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How Can I Cut Someone Out Of My Life

How to cut someone out of your life for good.?

Wow u didn't offer anymore to your question now that's straight forward lol, ok first off it depends kinda like the reason? But if ur serious there's several ways so here's a couple: stop answering calls, texts etc.. Don't reply or answer them which depends once again on the reason will you have 2 see this person again like are the friends, co-workers, neighbors? Like I think you should either explain your situation a little more! Its like trying to figure out what city I'm in lol! Understand but the smartest way would to be just tell the person your done dealing with them honestly is sometimes the best answer

What should you do when someone cuts you out of their life?

Having been at both the sides, I'd suggest, just move on!I had a friend who was very close to me. We used to share almost everything, and had become the best of friends in around 3–4 years. So many memories, and so many promises of always being close.With time, having moved on in our respective lives, our communication reduced and gradually, we stopped talking as much as we used to. I came to know a few instances where that friend had talked behind my back, but I didn't bother clarifying it with her, because I never thought she would do something like that. Things kept happening, and I kept giving her chances.From my perspective, I was trying to be the best friend I could possibly be, but I couldn't see the same efforts from the other side. She was being jealous of me, when in every sense, she was and is in a better place than me.Ultimately, one day, I decided to cut her off. Not because she made mistakes or didn't stand up to my expectations, but because I had started to get negative vibes. Being around her didn't make me happy anymore, and I could sense I wasn't being myself. It was one of those feelings when you just know, this is not the right company anymore.She tried contacting me, but I had taken the decision. When she realized she was losing me, she doubled her efforts, but I had ended mine. I knew I wasn't being kind, or human, but I needed to do this for me. I didn't owe her anything anymore, but I owed myself peace of mind, and no judgements.The other time, when someone else cut me out of his life, for reasons best known to him, I didn't force him. He was a good friend, but likewise, maybe he didn't need my friendship anymore. Maybe he needed his peace of mind too, who knows?The best thing you can do when someone cuts you out of their life is, let them be. There are things we do for others, and there are things we do for ourselves. The latter is always less. So, when you find someone who is, for once, keeping themselves above your relation, let them. Maybe this might make them a better person.. a better friend. You never know.We need to keep each other outside of our own emotions, and let them be themselves. Nobody owes you anything. Always remember that!

When do you know you should cut someone out of your life?

The answer to this question is very personal and in my opinion there is no rule that fits all cases. Even the same person can behave in a completely different way in very similar cases as the way we relate and deal with personal issues, disappointment and even personality clashes may differ a lot depending on the circumstances.Personally, with the time I have become much more flexible and less demanding from people that I consider my friends. Given that I value friendships among the most precious things in life, I try not to be upset because of disappointments (which are totally normal for all of us) except for rare cases.In these rare cases though, I burn bridges. Quickly and definitely. I basically chop the bridge in an instant, no matter how long and deep the friendship has been.Other answers recommend never to burn bridges since (and I am simplifying) “you never know who you may end up needing in the future”.This kind of approach misses the point, in my opinion: even if you don’t know who you may need in the future, there is one thing that you needed yesterday, you need today, and you will need tomorrow: your own dignity.This is the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are.If a friend breaches the friendship in a serious way, it is worthless to remain a friend just because you may need him/her in the future. You will lose istantaenously your precious dignity.

How do you cut someone out of your life forever?

Just don't contact them

I feel broken because I cut someone out of my life, how do I overcome this?

Say Hello to the expert in cutting people off (me)First of all, why did you cut that person out of your life ? Did you contemplate upon your reasons ? Were they valid ?Case I : No Valid ReasonIf you cut someone off because of some misunderstanding or because you wanted to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, then you are an idiot (don’t worry, I was an idiot too) .I would suggest to go and talk to the person and clear things out first. I know it can be hard and requires guts, but trust me, you will feel better. If it works, great, if it does not, then you won’t regret not having said your piece afterwards (been there done that)Case II : Valid ReasonIf you had a valid reason to cut the person out of your life then tell them. Don’t just all of a sudden stop talking to them. It creates a lot of agony for both sides. Clear things out in a mature manner. Don’t leave things unspoken. It will help both of you in getting closure (been there, did not do that)If you are a better human being than me, and have done all the above said things, then my friend the only thing you can do is wait. Time mostly heals everything.Meanwhile, don’t try to get into new relationships to fill that void. Instead develop a new hobby or adopt an animal. If you’re old enough, go travelling and do stuff that will keep you busy.Happy to help

How do you cut someone out of your life who's hurting you but you still care about them?

If someone is hurting you but you still care about them that means you think that they are the most important person in your life. But if they're constantly hurting you, you must remember that you do not mean much to them. You have to first and foremost realise this thing and let go of them.So let me ask you a question if someone is hurting you all the time, do you still believe that you should keep them in your life? You are not being able to cut them from your life because you are not trying to accpet the fact that they are a source of negativity for you and if you still choose to be with them, then you will invite your own problem. Firstly realise this thing and you will be able to take the right path for you. I know that it will be difficult for you to let them go out of your life because it is always difficult to let go the person you love very much. But sometimes your love is only not enough because in every type of relationship whether it is of lovers, friends, colleagues and others, there requires understanding between two people equally and both of them should show some efforts.Another thing you could do is to tell yhe person about the feelimg that you have about them and request them to change their behaviour towards you. But if they are not willing to do so, then move towards your own path and don't care about them. You can surround yourself with good people, good food and good music and you will eventually forget about them. Most importantly time heals every type of pain and it makes you stronger than before.

Is it okay to cut someone out of your life that you love for your own sake?

My bf and I had broken up in the beginning of 2014, i could never get him out of my mind, i was utterly devastated, he had broken ice with me a couple of times after our break up and it made things only worst. In 2015 i did not talk with him that much, i still had feelings for him but i just bottled them up, with the passage of time i got better and i felt as if i have moved on but yesterday he texted me and i couldn't resist my urge to reply him back, we initiated a conversation and today i feel so terrible, my 95% of the thoughts are occupied by him and it's really freaking me out, i just don't know what to do.I think you'd better cut him off from your life, if you stay in touch with him you'll always feel nostalgic and it will give you an excruciating pain, if you don't really want to get hurt then just forget about him, don't ever think about him (i know it's hard but with constant practice you actually can change your thoughts pattern and can make some other good thoughts your dominating thoughts) Trust me things will get better and you'll soon get a perfect guy in your life who will love you with all his heart ☺