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How Can I Change My Life In This New Year

Have you ever changed your life dramatically with a New Year's resolution?

New Year Resolutions are just a fad, it is not meant for people who really want a new resolute in their lives but rather something just people brag about on a New year or just another FB status for the kind.   My resolutions in life were made subsequent to some serious odd/bitter experiences or incidents which made long term positive impacts on my life and people around me.  I have met several people who cant stick to any of their resolutions or people who think that resolutions are to be made for their personal good. What I would suggest instead is make changes in others lives through your resolutions...Try Philanthropy for a change. And mind you philanthropy is not entirely monetary, anything you do to help the weak or needy is a kind of philanthropy. A smile, a sense of company they feel, a word of courtesy from a fellow human for your unselfish act is a very satiating experience. You could feel the purest form of human gratitude.Sorry for deviating from the core question..I couldn't help it...May be you should help:)

What is the biggest "new year's resolution" that you stuck with, thus changing your life?

I decided not to buy any new clothes this year.I love buying new clothes. It’s such a treat for me to find fashionable clothing in my size. I grew up a big girl in Alaska — there was nowhere to get clothes that fit that were age appropriate. Everything was either formal office attire (suits and dress skirts) or something a granny would wear. And lots of polyester.It’s a whole new world these days. So many beautiful and well cut clothes for larger women are available. And I couldn’t seem to limit myself. I wanted everything that fit. As a result my closets are bursting. And I was spending hundreds, of not over a thousand, dollars a year on clothes.I was overwhelmed with clothes so I resolved last year not to buy any clothes in 2018. And I didn’t. Only resolution I think I’ve ever stuck to a whole year. I haven’t noticed any lack of clothing and I’ve got more money, so I think I’ll do it in 2019 as well.

Happy New Year! It's a minute later. How has your life changed?

Going Anonymous because of obvious reasons.Q: Happy New Year! It's a minute later. How has your life changed?A: If I am going to describe the change in one word, the word is going to be “completely”.You ever meet someone with whom you hit it off like a house on fire the first time you meet them? Someone who seems to have been your long-lost friend meeting you after years?Well I met that someone.You see, 2017 was one of the worst years of my life, after battling depression, a slight drug problem along with loosing many friends and getting friendzoned by someone I loved deeply, I was way too much cynical of the year to come.As I am an introvert, also suffering from depression and OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder), I don't have many friends and only few (read: one) that I can share anything with. So whatever happened in 2017 left me in a sad and depressed state.As I was pretty sure that 2018 was gonna royally suck as well, I was not too keen on celebrating new year's eve, I just wanted to go someplace and forget about everything. So I did just that and planned a trip to Jaisalmer with my family.So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself optimistic for the year to come after the trip.You see, when you meet that someone, you just know. When she asked my sister if she can join our group dancing during the DJ Night, and when I first talked to her, I knew. And the 2 days that came after it were completely magical. We talked about everything under the sun, conversation flowed naturally without any awkward silences. We got comfortable so quickly it was a little disorienting but felt great nevertheless. She even drank beer for the first time with me.Then at the new year's eve, almost a minute after 12, she came to me, hugged me, wished me a happy new year, and then we danced till our knees dropped.Now I don't know what will happen to us some time down the line, how our feelings might change for better or worse, but what I do know is that what we felt during those 2 days was something pure and magical, something that was completely out of place yet completely natural, something beautiful, something that made me happy after a long…long time.So what changed in a minute after new year?You see, the moment she hugged me, I just knew it will transform into something great, which filled me with optimism for the time to come. And now I'm looking forward to 2018, maybe it will be the best year of my life!

What New Year's resolutions can completely change your life for the better?

Get up before sunrise.Eat your breakfast.Be punctual and never put off what you can do today.Excercise or go for half mile walk no matter what your schedule is!For student :: Study hard but choose right subjects.For teachers: ❤️ your job and work hard on the job, balance work and family life.For childern:: Love your parents.For parents: love your kids.For grand parents: love your family but …..Not at the cost of your own health.

Do you believe that it's bad luck to change your calendar over to the next month before it's time to?

Yes! And here is what happens if you do!
February - a rabid groundhog will hunt you down
March - an evil Leprechaun will leave green 'droppings' on your pillow while you sleep
April - rotten Easter Eggs
... and so on and so forth
and finally,
December - coal in your stocking

Which of your habits do you want to leave behind for the New Year?

My top three:1. Sleeping more than it is required for body.2. Spending/wasting time for someone undeserving. 3. Scrolling Facebook endlessly.