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Homeowner Finances Debt

What is best way for a homeowner to finance a new garage?

The best way is to pay for it in cash. Otherwise you're going to have to borrow it on a home equity line of credit. These days, HELOCs are harder to get approved. Additionally, since you increase your debt on your primary residence, there is an element of risk.

What is a homeowner bill consolidation loan?

When people discuss reducing their debts the main thing that they think about is how to reduce the credit card bills and pay off their loansyou get into debt. Believe it or not by answering a few simple questions and changing the way you do things will help you eliminate your debts in next to no time at all.

What are the solar financing options for homeowners?

I’ll keep this answer simple and easy to understand. If you would like to know more about financing for homeowners feel free to message me privately.Solar Financing Options for Homeowners:Bank/Private Loan: Most financial institutions & private lenders will offer a loan specifically for your solar system, where the contract will be placed on the property rather than you as a individual. Typically loans towards green energy products are provided with much lesser interest rates due to the “low-risk, high-reward” model that it follows. Energy products are fairly guaranteed, and are protected under warranty.Leasing: Leasing options are either offered by the solar company you are working with, or an outside financing company. Typically leases are 10–15 years in which you are required to pay a upfront deposit (typically 15%), one time after the solar system is been installed and monthly after that. If you can find a way to get a leasing option which is considered a “no-cost” this will allow you to pay your system off monthly which is typically equivalent to what you would have paid for your electricity bill.No-Cost Solar Lease: Some companies will offer your a leasing option where you do not have to invest any money ($0) and the solar company will own the rights to the solar panels as they add it on your property. Typically a initial cash incentive will be provided by the company, but the catch is that the solar company will be be reaping all the revenue the solar panels produce. After a typical 20-year contract the solar panels will be yours (solar panels last typically 40–50 years).Pace Loan: A pace loan is separate from the above loans, but is a way for the government to make solar systems more affordable for property owners by covered a percentage of the total cost. The catch with the pace loan is you will be required to pay the loan back through added property taxes.As these answers can be discussed in greater detail, there are a lot of other financing options available but will very country to country, region to region. Make sure where ever you decide to finance your solar system from, that if they place a lien on your property or make it difficult for you to transfer the contract that you are aware of it.If you would like to receive regular updates on the solar industry feel free to follow me!Sachin Kaushal

Sallie mae debt being paid by insurance; what does that mean?

I was effected by both hurricanes Katrina and Rita here in south La. My finances were/are in ruin. I've managed to hang on to my home and car so far.

I am very late on my student loans with Sallie Mae, who has been very rude. I'd applied for and was approved thru my employer for a federal program that gives credit off of your loan for each year worked at a rural indigent hospital in need of nurses. I've worked here 14 yrs.
I was told by SMae they do not recognize this though they are familiar with it

* In checking my credit report I see under Sallie Mae it says 'debt being paid by insurance'.
Any idea what this means? What insurance?

I have not been notified of any changes in my insurance except my homeowners going up first $500 a yr because my credit dropped, $400 a yr due to my hurricane claim-only one I've had with Horrible, uh, Horace Mann.

Now another $100 a mo. since the state had to pay for those who had no ins. it's passed on to us who have!
Thanks so muc

Homeowners Association taking me to court?

My Homeowner's Association has turned my account over to a collection lawyer for payment of $2.56.
The attorney has added fees that total almost $200 to this. They filed the Warrant of Debt for $196 attorney and filing fee's, $8.80 interest and $2.56 assessment and late charges. I know this is a ridiculous waste of a judge's time, but what can I do about this. My quarterly association fee is $30. I make my payments via the autopay from my bank. They have records of transmitting the payments, however the association did not post the payment. Clearly I was not NOT paying the assessment. Personally, I think the association was holding the payments so they could turn it over to the collection agency, and probably get a cut of whatever the agency can then collect. The bank has contacted the HOA, spoken to an agent there and was assured there would be no late fees - and yet there were - and it was then turned over to an agency. Missing payment was Jan. 2011. They didn't notify me that it was missing - said they didn't have to. As soon as I found out I paid the payment. They returned it to me stating that I was trying to get out of paying the late fees and interest, but they had already told the bank that I would not be held accountable for those fees. (have that in writing). I sent the April 2nd quarter payment to the association, I sent the July 3rd quarter payment to the association, and I sent the Oct. 4th quarter payment to the association. All through my bill pay with the bank. On Sept. 9, they filed the Warrant of Debt with the court - as I said, the payment amount that they claimed I owed was $2.56. Then they added into that the filing fees, etc. Had they not filed this Warrant of Debt the total amount they claim I owe is $2.56. They also put a lien on my house at on Sept. 9 for this. I find this ridiculous. I refuse to hire an attorney to have to fight this. Do you think my presenting the bank statements showing these assements as paid, coupled with the dates that the attorney filed this claim and the lien will prove to a judge that this is just malicious nonsense. According to our neighborhood newsletter out of 400 homes in our development, over 25% are not current. My other association had a 3% delinquency. Is $2.56 debt something a judge will seriously consider, or will he toss this out as nonsense?

Hfo debt services ...who are they .what do you guys know about them?

HFO SERVICES are a very poorly run debt purchasing business based in Wimbledon. The Managing Director is Kevin Harper, an odious man who it seems has upset a whole lot more people than just yourself. Try having a look at the Consumer Action Group's website for a whole host of complaints about HFO and their solicitors, Turnbull Rutherford (which is run by Alasdair Turnbull). Their approach to debt is 'pay up or get paid', they actively chase homeowners and offer them remortgages, which is an illegal practice.
They are witless and toothless, speak to your solicitor and if they keep calling report them to the Police for Criminal Harrassment.

How does refinancing student debt save you money? Don't you pay more money overall?

Loan refinancing is beneficial only if interest rates are lower than when you had taken loan in the first place. You will get the benefit of lower interest rates by going with refinancing.So if its the above case, you may end up paying lower than what you used to.

Sold my home. New homeowner is attempting to sue me. Help?

I sold the home in July 2011. The new owners had a home inspection and a separate foundation inspection completed. They asked me for $15K in repair funds at the time of the sale, I negotiated and credited them $5K.

I pocketed less than $2K on the sale.

Now they are writing me asking for $10K or they will take this to mediation (required in the purchase agreement) with failure to mediate leading to a potential lawsuit.

They claim the property has recurring flooding issues that I did not disclose ( I checked "no known flooding issues" in the disclosure forms). They claim that in October 2011 the yard had three inches of standing water following a rainstorm and that they tore out carpeting to find that there was mudsill damage in the room adjacent to the yard and "old" warping of drywall that proves this is a "recurring" issue and I must have been aware of it.

I sold the house due to a divorce. I never experienced any flooding of the yard. I never saw any water damage or wetness in the room adjacent to the yard and this was my family room/play room where my toddler and I spent 90% of our time......

My ex has $10K but is unwilling to pay. I do not have any money and I do have $6K in credit card debt due to having to sell property and expense of divorce.

Should I go to mediation? If I lose who pays? Does my ex automatically have to pay half of the expenses or do we need to sue each other too? He and I were 50/50 joint owners of the real estate.

Who pays the balance of a foreclosed home?

The bank has to take the loss.