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How Are Illegal Immigrant Children Able To Enroll Into Schools

How do Illegal Immigrants go to school?

Nope, you do not have to be an American citizen to attend public school. Can you believe it!? That's why so many of our schools are in the toilet. Non English speaking children of illegal immigrants are taking up the teachers time as AMERICAN CITIZEN children are LEFT BEHIND! Its disgraceful.

Should children of illegal immigrants be allowed to attend U.S. public schools?

There is no other way around this - it's already in action, and the answer is yes.Policing kids and their legal status will accomplish nothing but damages to the immediate community, to the kids, and to the parents, plus numerous long-term issues:preventing kids from attending school will result in them being kept at home and presents danger for the area (from child endangerment to child labor, or worse)lack of access to rudimentary and regular medical care will affect community at large (cases of unvaccinated kids led to the discovery of this gap, and bigger crisis was averted; regular checkups done at school, such as vision tests, identify any obstacles to learning and improve health of the community)a spike in attendance in certain school districs will increase the need to re-budget existing community's expenses to provide resources (or ask for more resources) to keep the towns afloatkids could be secure at least with free breakfasts and lunches (an item which should not be taken lightly)The point is - the kids are already here.We can either keep them and help them succeed or we can suppress their freedom and make them live in fear of being discovered.Do you want the next generation to be successful (and help the country) or do you want them to be miserable and live in shadows?Yes, they are illegal, but we can't erase them from the population.We can assist them with legalization (they have risked their lives to come here and they are willing to work to become legal) or we can deport them - the costs are the same.I vote for keeping them - they came here for better future, and I am sure they will appreciate US more than many of the spoiled natives.

How can an illegal immigrant get by after high school?

Let me give you a little background. I'm 18 years old, I live in Texas and I am the child of an illegal immigrant. I was born in Mexico and I was brought to the U.S. when I was 2 years old. I learned how to speak and write in English when I was 4 years old. I just graduated from high school this past May and I was in the top quarter of my class with a 3.0 GPA. Unfortunately, I'm not able to go to college because I'm unable to pay for it and I didn't receive any scholarships and I can't receive financial aid due to my legal status. It's extremely sad that I can't go on to the next level and I'd love nothing more than to be able to continue my education. Right now, I'm just trying to move away from my parents' house, find an apartment with my friends and get a job in order to pay the bills but it's extremely difficult to do so because of my current situation. Is it possible to get a decent job, say in a fast food franchise or anything of the sort? I'd really appreciate some help and advice on this matter.

Shouldn't an illegal immigrant be able to attend private school if he/she is paying for it? Why or why not?

Yes.I think illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public school, but if we can reduce the burden on the grossly over taxed public school system, then I am all down for that.The legalization process takes a long time.One thing we don’t often hear about is the illegals who came to the US illegally, but have been making every effort to become legal- Its just that it takes years, and they didn’t have that kind of time on their hands when they made the decision to come to the US.So if in the meantime they want to attend or send their children to a private school rather than public, I say go for it.I don’t see a reason why that should not be allowed.

Are children of illegal immigrants entitled to a public education in the USA?

The majority of public school funding comes from local property taxes. As long as the parents live within the school district borders, they’re paying property taxes, either directly or indirectly via rent. So yes, they are entitled to a public education.Immigration is the jurisdiction of the federal government. Schools are primarily run by local school districts and regulated by state boards of education.In other words, it’s not the school’s problem if the federal government isn’t doing its job.Also, schools serve a secondary purpose, other than educating students: they keep children and teens off the streets during the day while their parents work. If you were somehow able to identify the children of illegal immigrants in a school system and remove them from the school system, they’d just be home, mostly unsupervised, all day. That would only lead to more problems.Hire teachers or hire more daytime cops. That’s the choice. Teachers don’t make as much as cops. I’d go with more teachers if I were trying to save money.

Why are illegal immigrants allowed to attend public schools?

I'm a bit puzzled by this. If they are in this country illegally and don't pay taxes that help fund the public schools, then why are they allowed to attend them? I am a law-abiding, tax paying citizen with no children. I realize that my taxes go to educate children who in turn grow up to be educated adults and contribute in a positive manner to society. I have chosen not to have children, but am more than happy to have my taxes go to schools to educate children that will become productive members of society. I am angry with the fact that illegals go to school for free- without paying any taxes at all. Am I the only one who feels this way? Does anyone propose a solution?

I want to go to college but i'm illegal immigrant?

Yes, it is possible to go to college even if you are undocumented, however, you cannot accept any federal aid as it would destroy any possibility of being legalized if say the DREAM act passes or suddenly a road to legalization becomes available. accepting federal aid or a federally backed scholarship would become a crime in itself (fraud), but if you can find a scholarship that is offered by private individuals or private sources with not federal ties that do not have a requirement of US citizenship, or legal residency then you can jump at that, but let me warn you, they can be a bit hard to locate and harder to get. (google it)

as for colleges, many will accept you despite being here illegally, several will require that you have proof that you or someone else will be able to cover your costs in college, fewer still will allow you to pay instate tuition and even less will award a scholarship. Your best bet might be to attend a private institution, look around for private scholarships and hope the DREAM Act passes, or try to find another way to legalization. I would consult an immigration lawyer to see what options are available if any.

Going to college to become a nurse will not improve your chances of being legalized, and you will not be able to get a job after you graduate. I would say that the best chance that you have is the DREAM act passing while you are in school, or college if you get in to become legalized, however you should be aware of the requirements of the DREAM act. You have to have been here before a certain age, brought by your parents, and currently attending school in order to qualify. Furthermore, to those people that keep saying to go back to your country, that should be the last thing you do, since after the age of 18 you are committing a federal crime, if you step out of the country you will be banned for 10 years and the likelihood of getting back in would be more complicated, before 18 years of age I believe that you would still not be allowed back into the country but there is not that 10 year ban and it might be easier to come back in legally.

P.S., you might be able to get a loan but I would advice against it, it would require a co-signer, and it would likely be at the highest interest.

Why are illegal/undocumented immigrants able to attend high school and universities in the U.S.?

Actually, it is a misinterpretation of the law that allows the children of illegal aliens to attend school on the taxpayers dime.When the law was written, it was to cover the children of legal migrant workers. If they brought their children with them, they could attend a local school for the short time there were here.As with many of our fedreal laws, over the years it got bastardized to include all children including those of illegals. This costs local taxpayers over $100,000 for each child and in some cities and towns it is causing massive budget shortfalls.Many Americans, but we could use more, are asking congress to correct  the law so we can stop paying for the  children of illegals free education, including costly programs such as English as a 2nd language and free breakfasts and lunches.

Can immigrants without a green card attend public high school?

My cousin from China wants to come to America to go to high school. She doesn't have a green card and she's an immigrant. So can she go to public high school? She's going to be living with my family and the people in my family are immigrants so can my cousin go to public high school even if she's an immigrant and doesn't have a green card?