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Honestly Can You Make Some Smileys Right Now

Why do people want to get married and have kids? Honestly...?

I am sorry for your upbringing, mine sucked too, I did not want kids at first nor marriage, but I now can't imaging my life without my son (I met a great guy and wanted to have a baby all of a sudden) My son is like giving birth to my soul and letting it run free, I cherish him every day and tell him that he is important and relevant to my life and the world, I always make sure he is cared for and that he know that he is loved.

marriage took me 10 years to marry my husband, and I am still not convinced that it is all that important, he would have been there with me regardless of a marriage, I did feel a sense of being "complete" lol the day we got married.

We had our son young and it did not ruin my dreams, I would do my homework with him at the kitchen table (I went back to school for business, so that I could open my own shop) I have opened my shop and I can say that my family stood in my way they helped me, I want to be able to give my child an education, and when he is in college my husband and I will travel (I left home at 15 and started working right away to support my self, it has been a long road) but I truly love my family and would sacrifice anything and every thing for them (just answering both questions you have going )

good luck on you search for answers, therapy helps as well as realizing exactly what you don't want

Riddle: I am a smiley face that you can draw on,I make you happy.What am i?

some type of beer??

added--o. now i get the first answer.

she's right! :)

Do I look ugly? honestly?

Maybe I am ugly for having low self-esteem right now, I mean having no confidence forsure makes me feel ugly on the inside... I usually am confident or simply just dont care, but today I honestly do. I feel so ugly. I feel like I look like an ogre.. And I posted this photo here asking about my bangs and boy did the comments not make me feel any better. usually i wouldnt care but whatever. now i am actually curious, I want some honest opinions. I mean it's not like aesthetics are be all and end all - far from that really... but i guess im just in one of those moods

heres a pic: am i ugly or..? i dont know here

Would anyone honestly care if I ended it all right now? Why would anyone miss me or the world care at all?

I tried coming out as gay when i was 17 after being in lvoe with a straight guy for 2 years whom im stillo with now, hell never like me back, he doesnt even call me now we're in different colleges so why bother i always wanted his affection but it seems it wont happen?I even found a bi guy my senior year of hs, liked him, thought he liked me, came out to him, asked him out, and he said no, and didnt even wanna tlak about it.i just wanted love and now

my parents hated me coming out, my mom cried, and wanted me to be a priest. she rather i be single than in love, and my dad denied it, so i dont care i thought they could love me but aparently not, they wont accepot me and neither will my uncles or aunts theyre just as hompphobic. My best friend is away at college and doesnt give two craps either. hes popular, goes to aprties, ahs a gf, and knows im confused, but never ask me about it, he never wants to ehar me out and knows im upset but what advice could he ahve ehs straight. then theres all of you ******* here on yahoo. Im reaching out for help, taking you advice, its failing but now you take it all up and yell abck at me so no one cares. The economy is so blown and theye ven said we're going to have drones in the air soon spying on us, BIG BROTHER!!! so any hope "it gets better" how, the world going to crap, theres no chanc eof finding a good job, a partne rone day, they shipped saile dint eh 80's when the country gave to cEOS instead of us poor, i dont wanna be working at walmart forever as a lonely old fart, i want a guy who will make me happy but all gays want is sex, and since i ahve no one to talk to, i dont see whats the point of going on......honestly why bother?

Christians do you honestly think that people who ask you tough questions are slurring your religion?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And that is the problem with 99% of the atheists that troll through this area. I use the word troll because this category is Religion and Spirituality. Now as any atheist will be quick to tell you they don’t believe in God yet they are hanging around here. Why?

I can accept that they don’t believe. But why do they feel it is necessary to come here and expound on their disbelief and the vast majority of the time denigrate Christianity and Christians in the process? Why is it any different when Christians question the beliefs of atheists? What if we don’t believe that we evolved from some unknown entity crawling out of some primordial slime pool? Does that make us stupid, ignorant or mindless? That is what the atheists tell us yet they have no proof that such a thing occurred, only the theory that it could have happened. They scream that Christians do not have 100% proof of God, yet they believe that an unproved hypothesis is 100% proof.

Now, if you don’t mind me injecting a little religion here Christ was not sentenced to death because the Roman Empire thought he was a threat. He was condemned because he was a threat to the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious and political rulers of Israel. By this time His popularity among the Jews had reached the point where they could no longer ignore Him nor could they just kill him outright as a heretic because every time they tried to entrap Him in their legal system he turned it against them. Their solution was to trump up charges of sedition against Him and have the Romans do their dirty work.

Yahoo Answers I believe was instituted with the best of intentions: To provide a place for folks to exchange information. Someone has a question someone has an answer they come together here. Unfortunately it, at least this category, has turned into a discussion forum and a very poor one at that. However, like the government they simply will not give up on a bad idea.

Honestly, your honest opinion. Should we really be letting 18 year olds vote?

And how do you vote then? Who but the media would let you know whats happening? Do you make your decisoin by just walking into the booth and pulling which ever lever you see first?
Why should a 48 year old idiot be able to vote when a 17 year old genious cant? Why do we let people who are so out of touch rule the country? I mean come on I know many people under eighteen that could bring the world to nucklear war with a wireless labtop if they so desired scarry thought isnt it? Especialy for those politcians that think the internet is made up of tubes. I think we should have an age limit for voting to stop the old senile people from voting and buggering up the country. You know why the rest of the world views us as idiots? Because an old person would rather see that their car be filled up for a few bucks and pay no taxes rather then supporting the school systems. Old people can ruin the world and not be bothered by it because they'll be dead in a few years leaving the younger generations, you and me, holding the bag. At least we know that what we do now will affect us down the road and our kids. I say let those with a stake still left in the world after three years controll it.

Are there people on this board who honestly believe?

Yes I agree its everywhere not on the board. I also agree its not the type of discipline, generally speaking, but the consistency of the discipline. I truly believe (maybe I'm wrong) that you could make a kid stand on their head every time the did something wrong or undesirable and you could get similar result as any other discipline method. Its what works for the child and parent. Always individual.
I disagree with most blanket statements anyway (like how I didn't make mine a blanket. :-) Both the zealots are out there and there is no way to change their minds. Reasonable people understand that there is not one size fits all solution for children. Reasonable people also get that children are learning as they go, so the behavior today isn't necessarily the behavior tomorrow.
Therefore, I think that any who possibles agree that spanking is the only way to parent or non spankers raise terrible children are neither rational nor reasonable and when considering their opinions, I say consider the source.

But you still didn't count the number of trolls lurking to cause trouble too.

Honestly, why do so many of you get upset over unisex names?

Because these so called "unisex" names aren't actually "unisex". They're masculine names, being slapped on girls by their ignorant parents. Harper, Addison, Peyton, Madison, Jamie are all examples of this. Addison and Madison means "Son of Adam" and "Son of Maude; Matthew's son", respectfully. There's nothing unisex about sons. Sons are boys. Cold hard facts.

In reality, it does affect us. Because of ignorant people thinking these ridiculously masculine names are feminine or "girly" making it near (not completely, near) impossible to use them on the correct gender. And this awful trend is getting worse and worse. Jessica Simpson naming he daughter Maxwell, for example. If these keeps up, names like Edward, Charles, and Thomas are going to end up on girls. Then what? What names will be usable for boys?

What I don't understand, is why so many have to be so ignorant and be little sheep, following what they see or do. A character named Madison doesn't make Madison feminine, yet millions of ignorant parents couldn't take a joke and decided to name their daughters Madison. I don't see how that's celebrating your differences when you're a sheep in a flock, following everyone else.

Nor is there a need to steal masculine names just to celebrate your differences. There's hundreds upon thousands of names that are feminine and actual girls names. I'm sure there's a name in those thousands of feminine names that is unique. Definitely more unique than slapping a boy's name on your daughter like the millions of other parents.

You're trying to be polite and mature? Yet you make this question, which is pretty middle school-esque, if you ask me.

And no, I'm not going to turn it down a notch. I'm honest in my questions. I've always been honest in my questions and always will be. I'm not one of the many brown-nosing butt pirates around here, sucking up for BAs / points.