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Honest Opinion About Weight

What's your honest opinion about me?

Well since Dawn Amber A2A’d me. . . let’s make this about her.Dawn, you’re an extremely fascinating person. From our conversations, it’s easy to see you are intelligent and cultured. You’re kinda sorta homeschooled like me.You’ve also got a fun wit. A biting one for sure, but a fun one.All in all, my honest opinion of you Dawn is that you’re a good friend. We’ve had our ups and Dawns. . . (HAHA GET IT ok I you can go ahead and groan), but overall I’d say we get along pretty well.It’s good to know you Miss Amber.

Where can I get an honest opinion of my hair?

Post a picture. You know the internet if full of people with opinions. ;) Second option go to a hairdresser you trust OR one recommended to you by someone you trust. Usually they’ll tell you if they think something won’t look good on you etc…

What is your honest opinion and view about alcohol?

Everything is poison if taken in the wrong dosage; including water. Some years back I was shocked to hear that a woman died from drinking too much water. She participated in a contest to “hold your wee for a wii”. The point of the contest was to see how much water you could drink without going to the bathroom. Whoever, drank the most won a Nintendo Wii. A woman participating in the contest died of water intoxication. Woman dies after water-drinking contestOf course this is an extreme example but my point is that the human body needs everything in moderation to be healthy; even water. It is a well known fact that alcohol overdoses do happen and people do shorten their life spans from drinking. Some people become addicted to it and ruin their lives by their compulsive behavior. However, alcohol is not a poison like anthrax or rat poison. In moderation it is not harmful and does have health benefits.In moderation alcohol may prevent heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Beer is also known to prevent kidney stones and red wine in particular is said to be good for the heart.I am not advising anyone to start drinking for the health benefits, but if you drink in moderation and are not addicted there is no reason to stop.I find alcohol enjoyable, but it is nothing to make a big deal about either. A mild buzz is enjoyable and I enjoy the taste of beer. Most people who have had a few are more talkative and goofy. It is fun. Have I seen people be drunken jerks too? Yes. But for the most part everyone is just having a good time.

What are your opinion on PhenQ (weight loss supplements)?

Nowadays we really depend on online reviews of any product, because online customer reviews and testimonials are mixed combination of both real and fake. PhenQ reviews are no exception of it.Though the opinion on PhenQ weight loss supplement are different among different people according to their results gain.However, there’re some tricky ways to find out which PhenQ real customer reviews are genuine and which are fake.I’ve studied and researched on the ingredients, benefits and what customer really think about this diet pill for around 2 months till today in order to present you the real truth and an honest review on this weight loss supplement.After searching on different blogs, weight loss forums, and other product review sites, I’ve created a summary of my research on PhenQ reviews 2019 made by its user and their experience of using this fat burner pills.“According to research, the average success rate of this weight loss pill in helping people to lose weight is 85%. However, not all the users get the best result from it. It has been estimated that about 70-75% users get the best result and rest of the user’s percent have different results and different opinions on their experience in using this supplement. “Some customer saying they able to lose 44lbs in 3 months pairing healthy diet and exercise with PhenQ.At the same time some user didn’t notice any result even after using the product for 1 month. So, there’s mixed combination in working time of this dietary supplement.The Bottom Line: My research says, there’s no risk of taking this diet pill as it is manufactured following all the guidelines by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that makes the product most trusted among the people who’re looking for a weight loss supplement help them get their ideal weight.