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How Can I Find My Tin Badly Needed Thanx

Where can I find online fashion design schools? Badly need your help. Thanx!?

I wouldn't trust an online program for this major because so much about this major is hands-on work. You'd be better off doing the degree at a brick 'n mortar school.

What do I do at this point? I need some advice, badly.?

Okay so the title of the question is WAY to short for me to really put to terms what I am thinking. If any of you have heard of Alan Watts, understand Taoism, know we are all a single entity, and see the lies in society, especially the almighty dollar.. then you will know where I am coming from.

I count myself as incredibly fortunate to have escaped the tangle to some degree. I think that knowing its all a song that you are supposed to dance to is an amazing start…. but why should I dance to a song that I don't like. I know you are supposed to love everything other than yourself, or else you can never love yourself.. but how can I come to such a point? How can I live completely happily, and live out my dreams when I am stuck in a high-school .. filled with negativity, lies, unnecessary things that feel like a waste of time.. all for making money in the future.. **** money is what I say. How can I break myself off from this, my parents are very open people and I believe with some well placed words they may not be the biggest problem.. but still I find it unlikely they would ever let me drop out of school.. So, being in the United States where do I go? How do I find myself without leaving so much behind? How do I start a journey they doesn't even exist where I live. I know that society is corrupt, and i understand a hermit's reason for separating themselves. But there is the Yin and the Yang situation where such a society may be necessary and to your own benefit, just as there would be no light without the dark. It is all relative. But I know that being in a state of unconditional love is possible. Or being able to live out your dreams without any people in the way.

In a way knowing these things is really harming my life right now. I still participate in school until I can figure things out.. and I know that we should all try our best in this "game" while we are in it. But all in all what should be my take on school and society? I refuse to sit here and ignore everything around me.. that is impossible. You are the world around you is a very true thing.

And I am not one of those doom and gloom sad complaining bitches all the time haha, I try to have a positive outlook on everything.. but when you live in my situation, trust me.. you need some time away.
I need either motivation to continue school.
Or somewhere to just start. My home would be a possible place, I may be interested in writing/drawing.

Your advice badly needed on whether or not to submit an offer for a property?

If it was me, I would contact local builders for an approximate estimate for the windows, kitchen and bathroom. You'll probably get a range of estimates. I don't know if you're handy or not or who have friends that might give you a deal on repairs. You might also want to take another person along with you to look at the property. Sometimes another person will catch things that will need to be fixed that you might have missed.

I'm from the US and don't know how real estate works there but do you have a realtor? Our realtor was invaluable helping us decide which townhouse to buy. He knew about property values in the area, resaleability, things like train tracks nearby, what the schools and neighborhoods were like, etc. Also we didn't have to pay our realtor, the sellers did.

I would take one of the highest estimates and add that to the total cost of the maisonette. This is about how much I would expect to pay for the place and fixing it up.

There's also the classic method of making a pros and cons list of why to buy and why not to buy. Writing all of it down can help you see if you have more concerns on one side or the other and evaluate how important the concerns/advantages are.

If it still sounds awesome and reasonable with your budget, sleep on it a night and go for it in the morning.

10 points to best answer- advice badly needed thanks:)?

"i wont get bulky unless i take protein shakes and eat alot of calories right"

yes and no. YES you are right, you will get BULKIER if you drink protein shakes, consuming MORE calories, doesn't make sense.

Like the post above me says, lighter weights (not too light, enough for you to pick up with out much strain) but more reps = toned body...

when you use heavier weights, you are making your muscles rip and repair themselves with protein, making them bigger/ don't want to do want to do a lot of cardio, to burn the layer of fat on your body...EAT FEWER CALORIES...and use lighter weights, but more reps...this will "cut" you up...and not bulk you up.

Thesis diploma in literature (need advice badly, thanx)?

hi. i'm not from the states, i know you have helpful and supportive professors there but here it's a little different :) so i have a few questions and i'd be grateful if you shared your thoughts.

1) do you know of a website/book where it is stated that your thesis does not have to agree with other critics (at least not with all of them).

2) i'd like to be a little creative - is it possible to include a short creative piece of writing at the end in the epilogue or something; i'd just like to make it special and of my own making at the very end

thanx so much x

Need ur opinion on my relationship situation.. thanx?

My initial reaction was that she was having an open relationship with you (since she didn't want to be seen in public or write on your facebook page) or maybe she was embarrassed to be seen with you (sorry).

I think you should just forget her. If she is intent on hurting you to make you want her back than that is not a healthy relationship. Just let her go and you try to find yourself someone else that is happy to do all the things you do in a relationship like go out together in public!

ADDITION - I guess you are best off without her then if she was keeping her options open while seeing you at the same time. Musn't have made you feel very special if she was treating you this way. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone like that? How about you keep YOUR options open by not getting back with this girl and seeing if there is someone else out there for you that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof essay help drastically needed!!!?

Okay so my question is 'to what extent does the revised version of Act 3 detract from the tragedy of the play?' I already handed in my first version, my main points were the bringing back of Big Daddy, the readers ability to sympathise with Maggie, and Bricks sudden turnaround, all concluding to a very resolved version, detracting from the tragedy. However, I only got a C for this, and need an A (its coursework).

My teacher told me to 'engage with the text more' - not quite sure what this means, shes off for the rest of the week and I have no idea what to do.... any relevant points, quotes or context are much appreciated! thanks!

You don’t and you shouldn’t. If you have forgotten your TIN, maybe you can find it in your bank account application, an old tax return, on a 1099 or W-2 that your business issued, or possibly on your state’s secretary of state business registration website. (you’ll have to sign in and review your data, since it won’t be public information) If you know you gave a W-9 to someone who paid you, maybe you can call them and they will give it to you. As a last resort, you can call the IRS, but be prepared for a bureaucratic run around.

Can heating food in a tin can be bad for you?

AFAIK modern tin cans also have a polymer coating inside. This would most likely break down on heating and may have a bad effect, if ingested.

Perhaps you should research that too before finalising your decision to assume it is safe. Also the method of bonding the sides of the can should be considered, it is not just the metal you should worry about.

If you find any interesting facts about this please email me I'd like to know

In India, TIN is officially called Permanent Account Number (PAN).Source: OECD