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High School Tight End Height Weight Bench 40 Vertical Broad Jump.

I want to lose 10 Kg weight, I am 30 years old and 77 Kg. What should be the genuine time to expect 10Kg weight loss?

Loosing fat of the body is more important than reducing weight.A muscular body may weigh more than a fat body but still look lean. It's the fat that's the troublesome element. 7500 unused / unwanted calories result in weight gain of 1 kg.Just loosing weight will do no good. The lost fat weight must be replaced by muscles and that's the Key. This is because if you loose weight without muscle gain, it will result in making you weak and appear weak.Loosing weight / Gaining muscles is 15% Exercise, 15% Sound & Proper Sleep and 70% diet.Cardiovascular exercises like brisk waking, jogging or running helps in loosing calories. But the moment you stop cardiovascular exercises the calorie burning stops and moreover it does no good in muscle gain.Whereas if you indulge in extensive weight training, it not only aids the loss of calories but also the calorie burning process goes on for 36 to 48 hours. Cardiovascular exercises are very important, but they should be done with a sole aim of enhancing your stamina.Go for compound exercises like Squats, Dead Lift, Bench Press, Fly, etc. These compound exercises help in reducing fat and muscle gain too.Have protein rich diet, drink lots of water and remain hydrated. Fast food, Fried food, Food stuff loaded with preservatives should be avoided like sin. Always eat home made food including greens and seasonal fruits. Green tea twice or thrice helps to increase metabolism. Have proper and Sound sleep. Stay cheerful and try avoid taking stress. If possible do some breathing exercises in the morning. Wish you all the very best.

I am a 21 year-old male but too short (5' 4"). I am constantly referred to as the kid and I feel that I am never really taken seriously. Girls don't like me. Can I do anything to improve my height?

There was a short guy who merely conquered the whole europe, his name is Napolen. Have you seen the HBO product "the game of throne". There is a role named Tyrion. In real world, people aren't judge you by your common characters. People judge you by your special characters.

How can I get bigger forearms and wrists?

Forearms are one of the most stubborn muscle groups, yet one of the most important for overall strength development.The good news is that you don’t need a bunch of fancy machines to train your forearms. Just some dumbbells would do the trick for you.Now, the most important thing to keep in mind with forearm training is that they take time to grow. One big mistake a lot of people make, myself included, is impatience. Don’t expect your forearms to grow overnight. Give them at least 12 weeks and you will definitely see some good results.What about forearm training?Forearms have two main muscle groups, the forearms flexors, and the forearms extensors. another muscle group of the forearm is the Brachioradialis.The good news is that you can train all of those muscle groups using only a pair of dumbbells.The best forearm dumbbell exercises are:Dumbbell wrist curlsDumbbell reverse wrist curlsBehind the back wrist curlsNote: Do this exercise with dumbells.Reverse CurlsWrist abductionWrist adductionKiller Dumbell Forearm workoutNow, here is an old-school all-around dumbbell forearm workout target every last fiber of your forearms.Wrist Curls: 6 restReverse Wrist Curls: 8 restWrist Curls: 6 restReverse Wrist Curls: 8 restBehind-the-Back Wrist Curls: 6 restReverse Curls: 6 restBehind-the-Back Wrist Curls: 6 reps.1 minute no restReverse Curls: 6 restWrist Abductions: 8 restWrist Adductions: 8 restrepeat abduction/adduction superset with the other hand.GOOD LUCK.

How to be a better outside linebacker?

Im in high school and this is my second year playing football. Last year I played on the d-line. Now im moved to outside backer. Since im new to football, I bench around 120. im working on that. I power clean about 110. im working on that too. And my 40 is a 5 flat. My weight is about 160. Does anyone have any tips to help me out?

I also have more some questions to ask?

1. How can I tackle harder? Is there any specifc weight training to make me hit harder?

2. How can I get a starting spot on the team?

3. Is there any way to read what the offense is doing?

4. I want to play college football? Is there any way I can play at that level?

5. Is there any special training that will get me better?