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Highschool And Essays

How bad is this essay? highschool?

this is the topic:

In some countries every young person must serve two years of military service. Should we have a similar policy in the United States? Write an essay stating your position on this issue and supporting it with convincing reasons. Be sure to explain your reasons in detail.

my essay so far.

Thankfuly, unlike the U.S there are countries in which every young person must serve two years in the military. Think about back when you were 16-18 years old; how would you have felt if you were forced into military? I believe you should have a say in what you fight for. Understandigly, we need souldiers to fight for our country, but i believe it should be controled under our own will.

and this is only the beggining paragraph i am just stressing, im terrible at essays and this is an important part of my grade, also an awful topic for me to have to write about.
i wont be offended corrects are very much wanted.also any information you think would be good to add. thankyou!! best answer

Title for the first day of high school essay?

Another shitty year if school

The start to the worst 4 years of my life (or best depending on if you like hs)

gross more school

High school expectations essay?

starting with a little antidotal story is always a great way to start a personal essay. think along the lines of...

when i was five, the word 'high school' meant a baseball field, warm summery nights, and my parents cheering kids on while i picked dandilions. when i was ten, highschool was that mysterious place that my sister went to, where one apparently needed a car and a cell phone to attend. when i was thirteen, highschool was the answer to all my questions- "you can do that when you're in high school" or "we'll tell you when youre in high school."
now, at fifteen, highschool is here...

feel free to use something like that if you want it. i just made it up. good luck in the whole new world!

I have to write a high school admission essay, any tips?

Merely be yourself.Imagine that you are seated across the table from three admissions staff members who will decide whether you will be admitted. They have read your complete application, and now have these three questions for you.Look them in the eye and answer the question.Nothing fancy. Merely the truth as mildly embellished by your enthusiasm to attend their fine private high school.Now write the answers to those questions the same way.All the best.

How do you teach essay writing to high school students so that they don't find it boring?

Actually writing is a very boring thing in nature. I have seen most of the students uses writing service or good writer. But stay away from WritemyPapers review. They wrote my paper with a bad structure. I think you should avoid this service.All the best.

I need a title for my eight page reflective essay over high school?

We have to write a reflective essay over our four years in highschool for my senior english class. The teacher said no about mes or my years in highschool so I need something creative.

My paper begins High school was like a climb. The climb was hard but the view was great.

Why does it always seem like high school teachers are always trying to find something to mark as incorrect, especially while grading more "subjective" assignments, like essays?

An essay isn't subjective. The opinion being argued in the essay may be subjective, but an essay is an argument in written form. So, grammar counts, quality of the argument counts, accuracy of the supporting arguments being made counts. Often what you're taught in highschool is called a straight jacket essay. 5 paragraphs, introduction par. Body one, body two, body three, conclusion. Thats mostly inadequate. What you should be doing is introduction par with thesis statement. 1st argument paragraph explaining your thesis, then two supporting paragraphs to back up that point, a second argument paragraph backing your thesis and two more supporting that argument. Then you insert a contrary paragraph outlining arguments that disagree with your thesis and why they aren't valid. Then a conclusion summarizing your arguments and confirming your thesis argument. All told 9 paragraphs. Here's a map if it helps. Intro - - 1 - 1(a) - 1(b) - - 2 - 2(a) - 2(b) - - antithesis - - conclusion.

What makes a college paper different from a high school paper?

Indeed, college paper and high school paper are rather different papers. There are three main elements which differ a lot in those papers.Structure. High school requires to write short essays, university doesn’t accept short papers. Professors are waiting students to break limits and show their best, they want students not to be framed. So students need to improve their writing and find alternative ways to be succeed with their work.Argument. College paper like a school paper should include a thesis, but its form is different. When a high school student could write directly the thesis using words like “I will tell about…”, “I want to speak about…”, college student should be more creative and declare his or her opinion, so the readers could argue with the author. The thesis in college paper must be in some way provocative and tempting, but still logical and reasonable.Research. College essay requires much deeper research than high school paper. It should at least consist of 6–10 sources. And based on these sources student should do own unique and fresh conclusions.