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Horrible Teacher Who Doesn

Horrible math teacher...?

Okay so literally EVERYONE has told me that my math teacher is awful and that I should switch out ASAP. Now that I have her, I totally understand. She doesn't teach ANYTHING and just expects us to know it all. The only other math teacher is full, so I can't switch out. (I'm in honors algebra 2 by the way.) I don't really know what answer I'm looking for, maybe some comforting words or advice. Have you ever had this happen to you? I'm used to being a straight a student, so this is why I'm so upset about this. She gave my friend, another straight a student, her first C in a class. SHE'S TOUGH. I'm just REALLY stressed out and don't know what to do. It's only the first assignment and I already have 3 hours of homework.

How can I get a horrible teacher fired legally?

It depends on what you mean by “horrible teacher.”Is the teacher just bad at teaching (doesn’t know the content, cannot control the classroom, etc.)I assume you mean they behave horribly in class, towards students, or is very inattentive.The first set of teachers usually will weed themselves out by either poor evaluations by administration and so they won’t have their contacts renewed, or they will eventually get tired of their misery and failure and find something else to do.The second group of teachers are usually the problem. These tend to be the lifers. What I would do is document EVERYTHING, if the teacher is late to class, things that are said, EVERYTHING! Have others do it too.The problem is, at least in TN where I teach, many of the lifers have tenure and so aside from something criminal there really is not much you can do.In closing, please do not do anything out of malicious intent. Whether you like the teacher or not, always be respectful. That is their livelihood and more than likely how they feed themselves and their family. No one should ever have the intent of trying to make someone lose their jobs. Talk to the teacher first and if all else fails then go with plan “B”

What should I do if a teacher doesn't teach?

So! In junior high school, I had a geometry teacher (the math department chair for  the whole school) who would either lecture the class for the full one and a half hour period or not say anything and yell at people who talked too loudly. Obviously, some of the people who didn’t do the (ungraded) homework and didn’t even spare a glance at the textbook didn’t do well on the tests. I remember one kid didn’t finish about three pages in the final exam.Learn to self-study!!Do homework (or if none is assigned, find some on your own). Don’t slack off in class and watch videos- read the textbook, ask questions about things you don’t understand, etc. Learn to understand, and not to pass the test. Get a group of friends who work well together and study out of school.If all else fails, and your teacher tests you over information not found in the textbook or homework, that is the time when you can appeal to a department chair.

My physics teacher doesn't teach?

I'm taking high school physics this year and my teacher doesn't help us at all. Since the first day, he's handed us worksheets and told us to "try and figure out" the problems on them. Each worksheet has problems we've never seen before. He then goes over one or two of the problems quickly and the rest of class we sit around and he talks about TV shows and traffic tickets he's gotten. None of the stuff he's giving us is in our textbooks. We ask questions, but every time we get a problem, it's a completely new concept.

I'm a 4.0 or higher student and I took all honors and APs last year and am doing the same this year. I'm not a slacker. I do my work...I'm good in math and science, but this class is killing me. It's worse than APUSH was. We recently had a quiz and the majority of the class failed. He said he was disappointed in us. My thinking is, if everyone failed, then it's probably something to do with the teacher, not that most of the people in the class are just stupid. I'm not the only one complaining of him not teaching; everyone I've asked who ever had him says he doesn't teach.

I understand him wanting us to try and figure things out ourselves, but he gave us nothing to base our learning off of. There's no structure, he's just making it up as he goes. He used to be my golf coach, so I know him well and don't want him to think bad of me if I bring it up to him... What should I do? And do you guys have any suggestions for ways I can actually learn physics and not fail this class?

Horrible at Physical Science, teacher doesn't teach HELP!!?

Identify each measurement shown below as that of distance, speed, or acceleration.

A. 32 ft/min^2
B. 15 m
C. 68 km/h
D. 1.35 in.
E. 2.5 N/kg
F. 12 cm/s
G. 68 m/s^2
H. 1.32 X 10^-7 m

Which of the following is a speed?
A. The rate at which a bicycle slows down
B. The length of a racetrack
C. The pah of an elevator
D. The rate at which a person slides

Because speed is a measure of distance traveled per unit tme, units for speed are
A. m/s
B. cm/h
C. ft/min.
D. All of the above

A rocks mass is a
A. Constant property
B. Physical property
C. Constant property
D. All of the above

Please I do no understand any of this one bit and he refuses more or less to teach a single thing.

I have a teacher who doesn't teach. What should I do?

Go through the material yourself. If your textbooks are any good, they’ll explain topics to you without the teacher, and this will also give you a valuable skill - processing information yourself. I did this back in 7′th grade when our science teacher was absolutely useless - ignored her and just went through the book.If your school faculty heads are of the rational and reasonable type, talk to them about it. Chances are you’re not the first student to notice this, and feedback is important. If you don’t speak up, nobody will ever know. If you’re afraid to go by yourself, then find a faculty member you trust who is willing to forward your complaint. You can also write a letter and have it signed by all students who had problems with that teacher - this should definitely cause some raised eyebrows as to what the problem is.

I have a horrible electromagnetism teacher that doesn’t motivate me to study nor can teach me the subject. Do you have any tips for studying it on my own?

This is the best system that I have found so far.The key to the best system is consistency and having fun with what you are doing.First, have a positive attitude.Know that the material that you are learning is not impossible and that you can do it.So many people have learned it before you, also thinking they couldn’t do it, but they have done it and have realized it was not as hard as they were making it out to be.Second, be prepared.Find what you need to make sure that you don’t have to leave once you start studying.Third, read the title of each of the chapters and try to get a sense of the what each chapter intends to teach you.Fourth, find the questions at the back of the book BEFORE you start reading so you know what you are looking for when you are reading.Fifth, read the paragraph the first time to get the gist and try understand it. Then read it again while taking notes of things that you know you don’t know.Sixth, Do this for the rest of the paragraphs.Seventh, make bullet points of important overlying themes and separate them from what you have to remember. Concrete versus abstract concepts.Eighth, this is entirely up to you, but this has helped me a lot so I will throw it in there. You can commit them to memory by using the memory palace so they will stay there permanently.Lastly, use a SRS like Anki. This will help prevent you from forgetting by testing you on intervals instead of regularly.This will allow you to not have to do it every day, while still giving you that sweet sweet information juice.After all of that is completed, you should have a very good understanding of the material and you should be good to go.Once you get down this formula, it is actually really easy and quick.For more information:How to memorize textbooks or heavily information dense material.- UpdateThis was added to their wikipage and they will give you as much as you need for anything.This entire process allows you to use “NTI” or Neural Transitional Information.This will allow you to take skills that are gained from learning one subject, and allow you to apply it to other subjects.If you have this main goal in mind while studying, then you will have exactly what you need to thrive.

My math teacher doesn't teach well?

I'm in an AP calculus class and I feel like I'm already struggling. I'm good at math and have always been in high math classes, but the teacher that I have right now just doesn't teach that well. First of all, something happened and our class is the only one who isn't going to have the textbook for a long time. She doesn't even know when we're going to get them. So she just teaches us and prints out the homework for us. I try to take notes along the way but she basically just puts images of the book on the screen. But the problem is the way that she teaches. It's almost like she assumes that we know how to do things already? Like she understands it because she's the teacher so she speeds through a lot of topics in a day then gives us homework the same day.

I know this is a college level class so it's faster, but I feel like this isn't my fault. I was in a pre AP pre calculus class last year, with a really good teacher who actually showed us how to do things with examples, etc. One day my pre calc teacher had a teacher come in to teach us calculus and the teacher was the AP calc teacher I have now. Even back then I found it hard to follow her and hoped that I wouldn't get put in her class in the future, but here I am.

I just can't understand what the heck she's talking about and I don't even have a book or anything to refer to. Sometimes other people in there act like they don't know what's going on either, it isn't just me. We don't even have access to an online book. Help!