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History Homework Help World War And Holocaust

Thesis statements on causes of World war!?

The one of the main cause of ww2 was appeasement, all these other countries saw what Germany was becoming and instead of standing up to them, did lil politically correct things to try to save face but to stay out of things. Hitler invaded multiple countries including Poland to gain more territory an to gain more natural resources that it would need to sustain a war. Reparations were also a huge reason. The Holocaust however was mostly unknown of outside of Nazi occupied areas until after the war had already begun. So you really cant count it as a cause.

Help with world war 2 homework! please help! 5 points.?

2.Describe the development of the war between 1939 and 1941. What was the situation in the war when the U.S. enters? In the Pacific? In Europe?

3.What was the major effect of WWII on the economy?

4.What were ways that the government made people support and feel involved in the war effort?
5.What were conditions like for the Japanese in the internment camps?
7.Explain the D-Day invasion and why it was important..

8.What was the issue and what did the U.S. Supreme Court decide in Korematsu v. United States?

9.What was the purpose and effect of the Nuremberg trials?
10.Compare and contrast the development and dropping of the atomic bomb with the development an execution of the Holocaust. In what ways are they similar or different in regards to their purpose, their development, the decision making process, and their results?

World History Homework Questions . The Potato Impacts The World !?

1. (a) The arrows show where the potato came and the routes it took to arrive in North America and Europe.
(b) There are two different arrows to show who got the potatoes from Chili and who got the potatoes from Peru.
2. (a) Spain was the first European country to be introduced to the potato via a ship from Peru.
. (b) Chili, South America (I think but am not sure)
3. (a) It first traveled from Peru to Madrid, then it made its way to Rome, and then Milan, and then Frankfort, and finally Vienna.
(b) I don't know this one
4. The potato reached London first in 1599.
5. The last of the European countries to receive the potato was Finland in 1735.
6. London to the south of France - 1 year. Madrid to Rome - 1 year
7. The arrow represents how the potato left from London and went to Bermuda in 1813.
8. The crop did extremely well in Ireland and the potato was the only staple food in Ireland at the time.
9. It got its name because people associate it with the potato famine in Ireland in the 19th century.

Help me with history homework!?

52 Germany was weakened economically because of the war reparations it had to pay.
53 have no idea what is in the box
54 have no idea what is in the box
55 Holocaust
56 Franklin D. Roosevelt
57 Montgomery and Eisenhower
58 Axis leaders in Europe during World War II
59 Winston Churchill
60 I can't see the graph
61 to bring the war in the Pacific to a quick end
62 United Nations

What are the 7 stages of the Holocaust?

I need help on my World History homework please! The question says...Describe at least 1 way the Jews attempted to resist the Holocaust for each of the 7 stages.

US History Questions plz help 10 pts!!?

1.) Facist
2.)Germany invasion of Poland
3.)The japenese attack on the Navy base at pearl harbor
4.) Stanlingrad
5.) the racist attitudes of the goverment officials caused them to doubt the japenese, I think.
6.)U.S dropped atomic bombs
7.)the state department organized...
8.) The space race
9.)the northern communist invaded the west sided South
10.)U.S goverment funding for science classes increased
11.)any communist actor could greatly influence the public
12.)from country to city
14.)native americans
15.)brown VS board of education
16.)to challenge segregacion laws and regulation
17.)the black panthers were willing to use violence to defend themselves
18.)a failed U.S mission
To all those who post dumb things that doesnt help at all, please guys..Seriously!? Why do you even CLICK on these questions??

What treatment did the Jews get during the World War 2?

the jews were singled out by the nazi's,as inferior.the real truth is .they controled much of the money supply in germany,after ww1.the depression hit europe before the u.s.the germans are a very orderly people.they had built magnificent builidings.the jews were able to buy these at rock bottom prices.they inturn supposedley charged a exorpatent amount of rent.hitler knew that the german people were out of sorts,and order was in chaos.they were willing to follow a crazy man,to restore order.the jews were taken to concentration camps.they if lucky were exterminated,used as research ginuea pigs.the plan to exterminate the jews.was called the final solution.

Why does US high schools teach students about the holocaust every single year?

This is not true of all or even most schools. The Holocaust certainly should be taught, especially the important lessons of it such as the dangers of mindless obedience to authority, the importance of standing up to and resisting immoral orders, and the need for tolerance and understanding; however, I agree with you that there are other important historical events to teach, as well, including other genocides (such as the Armenian genocide, Rwanda genocide, etc.) and that it does not make sense to repeat the same lesson, especially if it is at the expense of other important historical events.You may want to raise this point with the particular school. It's possible that the school simply hasn't planned the curriculum to the level of detail necessary to ensure that different teachers, classes, etc. are well coordinated with each other; some schools are better than others in forming well integrated and complementary curricula.