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How Can I Convince My Dad To Let Me Adopt Another Dog

Convince your dad to let you get a third dog?

First of all, try affording the dog yourself, which should help convince your dad. Ask him why he doesn't want, you never know, some reasons are actually good, and you can't adopt all dogs you see even if you wish you could.

If you ever end up adopting him; Making the dogs meet inside the house, or even on the lawn could cause your dog to become territorial. Make them meet in a calm, neutral area before ever bringing a dog home.

How do I convince my mom to get another dog?

It took FOREVER to convince my mom to get new pets.

i think the arguments you make here are valid. she did promise to get you a dog, she should stick to that promise. but don't try to guilt her too much, it will just annoy her. you have to make reasonable arguments, and never get upset or whiny, or else it will reinforce in her mind you cannot handle a dog.

dogs are VERY expensive with vet bills, but ask about you doing extra chores (like walking the dog, bathing it etc) to help pay for this.

do good research about what this dog will take and present it to your mother one day, show the work you've put into this. it will be harder for her to dismiss you. (this is how i got my dog)

Look into a rescue agency, this is how we got my third pet. We found an adoption group who does great work in our town and once my mom knew she was really helping, she finally agreed.

a lot of pets are abandoned after the holidays. or given up for adoption. (they are gotten as gifts then families decide they don't want them). Maybe you can get one of these dogs?

i know you want a puppy, but maybe offer to find a slightly older dog? one who won't be as crazy as a puppy. (my dog was almost a year, she was still a handful but not a 24/7 attention hog).

and make sure if you get this second dog, charlie gets as much or more attention than before. it sounds like an easy thing to do, but everyone will want to see the new puppy, and charlie will be an after thought.

What is a way to convince your parents to get another dog?

First understand dogs are expensive to raise and keep. If money is tight in your household then a dog may not be a luxury they can afford. If not, then we can part ways with this argument.Next, understand the time needed to care for a dog. They are extremely dependent and a poor choice of pet for a youth if the parents don’t want to be involved. Are you ready and willing to take the dog for his walks, rain, snow, or shine, plus play time, plus housebreaking and training time, plus conditioning time, plus grooming time? Think carefully how this will affect your social life now and in the future; a dog will live twelve years at least and you have a lot of life changes ahead of you, including a social life that will only expand. Do extensive research about dog ownership. Buy a book on dog ownership, read it. Be honest with yourself and don’t let passion make your choice.Now sit with your parents and show them how you have covered all the bases. Wow them with your knowledge of what to expect and how you have already planned to deal with the trials and obsticals of dog ownership.Honestly, your parents need to want a dog as well because they will inevitably be a part of caring for it.

I am very responsible and can take care of myself well and I want to get a pet dog - how do I convince my parents to get me one?

There are several reasons why your parents may not want a dog:Dogs cost money.They are a lot of work.They need long-term commitment.Some people are allergic to dogs.Some people don't like dogs.The costs of a dog include:the original purchase priceveterinarian billsfoodobedience classesother things that the dog needs, such as leashes and toysOnce upon a time my parents are too in a category amongst the people who hate dogs or any other pets. its hard to convince them for dog …bacause its a responsibility.the thing me n my sister did was-explained my parents why we want a dog.i told them about all of the advantages of having a dog.i answer the concerns that my parents have about getting a dog.first we find out before convincing my parents to have a dog is what they think about having a dog. The more i find out what their concerns are, the better i put forward my ideas.and yes , Don't nag about getting a dog. It will only irritate your parents.Getting a dog has to be a family decision. If your parents really don't want a dog, your family should not get a dog. It would not be fair to the the end, we are able to convince our parents for pets,i have a pet now…her name is mini.and my mom loves her more than we did, or may be more than us. now the view of my parents towards having a dog is completely changed .they treat her like their own bacha…the thing my parents used to buy the count is increased by +1.