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How Are Tony Dimera And Victor Related

Days Of Our Lives- Who thinks EJ Wells is Tony Dimera?

WOW I never thought that he was actually Tony, but on that show lord knows who is who anymore. For example the guy playing Roman used to play Chris, the old Roman is not Alex and Mimi's mom used to be Jack and Steve's sister Adriane who married Victor's nephew Justin.

I always suspected that EJ wasn't the dashing British race car driver/entrepreneur that they made him seem. Just a bit odd how he moved across from Sami when he did, struck up a friendship when he did and just seems to be EVERYWHERE at the right time. It will be interesting to find out exactly who he is and what his beef is with the Bradys. I mean come on...they were always just a bunch of fisherman turned cops...what harm could they have caused sooooo many people.

Do you really think Andre DiMera is Tony DiMera?

I really think that it is andre dimeria beacause when steve talked about how the brady clan thought it was andre that was taking tony`s spot they got all quiet and beacause andre always tries to have a way with sneaking and replacing tony too!!! like when they fought on the exotic island with bamboo sticks and stefano really hated tony for always wanting to to get rid of his own father by not getting sami`s stem cell and on July 17th the preview they show how it is andre

Stefano Dimera vs Victor Newman?

Victor Newman has a soul! I have never seen Stefano do anything selfless in all the years I've been watching Days of our Lives. Even now, he's being evil toward Tony and EJ and taking sides with his nephew, Andre'. In the early 80's Victor was almost that evil. He imprisoned (in his basement) the lover of his first wife. He's always shown love for his family and friends. Therefore, Stefano is the most evil villain on daytime television.

Figured I’d add that first.Although T’Challa is often listed as the richest in comics (invariably above the likes of Tony Stark, Victor von Doom, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor) those lists generally only consider the Earth-based characters. The above image was from when Thor and all the other Asgardian Gods and Goddesses had returned to life and Thor had chose to set up Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma and that was Thor taking a local man (who may well have been the mayor, if I’m remembering correctly) who had claimed he’d set it up on private land to one so would need to pay for it to one of Asgard’s “minor” vaults and, as you can see, basically telling him to take what he considers the worth of the land and then piss off.As you can see from the picture it’s basically the sort of room that Scrooge McDuck loves to take a swim in. Asgard is home to numerous vaults like that which are loaded with stockpiles of gold and treasures. Literally every treasure would be considered “priceless” and could easily fetch millions/billions each. Also, as the Asgardians are a warrior race, they’ve also got various weapons vaults as well. Ancient armour/weapon sets in the real world can sell for millions and those are generally in (relatively) poor condition. Asgardian weapons are frequently used and cared for so are in (near) mint condition, despite being older than the ancient weapons sold in the real world, so their value would also be ridiculously high if sold.So, although T’Challa is often considered one of the richest in comics, those lists, as I say, generally only include Earth-based heroes/characters in comics and tend to overlook cosmic characters. For example, the Collector’s, well, collection is full of literal one of a kind objects from the entire universe which would each be worth incalculable amounts. Likewise, the assets available to Thor would certainly put his wealth ahead of T’Challa’s, yeah.

Victor is irresponsible but, most of all, ashamed.The creature is rejected right after it is completed and Victor goes, “Yikes, that’s ugly.” Although you could see it as Victor being horrified mostly because TC (the creature) is ugly and quite gruesome to look at, I believe much of it was disappointment and horror at the realization that Victor dedicated himself entirely to this thing, only to realize that it was a completely messed up idea.He neglected his family and friends, as well as his own health, for many months in order to give this project his all. As an artist, I can tell you I wouldn’t want to see my piece again if I had spent months on it, only to take a step back and realize everything is completely disproportionate and the lines way more shaky than I thought (although the mature thing would be to learn from it). It isn’t just what it is. It’s what it represents.So it isn’t just ugly; it reminds you of the wasted time, the embarrassment, the shame that you thought this would be the next best thing. Victor was so sure, too confident, that this was what he had to do. He would, in a way, help/save humanity. But then he unveils his final project and.. what does he get? Not a perfect human, but body parts sewn together into a huge being. Honestly, what was he thinking.Victor first tries to escape his problems, so he rejects the creature. He literally leaves his flat and hopes TC will be gone by the time he comes back. Why would he want to see that thing again when it’s basically shame personified? (Some further proof of his shame is that he doesn’t dare tell any of his loved ones what he’d done)Of course, later, Victor’s behavior is a teeny bit more justifiable once the creature murders Vic’s little brother. But it didn’t have to come to that. The creature was angry, yes, but from his past behavior we have proof that one word from his creator could have soothed him. Unfortunately, Victor was too much of a coward to face his problems and mistakes in the responsible manner. At least that's the way I see it.TL;DR: Victor was ashamed, and the creature was too spooky.

Black and white. There are just some type of drawings that can't be expressed with color. When it's colored, like in an anime, they lose their original style.Example 1 (Noragami, volume 8)I haven't watched the anime, but sometimes a different material from the usual pen and ink can be really powerful. The pencil on the right has the right effect. If it's colored, the vision might seem more certain, so it wouldn't have the same "faded" effect.Example 2 (Death Note, volume 12)Light died of a sudden heart attack in the manga, different to the anime. The lines of white coming from his heart somehow show a paused moment. I don't think that would've had the same effect if this was colored.Example 3 (Kuroko's Basketball, volume 20)The thick lines used to draw his hand is very different from the usual thin ones, making him look even more powerful and strong. (He is already a terrifying character)Example 4 (Aku no Hana, chapter 57)I haven't finished this one, but the distorted classroom gives a creepy feeling. This can only be expressed in black and white. The pattern of the floor makes you feel dizzy, because it's the same color as the rest of the picture.Even though most mangas are black and white, when they're colored, they can give a really unique feeling:What I love most about manga is that even though it's all black and white, you can still see some colors just from the lines used.

Wolverine and Sabertooth, or rather James Howlett/Logan and Victor Creed have very similar stories and powers, they grew up in the same village in Canada, and ended up having very similar mutant powers by complete accident. High regenerating abilities that significantly elongated there lives(as in they were born in the late 1880's, seemed to age to there twenties, and then have aged only a few years since), besides this they both are very animalistic with enhanced senses, enhanced instincts, and an instinctive understanding of animals.Besides that Wolverine has his famous Claws(made of Bone), whole Sabertooth had sharp nails, had a "Pounce" so fast and strong Wolverine can't react to it, and in general is significantly stronger and more feral.In addition since they've lived so long they are super experienced, they have knowledge of just about any fighting style and weapon, and just war in general.They were picked up by Weapon X, were they were trained even more, and Wolverine got his Adamantium.Sabertooth is generally depicted as having a lesser healing factor(but not by much) and as being WAY stronger then Wolverine, and he embraces his more feral side more, so he's also more savage and fights even more. Also he used to find Wolverine every year on his birthday, no matter where he hid, and beat him up just because he could.As for Deadpool, AKA Wade Wilson, yeah he was just a normal(if talented) Mercenary who got cancer, in a last ditch effort to save his own life he joined Weapon X to be experimented on, where they gave him Wolverine's Healing Factor, and some enhanced strength and speed. His age hasn't been stated as far as I've found, but he seems somewhere between 30 and 60. Also his healing is better then Wolverine's(as it's unnatural and not impeded by an Adamantium Skeleton), but it also can fluctuate with his mood, and he doesn't have the other powers they have.