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How Can I Get My Boy Best Friend Back I Miss Him

I still miss my ex-best friend...?

3 years ago (when I was in grade 9) some other boy my best friend knew started to hang out with us at school... and a few months after that I noticed some different things about my best friend...

One bad thing led to another, and he started smoking and drinking, and he stopped hanging out with me.

Its been 3 years already, and I barely see him anywhere... I really REALLY miss him alot, even though I never show it. I'm too scared to ask his parents how its going with him, coz they might tell him that I asked... I assume he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, that's why I don't keep in touch with his family anymore... his family was like my second family, they were always there for me. I sometimes ask some friends of mine who keep in touch with him how he's doing, but that's the closest I can come to knowing how he's doing.

we've been friends for more than 5 years, and lately I can't stop worrying about him.

Yeah, I'm a guy. And yes, I am gay, but I'm not in love with him. He's still my friend, even though I'm not his.


How do I get my guy best friend back?

Wow. Totally been there my friend. The exact same scenario. My ex had a girlfriend, she was beautiful and thin and stunning, and he really liked her, but deep down we both knew we still liked each other, but he didnt talk to me coz of her. Then i got a guy, and the same thing happened. But we waited it out, and now i think we are closer than ever, and he's my best friend. Just try talk to him, dont worry about upsetting your boufriend, because at the end of the day, you were friends first, and you have know n him for longer. Convince John that you just want him as a friend, and be friends with chase. I hope everything is sorted out hunny. Xx

I miss my boy best friend ?

im 17 and ive been best friend with a boy 4 over a year now and first we were so close and now he is just always pushing me away
when we were so close we were always talking and meeting with other kisds and doin stuff it was fun and i found out that he loved a girl and i was so happy 4 him and he takled about her so much and it was so fun to get to know him he is so interesting, he said that im the only girl-friend that is so close to him and yeah so 3 months passed when he was on a trip and i didint see him 4, 3 months and when he came back everything changet he doesint talk to me as much as he did , and im always wanting to call him but i dont do it beacuse im afraid that he doesint want to talk to me , and now i cant think of anything else .. i miss him and i just want my best friend again
shuld i call him
sorry for my bad english

I miss him a lot, I still want to be friends.. What should I do?

He was my best friend, I told him everything and we talked all the time. And then we tried dating, it didn't really work out because we were just better as friends.. But ever since we broke up he hasn't talked to me. When I saw him around school the first week or so after we broke up I tried waving or saying hey and he just ignored me. So I just gave up, now we act like we never even met. And I really miss him. I want him back as a friend.. I don't understand how we could be so close and then he just acts like we never met. It really upsets me. What should I do? Because he wont talk to me or my friend because she's been trying to get in touch with him for me.. I'm worried that it will never be the way it used to be... /:

I have a friend, and we got into a fight and we stopped talking. I miss her very much, but I don't know if she wants to talk with me again. What should I do?

Same thing happened to me. I made a joke and she just stopped talking to me. May be she felt bad. So i thought i should apologise to her. So i called her, but she being too stubborn didnt pick up my calls. Told me that she is going to sleep and i should text her.I replied that I only need 2 minutes, she still replied to text her, she told me that "Cooler chal raha hain, awaz nahi aayegi" (which according to everyone is just bullshit...what type of cooler would make such a noise that you cant even talk on phone) Still i texted her... And she was online the whole time but didn't even read the texts and then finally I told her "Text karne to bolti hain, reply to deti nahi hain.."She was still online, didnt read the texs and then the next day just gave a reply that she slept...nthg else.. I mean we were so good friends, who would behave in such a way with a friend..Now when we see each other in office, we just ignore each other...act like we dont exist for each other... I really miss the talks I had with her, we were a great team, helping and motivating each other in time of need.All my friends now tell me to let her go as she doesnt need me, she is happy without me...but i dont know the truth..I cant lose a friend like her...Now i dont know what should i do..i have this big interview and her motivating words will definetly make my day...but I dont think she will ever talk to me. :(What u should know is she really worth all the trouble..? Does she always care about you when you need it? Or she only comes to you in need? People will always tell you that ego will ruin a friendship, but what u should know is never ruin your self respect for someone who isn't worth it...if she is worth it...then go and talk to her...she will talk to u..apologise to her..

When a boy tells you that he misses you what should you say?

*If this person is someone whom you respect and dont want to hurt him, just send him an emoji. Simple smiley or blushing emoji will workoutIf he isn't important person in your life, just ignore him.Someone from workplace/friend list and you are not interested in long conversation, just thank him or appreciate him.If the person is very important in you your life and even you miss him or he is the one in your life. Miss you too will workout.But you want to have a good conversation between you two. Never ever say miss you too. Everyone feels that they are just saying it just not to hurt us. Instead you can say something crazy/romantic.In my case I would be expecting some thing like this “I think a long ang tight hug will be perfect now for my *Nick_Name*” / I wish you were here to tell me that :) /