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How Can I Build My Self Confidence

How do you boost your self confidence? ?

To me I'm very stupid and very ugly. My family and friends disagree and keep saying I need to boost my self confidence but I keep trying and it's hard so what's a way to do that

What can I do to build up my self esteem and confidence?

Self esteem is where I started.Without self esteem, self confidence could not survive. That's what I discovered.There would be nothing for self confidence to stand on. To count on. To fall back on.When I learned to value myself, to esteem myself, I could start the journey to self confidenceHere are 10 things I started with everyday to improve my self esteem which also made me more self confident :-1. Take a few deep breaths. With each inhalation, breathe in joy. With each exhalation, breath out tension, anxiety etc2. Meditate - sit in silence for a few minutes without any thoughts3. Gratitude moments - take a few moments each day and count your blessings even the tiny ones. And the big ones. Get into the attitude of gratitude4. You are a unique combination of DNA, genes, characteristics. That has immense value. Ponder that in awe5. Believe that you can make a difference. In your life and others. You already have somehow. Now you can make that even better6. Improve yourself daily a tiny bit. Eat better. Sleep better, Move around. Be kinder to yourself and others. Read good books. Spend time with people who are kind. 7. Do a small challenging thing daily. If you do it well, it's success. If you don't, it is not failure. It is just feedback. Try again, you will improve8. Help someone else - it could be a simple act of opening a door for someone. Or give someone encouragement. Open your heart9. Build your skills. Learn something new. Put your time and effort into it. Be patient with yourself10. Celebrate your daily wins. Mark your victories. Be thankful for them.Rinse and repeat!

How can I build my self confidence during a job search?

Turn Passion into PurposeYou will want to build your self esteem BEFORE a job search. And there are several ways in which to build self esteem, but I will share with you the two things I did that worked for me.I began lifting weights to initially build my self esteem. After about six to eight weeks of lifting every other day, I began to see results. My arms were getting bigger and other people began noticing my size slowly increase…and THAT was the biggest boost to my self esteem I could've ever hoped for!I got bigger and stronger, and that caused me to carry myself differently. I held my head higher, and quickly developed a boldness I hadn't known before. When I started acting differently, people noticed and began treating me accordingly.The second thing I did to build my self esteem was to read and rehearse. Let me explain: while I read any book I could get my hands on, I would invariably stumble upon a big word I didn't understand. So I would look it up in the dictionary (this was pre-google by the way) and write it down. Soon I would have a list of several words, and I would begin using one of those words from my list in my daily vernacular. In other words, when talking with my friends I would inject one of those big words into my conversation. I did that every day, going slowly down the list.It wasn't long and I was talking and sounding smarter than my friends! And that boosted my self esteem too. Now think about this: With my stronger physical body, and my smarter speaking ability I naturally began searching and applying for more important jobs because I finally felt capable of doing a more complex job! And in the interview room, my self confidence was obvious to my employer…and I got the new job!But I must be upfront and candid with you…A stronger, healthier self esteem doesn't come easy. It takes hard work, and determination. And it helps to have a mentor who sees in you what you can’t yet see in yourself…who will push you to grow in the area of self confidence.

How to boost confidence & my self-esteem ...?

i learned this from a self help book on NLP therapy.
think of someone who you think is confident(can be famous people or not)
imagine them standing in front of you and then imagine stepping into their body
them you try to vividly imagine what it would feel like to be them and how they walk,talk,stand with their self confidence. if you actually feel it then you are it. it's not phony.
the mental difference between you and them is that they have positive internal talk and you have negative critical self talk.
i especially use it to be better at sports. i watch someone who is really good at what i want to be better at and do the above and i do get a mental feel for how to be better.
i do other stuff too but this is one of my favorites.
it's programming your mind for success instead of failure.