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How Can I Get A Job Selling Life/health Insurance To Businesses And Corporations In Southern

Why is it considered illegal to not have health insurance?

How do I avoid paying for Health insurance in America and still be legal?In the U.S. it is NOT “illegal” to opt out of obtaining Health Insurance.Your choices as an alternative of securing “essential health benefits” are:Pay the Tax PenaltySeek an ExemptionThe Tax Penalty for 2016 is 2.5% of your total household Adjusted Gross Income, or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child to a maximum of $2,085.The tax/penalty can be considered an opportunity cost of purchasing your health insurance. In other words, you are foregoing the $2,085 (savings) off the cost of health insurance if you chose to secure coverage.Though not a huge incentive, in your example, $1,500/month or $18,000 per year would actually be net cost to you of $15,915.No doubt, that is a lot of money. Yet your exposure to a catastrophic loss because of unforeseen medical expenses to you or one of your family members is exponentially higher.

What are the best health insurance plans for you and your family in India?

In India, there are 25+ General/Health Insurance Companies available, in which More than 50 Health Insurance Plans are available. Anyhow we are going to buy only one Product which is giving More Benefits at competitively affordable rate in the Market.Instead of confusing you with explaining all the terms with various Companies, I’m giving you the Final Answer Directly. Here I’m suggesting the best Plan which I will buy if I am a Consumer, after doing lot of Research in Health Insurance Plans among various Insurers.Apollo Munich (Optima Restore), Bajaj Allianz (Health Guard Revised Plan), ICICI Lombard (I-Health), Star Health (Star Comprehensive) and Max Bupa (Health Companion) are taken into consideration for Benefits Comparison.I prefer, Max Bupa Health Companion as the Best plan which is having following advantages over their competitors Plan.1. Max Bupa Health Companion is having Yearly Once Free Health Check-up Irrespective of Claim Experience (Better than Apollo, Bajaj and Star Health)2. Max Bupa is having non reducing No Claim Bonus of 20% which will Increase Up to 100% (Better than Apollo, Star, ICICI and Bajaj) – With Free NCB Protection Cover3. Max Bupa is having Refill Benefit (Better than Apollo, Star, Bajaj ) ( Refill Benefit is very useful one Comparing with Restoration Benefit what other companies like Apollo, Bajaj, Star is Giving ) ( Illustration : Sum Insured 5 Lacs , 1st Claim 4.5 Lacs , 2nd Unrelated Claim 5 Lacs :- Star, Apollo, Bajaj Will pay Only 50,000, But MAX BUPA will pay Entire 5 Lacs )4. Lesser Premium (Better than Apollo, Star, ICICI and Bajaj – In Most of the Cases)5. Organ Donor Expenses, Domiciliary Treatment Covered Without any Sub-limits (Better than Star, ICICI and Bajaj)6. AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homepoathy) Benefit (Better than Apollo, Star)7. Minimum and Maximum Entry Age Restrictions (Better than Apollo, Star and Bajaj)8. All Day Care Surgeries Covered while others cover only few Specific procedures (Better than Star, ICICI and Bajaj)9. Max Bupa is having 30 mins Cashless Approval Promise – Which is lowest in the IndustryTo know the Best Policy that suits your specific requirement along with Premium and Detailed Benefits Illustration for you/your Family, and To Buy New Health Insurance Plan Online, From Any Insurance Company (with Same Online Direct Premium) you can WhatsApp me at 8681982222 or e-mail to

Looking for Health Insurance in New Jersey?

Going to the doctors for a simple check up costs a lot of money and I have to take blood tests too and that right there costs 500 bucks and I'm paying cash out of my pocket.. I'm looking for health insurance in my state and actually for my parents too but I can't seem to find an affordable plan. Can anyone help me out this? I think we're going to go broke pretty soon because sometimes it's really urgent and the doctors don't even give you discounts.

Is western & southern life insurance a scam?

Agree with previous answer W&S are a well rated insurance co... they aren't a scam.

Someone may be using their name fraudulently, but that's not the company's fault.

Need a bit more detail for a precise answer

Farmers Insurance possible job scam?

They review the resumes only to find the e-mail address. They send these emails to everyone with a resume online, whether or not the person is qualified.

To test them, I once asked them what about my resume made them think I was qualified. They could not even tell me anything that was on my resume.

The quality that they require is being a human. The skill that they require is being able to check your e-mail.

They send these e-mails to too many jobseekers to have them all do cold calling; since over 10% of the country gets these e-mails, if they hired everyone, it would only take 10 cold calls per person before the entire country had been cold called and there was no more work to do.

What they are probably seeking is your contacts. They may want you to sell to your friends and family, who may be willing to buy as a favor to help you get started. And finished. Once your friends and family have either bought or refused to buy, there may not be any more work for you to do.

Is Family Heritage Life insurance a scam?

They're a legit company, rated B++ (I wouldn't buy from them based on that rating), HOWEVER, why would you buy a health insurance policy that only covers ONE illness? Your chances of using it JUST aren't that high.

If you want HEALTH insruance coverage, buy a health insurance policy. It's not cost effective, and very silly, to buy one policy for cancer, one for diabetes, one for heart problems, etc.

Can someone work for more than one Insurance firm at the same time?

If by “work” you mean “represent” or become a representative of said company… as others have posted, any licensed independent broker can work for more than one company at the same time.That is not to suggest that any Independent Agent can represent any insurance company they wish. Many companies have requirements associated with that representation. Those requirements may include among other things, production requirements.In addition some companies will only allow an exclusive contract. Meaning, contractually you only represent that one company and are captive to selling just their products.If by “work” you mean as an employee and not an agent, it will likely depend on the type of responsibilities you have with that insurance firm. The more responsibility you have as an employee of a particular company, the less likely it will be that they would allow you to work for another insurance firm.Thanks for the A2A