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How Can I Do To Keep Myself Busy

How can I keep myself busy and not think about my boyfriend?

My lady,Start preoccupying yourself with things that will develop you as a person, before its too late. Your priority shoould be yourself.Never, never leave you friends for your boyfriend..Even if you choose to avoid all my other advices, you better follow this one. Good friends, real firends are very difficult to find and keep, NEVER leave you friends for your boyfrienWorkout : work on your body, keep in shape all the timeSpend time with friendsGo shoppingFind a hobby : be it gardening , cooking or anything creativeRead books, loads of themWork on your academics, or job whatever you are doing because being independent should be your first priority. People come and go, my dear. This is a very important lesson, which i would really suggest you to learn, just by listening to someone(like i am telling you). Lesson learnt by your experience would be very painfulexplore places, meet people

What can I do to keep busy for 4 hours?

ok heres what you do walk into your closet and close ur eyes and say beguano 55 then a magic lepercan will ask what is the answer say 6 then he will give you the key go find a blue car with a unicorn driving then say the carrot is orange he will know the code and drive you to a 7 12 and then you use the key there and a magic warrlock will grant u acsses to ur mind to go to the land of mash potatoes and then sing merry christmas till elves and raindeer come and give you resses trees then jump up in the air

ok after you read this random crap you should realize how funny it is and laugh until the guy leaves :)

Things to do to keep yourself busy at the farm?

I've been super bored, so I plan on spending a good long time at the barn tomorrow, and I need some ideas of what to do to keep myself busy, lol. I plan on the usual (grooming, riding, hand grazing, feeding), and I think I'm going to wash my brushes (they're due anyway) and maybe my horse's tail. He isn't due for a bath. I'll probably end up washing my saddle pads and maybe my saddle. Any other ideas of things to do?

I need to keep myself really busy for the next 6 months. What can I do to keep myself busy and improve myself and my career?

Move to another country, alone.That’s what nineteen-year-old me decided to be the best course of action to start 2019 strong, with a renewed sense of purpose.A kid barely trespassing the depths of adulthood that was always cared for, always protected, always pampered by his parents, now faced with the realities of a life dictated by his own choices and their consequences.Now’s the time to clean the kitchen.Now’s the time to eat healthy, no matter how sexy that ad’s burger looks like.Now’s the time to work, no matter how unmotivated you feel about it.I NEED to be busy, and the reason’s twofold:I need to keep myself afloat deep waters, have a roof of my own, food to sustain this body of mine, preferably a healthier fuel than usual, since I don’t want it to come crashing on me when there’s no one else to rely on.I need to be busy because then I’m not wasting time feeling alone as my family endures thousands of miles away from me; I need to be busy because the moment I’m not, my headspace is the only place I’ll have to visit, with its virtues and demons, and I absolutely dread it.What’s the alternative?There’s a certain future I look up to each day I get up from the bed, and a future I must escape from at all costs.The former’s the one that sets the stage for the hero to rise to expectations;The later’s the one where I miserably failed at what I proposed for my own.Circumstances are so far beyond my control now, and thus, I keep myself busy fixing, tweaking, and improving what IS inside my capability of influence: my job and how much I get paid, my residential papers, my university, my education, my finances.I simply don’t expect the man in the mirror to be the same after a year has passed, nor two, nor three. The environment is so different, so vastly challenging that I’m compelled to rise to new standards and values that allow me to keep breathing, my toes slowly finding solid ground beyond the comfort zone my parents raised me in.Have big expectations for yourself if you decide to follow along in this particular path.It’s not glamorous, nor in any kind comforting, but it has its particular kind of beauty, one I find myself drawn towards each day as I cheap away the seconds of my clock, putting the work I never thought I would put.

How to keep myself busy while boyfriend is away for 3 weeks? Help?

If you two can't hold it together for three weeks, then you might as well end it now. From your letter, I'm guessing you're about twelve or thirteen, so I don't think that either one of you will become engaged to someone new. Try hanging out with your friends, help your mom around the house, do some summer reading, go shopping at your favorite mall, go to the beach. There should be lots of activities to keep you busy.

How do I keep myself occupied all the time?

I keep myself occupied by doing a lot of things.First thing is yoga then meditation in the morningDrink ING green tea, cooking for lunch and breakfastWatering plants gardening, maintenance of house, clothing cupboard shelves cleaning etcReading books and newspapersWatching TV series, movieAnswers on Quora ,surfing ‘you tube “ for my favourite topic of interest.Helping people resolve issues like depression, anxiety,phobias through NLP.Chatting to near and dear onesPainting once a month, attending friends wedding shopping off and on when need arisesVisit for any charitable donations etc.Attend free workshops, painting exhibition if you are free in week ends.Life is to enjoy follow your inner voice, Passion and keep searching for next opportunity.Upvote if you agree or enjoy Life