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How Can I Finish This Story

I can never finish my stories!?

I read somewhere that you should know your ending before you begin. It may sound stupid, but you should know how the story is going to end before you start writing, this way you have something to write towards.
So say you have an idea to start, the smallest thing, a dark-eyed girl. You have a conflict in there, she likes a boy. Add more twists, the boy is dying. Keep the audience hooked. BUT think now how it will end, will she get the boy? Will the boy die? Will the boy ever know how she feels? Will something happen at the last minute to save him? Know now, so that you can write towards it. Know it and keep it in your head as you write. This way you know where you're going. It doesn't just drift off into nothingness as you run out of ideas.
Another thing that I read, if you're not finishing because of writers block, I read this author's advice and I find it useful to do with writers block. She says that there are two types of writers block, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is, I know that I SHOULD be writing, but there's a marathon of that show that I like on today and I feel lazy. This type, you have to work THROUGH, write and write and write. find the motivation to write. Say switch the tele off, or set yourself say a thousand word count limit to complete before you reward yourself with the show.
Type 2, however is the scariest. this is the one where you write all the time but it just feels wrong, your characters don't seem real enough, your plot feels weak and your pace feels flat. This is the one where nothing that you write feels good enough. This one you can't write through, this one you have to go AROUND. Maybe your trying to force a character to do something that they wouldn't do. Your sub-conscious is telling you that something's wrong. Figure it out and fix it, then get back to it and write. I also find that if you don't get too hung up on editing it helps. It's just a first draft so write in large chunks for long periods of time. Don't even spell check let alone stop and rewrite. This is a first draft, you can edit once it's finished. Just get it done, and trust me, it's a lot easier after you do.

Hope this helps and Good Luck :)

Can you finish this story: ‘I never thought…’?

I never thought I would have so many soulmates I have many times in my dreams and I am the king of gods kingdom like any other prophet or guru I only I have the ability to relocate any soul from that kingdom of GOD for GOD listens to me I am able to delete anyones past and present and also able to send anyone to hell or heaven for that matter in that unseen world of GOD I am now in complete sense as I stopped praying I pray only when I wish to I now down to GOD at any given moment when GOD asks me to do so I love GOD alone and won't allow any wrong person to go into gods kingdom and the ones who are there would also be checked for eligibility and if found incompatible would be relocated.One of my friend has a garage so i go and sit at his place spend time with him and stuff so one day he said to me that work is slow i said nothing to him i prayed to GOD and GOD showed me that his work will be good and since that day his work is good :-)

How do I finish writing a story?

I don't know what type of writing you're doing, although I assume it's fiction of some type: if you're writing a guide on how to water-ski, obviously it's a series of steps culminating in mastering the process of water-skiing. I agree to an extent with the answers that say "write the ending first", although that's not the only option.  You could outline or block out the story to start, then write each section, filling in details.  You could also write a brief story outline with more than one possible denouement/climax and make a definite decision as to how the story will when you've written the action up to that point.  Outlining may give you insight into other points in the narrative where there are options: if your problem is "writing yourself into a corner" where it's hard to see a viable outcome, you may want to change the narrative's path prior to the climax to make for a more realistic and effective ending.You may want to explore what is holding you back from completing your work.  Is it because you can't choose between two (or more) outcomes? If that's the case, try writing two or more different endings and then decide which works better.  If you don't know what your characters would do to bring the story to a close, sketch out the possible options, then follow up as described above.  (In this situation, you may also want to go back and see whether you need to make some changes in the narrative leading up to the climax to make it more effective/believable/exciting/resonant.)  There are also instances when a writer has trouble finishing a story because s/he isn't happy with the writing overall: not finishing a story protects you from failing (in a way, although it also prevents you from succeeding).  For some people, going ahead and writing something, even though it might seem like crap to you, lets you break through your block--you can go back and make it better once the block has been broken.

Can you finish this story in less than 25 words?

One stayed in orbit, the others landed. Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the Moon, Collins orbited. On their return to Earth they were heroes.

How do you finish the story mode in sims 3 ps3?

For sims 3 I would l like to cut to the chase and play freely. How do I skip ahead to the free mode or how do I quickly finish the story mode for the play station 3 version?? Thank you.

Did they ever finish the story of Inuyasha?

No, there is no new inuyasha episodes planned at the moment there's is no 5th movie but there was a 30 min inuyasha short called "Black Tessaiga" that's was shown at the a exhibit called “Rumic World” on July 30th of this year but as of now it that is just in japan and there is no info on whether VIZ media will release it in English.......i am a very big inuyasha fan and would love for the series to continue and hope the end of the manga is a start to finish the anime but no those are just inuyasha fans starting rumors again about it restarting again. if you wanna know what happens after episode 167 i would recommend picking up the manga (i will leave you the links to the manga)

BTW: the manga is read right to left ;-) (just so u don't get

Finish the story! Funniest 10 points!?

they boy grew about 4 wasn't the 8 he was hoping for, but it was something noticeable. So he started walking with a bit of a strut, went and got a few nicer shirts, because now they hung differently on him. It made him feel good. One day he was walking by the taco stand and the register guy said "Lookin sharp, amigo!" The boy laughed and out of the corner of his eye he saw this girl with a blue streak kind of smiling. He started talking to her and got her number, he was STOKED. He came back and told the guy "Look, I'm gonna help you with your addiction, which tacos do you like best?" The boy said "the bean ones". So the boy secretly put too much chili in the bean ones, every day. The guy got the runs every day really bad and in 4 days he was cured! He shouted out to the boy "Thank you! The burning runs have cured me!" The girl the boy had met asked him (they were out on a romantic walk) "what's the burning runs?" The boy said, "Baby, you don't wanna know, but you know what I've got? A burning heart....for you" Big kiss. The end.

Should you finish one story before starting to work on a new one?

I've been working on my first novel for about two years now, and I'm roughly halfway finished. Lately I have been getting ideas/inspiration for another project/story. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to switch over and start working on that story(or swap back and forth between them both) or if I should just wait before starting something new?