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How Can I Get About 100 Dollars In 2-3 Months

Will a 1000 dollars last you 3 months in china?

I'm assuming you are referring to US dollars.

1,000.00 USD = 6,800.61 CNY (June 25, 2010 6:45 A.M. China time)

Do you need to pay for lodging? If you are staying in a bare minimum budget hostel with a shared bath, it still might cost you 50 RMB (CNY) per night. That adds up quickly to 4500 RMB for 90 days. Then you have to throw in the cost of food (minimum 20 yuan a day) which would be 1800 RMB for the same 90 days . . . and that's if you pretty much eat simply . . . no western foods, very few beers, etc. You're at 6300 RMB right there. You would have 500 left over for daily necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, tissue, etc.), touring, souvenirs, etc.

While we live quite simply in the northwest, there are some days that I spend more than 20 yuan on food. Breakfast can be bought for 2 yuan, but lunch has gone up to a min of 6 yuan (unless I live on bowls of noodles). A very simple dinner is minimum 8 yuan for one dish, but if you are wanting to have a bit of variety in your life, it goes up. Then you have to add in your costs of drinks . . . Shanghai is quite hot and you'll want lots of water. I don't know if you can get bottled water for only 1 yuan there, but I know out here in the northwest, I drink 3 - 4 bottles a day. I can refill my bottle from my large tank at home, but most travelers simply buy another bottle when needed. Soft drinks range from 2.50 - 5.00 yuan depending upon what you buy. Ice cream (great on hot days) ranges from 1 - 5 yuan.

Are you going to want to use the internet? If you live in an apartment, you'll need to get internet service. You may have to sign a minimum contract agreement and pay a monthly fee. Prices range depending upon location. In the northwest, our fees are only 20 yuan per month, but in Beijing, we paid 100 yuan per month.

If you don't have internet service where you are staying (and hostels are not likely to have free internet), you will have to go to an internet bar/cafe to access it. You'll pay an hourly fee, which once again, ranges based on location. Our fees out here start at 2 yuan per hour, but this is much higher in the mega-cities. I'm sorry I don't know the exact cost.

Hope this helps!

Is 100 brunei dollars enough for food for a month?

Not sure how to answer this but I usually buy the groceries for my family so I know one or two stuffs. As far as I know Brunei’s standard of living is quite high compared to Malaysia but if you can cook at home that would save you a lot of money.There are 3 categories of ‘foods’ if you want to spend on:Cheap. These foods you can buy from grocery store and make it yourself at home to save money.A loaf of bread consists of 12 slices ($1.20) and a jar of peanut butter jelly (~$4) which can last for a month. This may be good foods for breakfast.A tray of eggs (25–30 eggs) cost about $4–5 dollars which can last you two-three weeks.Vegetables and fruits. Price depends on fruits and vegetables. Overseas fruits such as apples, grapes, strawberries are more pricey than local fruits such as bananas.Roti Canai ($1–3) depends on the fillings.Instant noodles (around $1.60 with 5 packs inside). Since Brunei will have tax on foods with MSG so I expect the price of this noodle will increase.Moderate. If you can’t cook then you will find out here. These foods are for dine-in or takeways.Nasi Katok (BND$1 per pack) consists of rice, sambal and a piece of fried chicken. If you consider this for the rest of the month for lunch and dinner it will be 30 x $2 = $60.Nasi Lemak (BND$1–2 per pack) consists of fragrance rice, sambal, egg, a piece of chicken and a slice of cucumber.Singapore Chicken Rice (BND$3–4 per pack). If you considered this for your lunch and dinner it will be 2 x $3.50 = $70.Kolomee, Fried noodle, Fried meehoon (BND$2–5 per pack) depends what you want with it. If only noodles it will be around $2. If noodles with chicken it will be around $3. If noodles with prawn it will be around $4.Expensive. This is for BND$5 and above. Some of the dishes and cuisines here will cost between $5–10 per dish. There are also above $10 per dish too if you enter a high class restaurant.Not forgetting about water. 24 Water bottles of 660mL in a box cost around $6–8 dollars. You might need 2–3 boxes of these water bottles for a month.I already gave the approx price for these foods above and you may calculate it yourself. If you can survive bread + PB&J or bread + eggs for breakfast lunch dinner then $100 is enough for you.I myself couldn’t afford to eat the moderate to expensive range everyday, or even every month!

How can a 13 year old make 100 dollars in one week?

Do it the old fasion way baby sit clean houses for someone etc. It also builds character

What are the skills I can learn in 2-3 days and then make $100 /month on using that skills?

Data entry and MS Office Word, MS PowerPoint presentations And MS Excel, Learn These in a week Fully,You might earn 450 to 650 $ a month or two.

A price p (in dollars) and demand x for a product are related by 2x^2 - 3xp + 50p^2 = 20800?

p and x are functions of t (time), dp/dt and dx/gt their rates of change over time.
Given that p and x are related by 2x² - 3xp + 50p² = 20800,
when p = 20, x is defined by
2x² - 60x + 20000 = 20800, (x > 0)
x² - 30x - 400 = 0, (x > 0)
(x - 40)(x + 10) = 0, (x > 0)
hence x = 40

Differentiating each side of the equation with respect to t:
4x(dx/dt) - 3p(dx/dt) - 3x(dp/dt) + 100p(dp/dt) = 0
dx/dt = (3x - 100p)(dp/dt)/(4x - 3p)

At p = 20, x = 40 and dp/dt = 2
dx/dt = (3*40 - 100*20)*2/(4*40 - 3*20)
. . . .= (120 - 200)*2/(160 - 60)
. . . . = -0.4
Rate of change of demand = - 0.4 unit per month

At the initial price of 20 dollars per unit,
if the price increases at the rate of 2 dollars/month
then the demand will decrease at the rate of 0.4 unit per month.

How should I invest 100$ to get about 500$ income in 3 months?

You should put $100 in the bank.Then go out, and find a job or side gig that will earn you an additional $400.Then you will have $500, in three months time.Seriously, it is much easier to add money than to multiply it. In your situation, you can add $100 from one day's wages, or from eight years' investment of your original $100 in the stock market.You shouldn't invest money if you have a time horizon to use it under 3-5 years. In that short time span, it could lose money nearly as often as you would make it.Also, in your question, you are asking for an annual rate of return of 62500%. Most investments aim for 1% to 10% returns. It is far easier to earn another $400 than to multiply your money 5x in three months, which if the feat could be repeated throughout the year, would make 25x in 6 months, 125x in 9 months, and 625x in twelve months. That's how incredulous the request is, if you truly plan to invest it. Putting your money in a quality savings account is helpful, and it will gain you a $1 for every $100. Cutting expenses, and earning more income, will be far more effective in growing your money than the $5-$10 in risky investment gains, and that is why I suggest starting there.