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How Am I Going To Stay Awake For 8 Hours Tomorrow On 1 Hour Of Sleep

5 hours till school... Stay awake or sleep? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP?

jusst rest, and dont worry about sleep too much. The more you worry the more you stay awake. Even a couple of hours a sleep will be better than staying up all night. You are young and still growing, your body needs a lot of rest at 13.

you will probably feel bad after just four or five hours sleep but as the day goes on you will be more alert and will get better. Tonight when you go to bed, wind down slowly, read a book, watch a bit of TV, have a warm bath and then drop into bed, I suspect that you will drop off really quickly!

If you stayed up 40 hours, how much sleep would you need?

If you stayed up 40 hours, how much sleep would you need?First of all, the question itself is an oxymoron, if you were to stay up for 40 hours, you would obviously not be sleeping at all.Now to answer your question, the human body can physically last around:24 hours without heavy side effects48 hours with decreased mental function72 hours with heavy mental and motor skill function loss5 days: hallucinations, headaches, pain.1.5–2 weeks: death.That being said, some people react differently than others, all depending on your genes. Myself, have stood up for around 72 hours without stimulants, and not compromising mental or motor skills.Also, if you consume a heavy amount of stimulants, you can easily stay up 40 hours. These include:CaffeineMethMDMACocaineAdderalAnd many more

How Many Hours Can U Stay Awake? Before U Start Hallucinating?

well you wont do too well on your test tomorrow of u don't sleep now. when the body doesn't get sleep just after a day, ur body starts going though phases much like you are if you don't want to take a test intoxicated, you don't want to take a test with sleep deprivation...also dont drive tomorrow, take the bus of carpool or ask someone on short notice to take u to school because your ability to drive is close to nil right about now.
and u most certainly will not pass ur test if u dont sleep...medical reasoning in there besides just the stern finger of common knowledge.
i got some pretty bad news about ur paper too, it wont be too great as ur brain function is pretty low on that area that uses creative thinking skills about now.
if the article took u more than a couple minutes to read 10 paragraphs...that just shows how dull ur senses are and how horribly ur brain is functioning.
here is a lil article for u to read a bit on why not to drive when sleep deprived.
on top of it all, ur ability to think rational in stressful situations has pretty much become spilled milk...
solution: finish most of ur paper, leave a page to do for later or just skip it all together, sleep, wake an hour early finish that last page or 2 and study up. ur retention for short term memory for ur test taking right now is pretty much shot as someone sleep deprived.
hallucination comes tomorrow for u...that is the other bad news if ur reactions are already much slower...
SLEEP AND YOU WILL DO BETTER THAN YOU CAN RIGHT NOW hehe...if u dont, ur body will do it for u and override u trying to tell ur brain not to sleep...and that can be pretty inconvenient if its right in the middle of the fake a " i forgot to bring it, i had it before i left, i must have left it on the counter before i got out the door because i havent slept much, can i turn it in by email when i get home or when i get to my room?"...yeah...that will buy u another hour to work on it if u get back to ur place...

Is 1 hr sleep worth it or just keep going for an all nighter?

Hehe thanks everyone. As you can see, I am staying up. Thanks in part to my improper MLA citation page that I had to redo... :-P

Anthony- I see what your thinking, but I am not really studying, just finishing some projects and an essay final draft. So I would actually rather forget how hard I had to work so I dont dread my next project! Lol.

Oh and whoever said that about the car- yea that part does kind of scare me, but a pick up a couple of loud chatty friends & drink coffee in the AM so I think I will be ok :) Thanks for the concern tho.

Oh god practice starts tomorrow for indoor... good thing its the 1st day, and all XC ppl took a week off, so prob. no more than 3-4 miles. I can usually drag thru that no problem, even on days I have to skip lunch or havent slept much.

If you have to be awake for 48-72 hours straight to complete a critical mission or task, what are some tips to stay energized and alert?

Make sure you really need to do this, because it will cost you dearly. Your life will probably be shortened by much more than 72 hours and your health could be badly compromised for the rest of your life. Plan to never have to do it again.If you are absolutely certain that you need to stay away for 48–72 hours and you are willing to take the sacrifices in health that it requires, there are things you can do to be more efficient while you are awake for so long.Don’t skip eating. Eat small amounts often. Take “cat naps” if you can. Take short stretching and quick exercise breaks and do some eye exercises very often. Are you spending too much time looking at digital devices? Learn how it can affect your eyes.Remember that caffeine will lose effect if you overdo it, so go easy on it. Skip the high caffeine drinks meant to help you stay alert. They have been associated with heart attacks and other health problems.Make sure you stay well hydrated. The average person is dehydrated under normal circumstances. You need to calculate what your normal hydration level should be and up it a lot for your wake-a-thon. Figure your body weight in pounds. Here is a link to convert from kg. Google Then divide that by half and drink that amount of ounces a day. Here is a link to convert liters to ounces. Google Remember you need to drink a lot more than that when you stay awake for so long.I know you will hate spending a lot of time using the toilet to get rid of that water, but you body is filling up with poisons from abusing it by staying awake for so long. You badly need to get those poisons out of your body as fast as possible, so drink the water anyway. You can get a, “squatty potty” and it will help you go faster. They are good for your health all the time anyway.Plan on an extra long sleep after you are through with your project. Then plan something to celebrate and rejuvenate yourself when you wake up.

How to survive the day after 1 hour of sleep?

OK, basically I've been laying in bed all night and still haven't been able to fall asleep. I have to get up in two hours and I'm still going to try and maybe get at least a small nap in but right now it looks like that the most I'll be able to get is an hour. Tomorrow is the first day of school and in the morning I have to welcome the sophomores and stuff and then later I have my classes and possibly a mini quiz (thats what I get for taking ap classes). I was wondering, does anyone have any tips on how I can survive the day today? I need to be up until at least 3pm :/

Thanks in advance!