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How Can I Feel The Same About My Friends Again

How to make my friends like me again?

Hey, I've been through the same exact thing where all my friends were basically mutual friends, and we just came to a point where they started ignoring me at school, walking right pass me. But overtime, the main one that had a issue w/ me at the time, she apologized and so the rest of our mutual friends started socializin w/me again. We friends on facebook but we dont talk everyday. the most is a like of a status or pictures. But i do have the main ones number and well text every once in a while.

Yeah just my experience, but my advice is you can't MAKE someone like you. If you do that,, then you'll end up starting to become someone you're not. Give it time, they may come around.
If anything, add them in aa group chat on fb and be honest w/them and tell them whats wrong and go from there.

If it still doesn't work out from there, then sooner or later you could always make new friends.

How to get my friends parents to like me again.?

ok so i have and ex best friend. shes my EX best friend because her parents hate me now. they used to love me but they found out i smoked pot and got arrested. i quit smoking it and ive cleard all my charges, and i'm a better person now. but her parents still hate me. she is my best friend and now she wont even look at me because her parents forbid her. i miss her so much she means the world to me. i would really love your advise. right now im planning to talk with her parents, and try and convince them to let me be friends with her again... any help?!...please?!

I fell in love with my friend, but she doesn't feel the same way. She wants me in her life but being there as just her friend hurts too much. I’ve tried distancing myself, but we both miss each other. What can I do?

Hi.I can tell you what to do because I'm in exactly the same condition.LITERALLY.So what I did.I took a day and explained my complete mental state to her and told her that I need her more than a relationship.I explained to her what she means to me.I told her that my feelings are on one hand and they can never come between me and her because she was scared to lose me as a friend.I try to distant myself, it hurts even more.I have learned to live with it now, you know why?Because, if I am honest with her about my feelings and If I am strong enough to stay focused in my own life even after being in love with her and still not being WITH her, only then she'll see me as someone worthy enough.Maybe she never accepts you as anything more as a friend, but you won't regret not trying.Just tell her once and if she tells you NO, back off.. stay normal and be a good and supportive gentleman.I joined the gym now, I train myself hard there and leave it all there.. Life goes on right?I'm waiting for her even now and a lot more.Hope for the best.

Im starting to feel lonely again?

Has anyone felt like this. I mean you thought u had friends but all of them left you or hurt you. I don't know its kind of weird. I had an best friend for 5years but now she acts like im a stranger. It really still really hurts a lot. Sometimes i just feel lonely and wish i had someone to talk too. Does this sound like depression. How do i stop feeling like this.

I love my friend with benefits but he doesn't feel the same way. What should I do?

You, like a number of gals who have written in here, totally do not understand the phrase "Friends with benefits." You all seem to be wanting a relationship with the guy, expecting a relationship, say you are in love with the guy...well heads up...FRIENDS with benefits. There is no relationship except one where you can call each other and say you're horny and ask if the other has time. There is no love involved. You are friends ONLY.

What you are trying to do is have a relationship with a guy and you're putting out sex hoping to entice him into loving you. There is no friends with benefits, you are trying to maneuver for a full blown love relationship. And why you would want to do that is beyond me since (1) the guy is so irresponsible he obviously didn't wear a condom and he impregnated his girlfriend, (2) he boinked you and he had a girlfriend, (3) he gave you mixed messages for 2 freaking years, (4) he had meth in his car and has served time in jail. Let me pause here and remind you that you do NOT KNOW if the drug was planted in his car. What you KNOW is what he TOLD you and you bought the story. Could be a true story but what guy is going to admit to being a drug user and that his jail time was earned? Everybody behind bars claims they are innocent. (5) He got physically violent with the mother of his child, (6) He got a restraining order placed against him because of his violence. A restraining order is not arbitrarily placed against two people to keep them apart. A person requests a restraining order. So odds are she got one against him and he mitigates it to sound not so harsh against him by saying they had restraining order placed against them.

So I'm not sure why you want this guy. He is still maintaining he likes you as a friend only. What part of that are not getting? What part of he gets violent when he gets involved do you not understand?

You want to know what to do? Stop chasing someone who wants to run faster and can run faster than you can chase them. He's told you no but you aren't listening. Go chase a guy who stops and lets you catch up and then the two of you make plans to walk into the future together. You deserve that, not what you've got which is nothing.