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How Can Everything I Have Smell Nice

How come everything that feels / tastes / smells good is bad for you (smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food)?

Sucking on burning leaves doesn't much appeal to me. And alcohol gives me a headache nowadays. I doubt you will find overwhelming agreement that these things are all "good."Edit: The above was written in response to the original question "How come everything that is good is bad for you (smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food)?The way the question now reads is a significantly different question. Our bodies are designed to be attracted to things it needs or things that will continue the race. I still say smoking is not naturally one of those things, it's simply something people do and it becomes an addictive habit.Alcohol itself is not one of those things either, it does not usually taste good to a first-time imbiber. It is the euphoric sensation that we crave again after pushing ourselves past the less than pleasant taste.Junk food is engineered to appeal to our most base taste senses, which we need to survive. But it delivers only the taste sensations and little of the nutrition that causes us to crave it in the first place. This is a man-made phenomenon for the most part. If we all ate only foods that occur in nature, this issue would not be a problem.All these things are within our ability to control, once we learn that they are bad for us. We have brains for a reason.

Why do girls smell like sugar, spice, and everything nice?

I didn't know we smelled like power puff girls (;

It's because we don't like smelling bad. x)

Everything Smells Like Onions, Is this Normal?

Okay, I know this sounds weird, but here it goes. My husband has told me that lately everything smells like onions to him. Go ahead and laugh if you want, but he's dead serious. He showers every day if not twice a day because he works out. From his pits, to other people, to even the gas station, and he's now to the point where I can't even cook with him because it makes him nauseas.

This is a serious question and I really hope you answer seriously. If you feel like putting joke answers or comments, please bug someone else with your adolescent behavior.

Thank you.

Does everything has smell? Like, what is smell in the first place?

Yes, all material objects have a "smell" but we often lack the sensory organs to identify them. Many substances are odorless to us but can "smell" to other creatures (or perhaps even plants; some indication that plants "smell" chemicals in the air).

Fundamentally, if a material substance is present as a solid or liquid in contact with air, there will be a vapor pressure generated by the substance. the pressure could be very small but there will be one. "Smell" is when that vapor interacts with our sensory organs. The question of "smell" is simply one of whether our organs are sensitive enough to signal the presence of the compound, or not. Does the sensory organ react with the substance to the extent that a response "signal" is generated and transmitted to whatever identifies that signal as a "smell"?

Similar to sight and vision. Lots of light we cannot see but it is still there. Lots of sounds we do not hear, but they are there. Lots of chemicals in the air that we do not notice.

How do you smell nice all day at school?

To start, you may just be so used to the scent by the time you get to school, that you simply don't notice it anymore.

There are a few other things you can try, though:

1. Scent lingers longer on your hair and clothing, try using a scented shampoo, and perfuming your clothing, not just your skin. This is because your skin has natural oils, that are constantly breaking down the products on your skin, such as spray and lotion. Instead of slathering scented lotion all over your skin, put a dime sized amount on your hand, and run it through your hair like styling cream. Bonus: it will tame flyaway hair and moisturize. You can also spray perfume in front of you, and walk into it, after your dressed, to get a light layer on your clothing. Or flip your head upside down and spray the back of your hair.

2. Skip the cheap drug store lotion and body spray and spring for a high quality and expensive perfume. I like Chanel Chance, but you can look for something at a similar price point that matches your preferences. The more expensive perfumes generally last longer because they have higher quality ingredients. I don't mean to imply that more expensive fragrances smell better, but the truly good ones do last longer. I find I receive more compliments and notice the fragrance when I wear my channel or dior fragrances, than any other brands.

3. Whatever you do, don't go spraying yourself all the time. Just because you don't notice a scent, doesn't mean other people don't. Your better off having no scent at all, then making people gag with too much CK one.

Fresh smelling linen?

Try using large ziplock bags and real lavender sachets. Or when you make the bed, spray lavender on everything and have a sweet dreams. (obviously I like lavender!) Do whatever scent you prefer.

How does everybody in America smell so good?

A “shower”? Oh please….The United States certainly doesn't have the monopoly on showers. They certainly can’t somehow be so much more pure that pouring water over your head or sitting in a tub of water with a bar of soap.And while long term body odor is more responsible for your “scent”, (hours after your shower) I would venture a guess that it is not the American “diet” that has us smelling sooooo good! Americans purchase some of the worst crap you can put into your body and still remain living. Tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, processed meats and anything and everything they do with a potato….. I’d bet all this doesn't bleed the smell of “roses” through your pores.Yeah ….I’m no expert in this field and other than rumor I don’t have any personal experiences to confirm or refute the OP but if you really think about it, I would guess American’s might smell good because they are more likely to be able to afford the kind of toiletries that were intended to mask odors that might be offensive to others.Soaps, creams, jells and sprays. All with unique odors sometimes purchased only second to the way they smell. Foot powders, fabric sheets, body wash, hair sprays, deodorant, shaving cream and of course we top it off with colognes and perfumes. In other words….we cover any natural scent by “buying” a scent we are most comfortable with off the shelves of a store.I think this is much closer to the true answer than simply crediting the “shower”.

Why do genitals smell so bad, even when everything is clean?

The penis can only remain clean and fresh for a certain period after washing. As you go along the day doing other things, you perspire. Sweat, aggravated by layers of clothing and pubic hair, make the genital area an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other odor-causing microbes. Sweat don’t have foul odor. The bad scent is actually produced by microbes when they feed on sweat.The key to a longer-lasting freshness down there is keeping the microbial population down. Products like ToppCock leave on hygiene gel can help keep bacteria and fungi at bay so your genitals remain clean all day. Just apply it after washing and drying the genital region and go about your daily grind. You’ll be surprised that your junk still smells fresh at the end of the day.

What makes your house smell nice for long time? What products should I use? Nothing stays nice smelling for more than few hours

Unless you spray every chair, curtain, couch, rug, carpet over and over again no smell will stay for long to you! You get use to the smells and they don’t seem strong to you so you think gosh I can’t smell the nice scents. But when people come over do you hear them say hummm your space smells so nice, what is it?? I bet you they have asked you!Just like when you wear your fav scent perfume and you think it is gone and someone says oh yummm what scent are you wearing, it’s because your use to the smell. Or when you have been in the car and you get back in, for a fleet moment you smell your perfume.. there ya go!Your home probably smells better then you think.Now if you run the same scents thru your defusers then eventually everything will hang on to that scent and it will saturate your soft surfaces and fabrics and you will have a scent thru your house.Caution: Those smells mixed with cooking smells or other household smells like chemical cleaners and fabric softners, other perfumes sprayed, ect those smells mix and begin to sour or smell old house smells. So take care how much you want your smells to hang around… Ever been to Kirkland’s or a boutique and all the packages of scents in there fill the store. Just look at how much it takes to make that store smell heavenly and you aren’t there 15 minutes and you can’t smell it any more, You would have to run wax melts 24/7 to get that smell.