summa *** laude status. Now, one year later, I am a Junior in college, preparing for Graduate School, with a GPA of 3.4. The reason that I have moved so quickly through school (aside from the grace of God and His help) is simply a great deal of hard work. Don't ever forget what you have learned already; what you learn in high school will build off of what you already know. Try to see the big picture of things; try to obtain an idea of what you want to spend the rest of your life doing, and begin researching and preparing yourself, especially outside of school. The most important thing you can do is develop a true love for learning. If you are able to develop a true hunger for knowledge, and you know how to use the resources at hand to fulfill that hunger, you will go very far. When your teacher assigns a tough set of homework problems, do them before you do anything else. Your education is vital to your success in life, so don't slack off at all or it will be completely detrimental to your future studies.
Finally, keep a good focus on your work. Only you (and your parents) know how you handle multiple things at once, so take this advice: when you are in high school (and college, for that matter), every organization, sports team, and music group will probably do everything they can to have you be a part. So, find something you love doing, and be a part of it; you will make good friends and expand your knowledge. However, do not allow extracurricular activities distract you from your studies. Don't ever forget the reason that you are in school: to learn skills and life lessons that you will take with you into college and beyond. If you keep the big picture in focus, strive to be an over-achiever, and always seek to develop a life-long love of learning, you will look back on your high school years with no regrets, and you will view your future with eager anticipation.

What grade does high school end?

Okay, first of all High School is 4 years long, unless you fail and get held back.
Freshman- 9th Grade
Sophmore- 10th Grade
Junior- 11th Grade
Senior- 12 th Grade

Those are all the years of high school, obviously your senior year (12th grade) is your last year in high school, then you apply to colleges during your senior year. Your friend is a junior, so he has to wait until the following year to then go to college, after 12th grade.

Grade 9 -> High School Tips Please ! :)?

hi there, i start freshman year on the same day as you! :)

well, there's a site called wikihow, here's the link, and you can search pretty much how to do everything on here. enjoy.!

hope i helped, good luck freshman year, and i hope we both make it!

What is your best life advice for a high school junior with good grades?

If you’re looking to go to college look into community colleges, it can save you A LOT of money and debt.Read The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker. It's about your intuition and how to listen to your intuition.Be kind to everyone you meet, or at least try to.Look into the military for after high school. There are a ton of benefits to military service and you can sign just a two or three year contract.Good grades are great but make sure you maintain the relationships you have with people at the same time. Also look into extra curriculars.Make sure you read a lot. By reading you can learn about how different people handled situations and that might help you out too.

Any advice for a freshman going into high school?

I cannot make the answer short so please take time to read. Afterall its matter of life ;-)Someone rightly said that when you are young, possibilities are limitless.Have a hard look at the below image and keep this in mind.You are in 1st stage where you have a lot of time and energy. You may or may not have lot of money. But even if you have it would be your parent's.My advice is to make full use of time while you can.Some points are :-Avoid wasting too much time on social media like fb, Instagram, etc. Quora is alright to find your area of interest.Do not procrastinate. Ever. Always follow the 5 minutes rule that if a work can be done in 5 or less minutes do it now.Now a days if you talk to anyone, they all will whine about lack of time. Truth is not the lack of time but the lack of time management. Divide your activities in 4 parts.Important + urgent = do it nowImportant + not urgent = plan and start giving sometime to it everyday otherwise one day it will become urgentNot important + urgent = can be set lower in priorityNot important + not urgent = do not waste time. If you avoid this then you will have surplus time everydayTodays era of WhatsApp demands you to be available all the time. Make a difference. Mute all group conversation.Sooner than later you will come to know about various tv series. While they are good stress buster but avoid binge watching unless you are done with all work.These covered time part.Now let's see what can be done on energy part.In high school who studies too much are termed as geek or nerd. So have some fun too. Make good memories but do not waste energy on worthless adventures.Practice some meditation daily. Yes, you will always be in flash mode but take a break a d have healthy food. Junk food can be tried but not too frequent.Find your passion or hobbies and when you get time, dedicate that time and energy in the passion rather than mindless surfing internet.Although you will not be having your money but still you do get pocket money if i am not wrong.Manage that as well. Since you will find yourself either short of money or just enough money, hence learning difference between the “price” and “value” is very important.Final lines, in youth, manage time and energy in such a way that when you become professional, you will be so efficient that you will never face problem of having less time.That's the key to a happy life.

High school GPA. Opinions? Advice?

If you get only As from now on, you could still get under a 3.0 gpa. Plus, like drip says, your senior year wont be taken into consideration when applying to college.

You could do what Kathryn suggested and go to a community college first, and then transfer to your dream school.

With all this great advise, why am writing? Is it because there is still hope? Sorta.

"Do you think it's possible to reach a 3.0 by the time I graduate in May of 2014?" You can do the math!!!!

grade points per unit.


grade points per unit for honors classes.


Add up all your grade points, plus all the grade points you would receive if you got As in the classes that you plan on taking, and divide by the total amount of units. If it's not a 3.0, consider adding summer classes, and see if getting additional classes in will push your GPA high enough. The problem you have is that going from a 1.6 GPA to nothing but As seems unrealistic. However, if you can retake some of your previous classes, that would really help increase that GPA, by getting rid of some of the low averages.

Schedule an appointment with a counselor, and ask him/her to show you what you can do to get a 3.0 by the end of your senor year.

Also, going from a steady D average to a steady A average would look quite impressive on your transcripts!