How Can I Bring My Sister Back To Islam Or What Should I Do

Is it haram in Islam for a younger brother to hit his older sister for not covering up her face in public?

He has no right to do that. It's her choice anyway. Plus- violence is always bad!

What causes women in Islam to run away? My sister ran away, and my two cousins ran away. And now, I want to run away.?

I'm not running from Islam. But from my strict parents. Growing up, I was treated different than my brothers. I'm 24 now, and my brother is only 13. He's allowed to go out whenever he wants. He's allowed to talk to girls, he's allowed to have a girlfriend, he's allowed to do whatever he sets his mind to and pleases. For me, I will be beaten and killed and I would ruin the "family name". Girls are a burden in Islam. I'm an adult, and I'm still treated like a 12 year old. I have boundaries, and my parents didn't let me go out of Canada to study in a university in America. My sister ran away two years ago. I still talk to her, and she seems happy. I want to go be with her. My mom keeps making dua for her to die in the most painful way. She's always making dua about my sister who ran away. But she seems very happy. She's finally living and it makes me jealous that I have to obey my parents while my brothers can do whatever they please. I love my parents because they've raised me, and brought me to life and sheltered me. But now, I want to set myself free. I'm tired of being a slave to my parents at 24. I'm not staying anywhere around Canada, and I want to switch my name so they can never find me. I'm afraid that Allah will be mad with me. But I can't take it anymore. My parents are trying to force me into a marriage now, and I don't want to be with another Arab. I don't like Arab males, they're too much and too controlling. Should I do this or no?

What should a Muslim brother do, if his sister ran away with a Mexican guy?

Assalaamu Alaykum Sisters and Brothers,

There is a great saying, you can solve the worlds issue in your house, but you can not solve your personal issues outside.

My name is Jamal and I am proudly Muslim, born and raised in Pakistan.
It has been about 10 years that I and my family are living in the United States. We are good Muslim, we fast, pray, and do not do the dating thing. My sister has run away from our house before Ramadan, and it has been over a month now. Before she called few times saying that she was a burden on family because she failed her RN program, so she needs sometime alone to focus on her studies, but now I have found out that she left the state and moved to Texas with a Mexican guy. I am a brother and have the Muslim courage and it is impossible to accept her back. What should I do?? She wants to come back home this week. She has been out of the house with a Mexican guy for over a month; I know that she has done the “ZINNA”. My dear brother and sister, please guide me, some times I feel like I should just kill her, but I am a responsible guy and my family needs me. What is the best solution for us? Should we just let her marry to a Mexican guy? Advise please...
Thank you for reading, May Allah never does this to any Muslim families all around the world.

My brother left Islam. What should I do?

You don’t say whether he is still living with you, with your parents, in the same locality, or thousands of miles away. This fact really matters.If he’s living with you and your parents, and presumably dependent upon them, you MUST NOT TELL YOUR PARENTS. There could be very serious repercussions, for him - or them - particularly if you live in a jurisdiction where apostasy is punishable by law or custom. Even if that is not the case, your parents could disown him, and he might be forced to fend for himself before he is able.If he is financially and functionally independent, not living in a place where apostasy is dangerous, and you are confident your parents will not take any meaningful adverse action, you may consider telling your parents.But frankly, it’s his to tell them, not yours. Try this phrase: “Not my circus; not my monkeys”.Now to the more substantive question: What should you do about it?Nothing.Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.I’m sure, growing up in a Muslim family, he understood quite a lot about Islam. He knows what he left. It took him a lot to do it.The odds of you changing his mind are somewhere between slim and none. Oh, you can threaten him, and depending upon his circumstances, your threats may even carry weight. But suppose you do threaten, and he says “okay”. You haven’t changed his mind; you’ve changed his behavior. So he’ll become a “pretend” Muslim, in order to avoid the shame, shunning, and penalties of being an open apostate. He might even be a pretend Muslim now, for exactly those reasons.Repeat after me: You-can-not-do-it.Each of us has to come to his own reconciliation with god - or not. If there is an ultimate destination, we will each have to justify our positions to that authority.What’s the alternative?Tell him he’s wrong (with a capital “W”).Tell him he has to come back.Tell him if he doesn’t, you’ll tell mom and dad. Watch as he is excised from their lives.Tell him if he doesn’t, you’ll tell the Imam. Watch as he is made an example of in front of all your family and friends - embarrassed and humiliated.Tell him if he doesn’t, you’ll tell the police (if you live in a place where they will act on this). Watch him imprisoned, tortured, and/or killed.Assuming he is physically safe, watch as he removes himself from your life, and you from his - forever.Yeah, that’s a good idea.

HELP!! My sister converted to a Muslim!!!?

just explain her that your family cannot accept it, make her read news of muslims and show how muslims men live with so many wives yet they commit adultary. if shes ok just kick her out,i would slap her face, no muslims would convert to christian