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How Can I Cash This Check

If i am under 18 how do i cash in a check?

Go into the bank branch where the check was issued from, show your ID, sign the check, and they'll cash your check.

Where can you cash checks over $15,000?

If you report your income, why would the IRS come after you??? You dont make sense.

Regardless, there are NO entities that will just " cash" that check as you present it to the teller. You will have to deposit it, and wait for the funds to clear. Either way--- ANYONE that cashes that check, if $9000 or more, they HAVE TO BY LAW report the transaction.

If you keep a paper trail, and report your income, there isnt a damn thing the IRS can do to you.

EDIT--- since your email didnt allow for reply---

You are not a company(sole proprietorship), so you arent under the restrictions of having to pay quarterly estimated tax. Simply have the company that you are selling this to provide you a 1099 then report the cash when you file...

Can a 16 year old cash a check?

I have a couple jobs, and when my parents cash my check it takes them like 5 freaking days to actually get me the cash b/c they're either too lazy to go to the bank, or because cash must lie in the chase bank for like a bazillion days before you can actually cash it. It's like... UGH. Too slow. I need cash now.

Can I just go to the bank that the check was issued from and cash it without any parent present? And without having a bank account?

How do you cash a check at Walmart?

It’s really easy… you should be ready with a valid identity proof such as driving license.While submitting the check you have to provide your id proof ,only for the first time.Then the system will accept your check by default.However it is to be noted that the checks that you present at Walmart should be error free.Most of the financial experts suggest a free software to write and print checks nowadays.However there are certain conditions that should be fulfilled to make Walmart accept the check. These are also called the thumb rules.1. Walmart will not accept any type of checks that are written by hand.2. Corrections should not be made on the check.3. Walmart cashes all sort of typed checks.4. The due date of the check is 180 days after it is issued.The due date is calculated from the date it is issued or written on the check.5. Name on the identity proof that one produces at the Walmart center should be the same name written on the check.6. The amount written on the check should be same or less than $ 5000.7.Third party check will not be accepted by Walmart.8.The person on whose name the check is issued should go directly and clear the check as a third person cannot interfere.

How can you cash a check on Bank of America?

If the check is written on an account at the Bank of America they will cash the check but you need to have a good photo ID and if anything is questionable they may hold the check for a period to make sure it clears but the odds are they will just cash it.If the check is written on a different bank but you have an account at the Bank of America they also will cash the check. If you don’t have an equal amount of cash in your account they will possibly hold the check for 24–72 hours before giving you the cash. If your account has more than that in the account you would most likely be able to get the cash immediately.If the check is not written on the Bank of America and you don’t have an account there then they will most likely not cash the check.

Cash a check for someone who is in jail?

My dad went to jail, he is gonna be there for about 9 months-1 year. He had gotten paid a few days after he went to jail, he is gonna need cash for commissary. He doesn't have a bank account. I've tried a few check cashing places, they told me they only let wife's with the same last name cash their husbands check...he isn't married. I've talked to my bank and they said I'd need to get him to endorse it and I'd need S.S card and an ID of his, well I'm sure the cops got to that already. So, I need advice on how to go about doing this LEGALLY, without suffering any repercussions. Please help!!!!