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How Can I Control My Speach

Why cant i control my speech?

well ill be talking to some one but im not thinking about what im saying! and then sometimes i forget what we were talking about if i try to remember. like at school ill be talking to some one then walk off to class and forget what we spoke about!?!? whyyyy!

Gun Control Persuasive Speech?

For my english class we are to give a persuasive speech. I was given the topic of gun control. My teahcer told us not to drone on about the same old stuff that we have all been hearing about our topic. For example: don't just boringly say owning a gun is bad. I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas on how I could give a interesting speech without succumbing to all the same old detail?

*By the way, the speech has to be FOR gun control.


I need an amazing intro to a persuasive speech about birth control?

What age is the right age to start having sex? Everyone has their opinions however there isn't one correct answer. It's a choice that everyone has to make. Doctors who do not give birth control to girls under 16 are not discouraging sex they are discouraging safe sex. Doctors can be out of touch with patients especially the young women. If the doctors took the time to understand girls' needs and prescribe birth control (and explained how to use it correctly) then the number of young single mothers and abortions could drop. Birth control isn't about the decision to have or not have sex (that choice has already been made by the time birth control is necessary) it's about having safe verus unsafe sex. That's why I think doctors should give birth control to anyone who asks for it.

Hope that helps! By the way my personal opinion is to wait until after high school to have sex. The consquences (disease, babies, rumors, etc.) far outweigh any benefit.

I'm trying to prepare a persasive speech on birth control. How can i catch the audiences attention?

How about holding a crying baby and asking someone in the audience who could be percieved as a player to hold the baby? How about graphic pictures of people with STDs? When I was in high school, that worked for me.

How can I gain control over myself, my thoughts, my mind, my action and my speech?

FriendAs you are and as most of us are,You and yourself are one,You and your thoughts are one,You and your mind are one,You and your actions are one &You and your speech are one.If it is situation, in which who will gain control over whom ?If you want to gain control over all these things,give birth to controller/observer in you,who is not your mind,thoughts,speech etc.Unless there are two,observer & observed/controller & what is controlled,this is not possible.In order to establish controller in you,begin to observe/to notice your physical body and practice to remain in state of body awareness.Simultaneously,begin to observe your thoughts.Please,remember these are uncritical practices,and concept is just to be aware to physical body & psychic body.Just seeing.Any attempt to do anything with your body,thoughts,mind,speech,actions etc.would reduce seperation between two:controller & controlled.Begin with body.Don't run,before you walk.Ego would not allow you,would make smart traps.Initialization is done by intelligence,but practice is on existential scale.It is taste,which will guide you further-taste of gaining control on yourself by yourself.ThanksQ guru