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How Can I Get My Stay In Austria When I Live In Iran

How can i get a Austria visa?

See site below. states you must be a U.S. resident to use this site, but not a citizen.

Should I stay in Britain or go to live in Iran permanently?

I would suggest you either make a few short trips there or one or two longer trips.This will give you a better idea of what life in Iran is really like and if it suits you or not, yes you are of Iranian background but you have been raised in Britain, this will undoubtedly diluted your Iranian culture or at least merged with it, giving you a sort of mixed identitiy.To just up and move to Iran or anywhere is a big step.

Iran is not a country That you can live in it, Iran is an area under the control of a Shiite terrorist group, this Shiite terrorist group exports Iranian oil to your West and East، And with revenues from the sale of natural resources, it expands terrorism in the Middle East.The Iranian political system is a completely apartheid system.You must be Khamenei's or Khomeini's relative to succeed in Iran، because Otherwise, you will never progress in Iran.Iran's election is fake, and people's participation in the election is because of fear of death.The United Kingdom is cooperating with the Iranian regime in suppressing the people.Most of the ayatollahs in Iran are graduates of the UK, including Mullah Hassan Rouhani, the current president of Iran.To overcome Iran's oil, the British overthrew Iran's former king, and brought British Mullahs to power in Iran.The Iranian regime has taken the Iranian people hostage، And the UK is happy about that، But the happiness of England did not last long!When they realized that the Iranian regime was out of control and sooner or later it would produce weapons of mass destructionthats Up and Down of IranAll you need to know about Iran

Iran is a remarkable travel destination, it is so diverse in many aspects that almost anybody will love An Iranian travel. History lovers will find it hard to get enough of Iran, Architecture lovers will have a hard time choosing which cities to visit, nature lovers can enjoy the snow in one day and the sunbathe the next day and cultural lovers surely come back again and againIran has preserved its cultural routes and yet integrated them with modern aspects in big cities. If you’re a fan of a completely traditional or even rural life style, you can try our nomad tour, that allows you to live the life of Iranian nomad for several days. If you prefer fully equipped hotels for your stay, Iran also offers that. So don’t worry about your accommodations.Iran’s image from abroad is quite different to what is really felt in Iran. Iran is very safe and in complete peace. Many tourist are surprised to find Iran in such tranquility. Many tourist specially their families back home have doubts before traveling to Iran but after their trip they are very glad they came. Tourist are highly respected and taken care of in Iran. Many tourist are also surprised with the number of people who can speak very good English. but back to answer the question Where can I stay in Iran?Some of Travel Services in Iran are so popular, you can read this: http://www.irantravelingcenter.c... Where I must Visit in Iran?Iran has 19 Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List and you can plan to visit them. Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz and Yazd are major and most visited cities in Iran.How can I book the Hotel and accommodation in Iran?Usually Iranian Hotel are not connected to online reservation systems like Booking or Expedia. But you can use Domestic services like Iran Travel Hotel Booking[1]Footnotes[1] Iran Hotels | Book Hotel in Iran - Iran Traveling Center

Do you think Bush wants to start war with Iran to stay in office for another 4 years??

If Bush starts war with Iran, not for 4 years but for 40 years there can't be elections in USA!!!
And thats not because Iran will fight with USA, Iran will be defeated in less than a month or two, but the situation in Middle East will become tragically complicated.
Specially with the terrorism activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and somehow Turkey (PKK).
However, Iran is the only Muslim country in the region that doesn't have the terrorism problem inside the borders.

Iran is 4 times bigger than Iraq and has a much more complicated ethnical and religion composition. If USA can't control Iraq, how's going to manage Iran?!!!

The problem is not the Iranian government, as I told you, the Iranian government doesn't have the power to face USA too much, but after US defeated Iran, won't be able to manage Iran and a real tragedy will be in Middle East.
USA must face the Islamic Republic politically.

Your best bet would be to have someone you trust start house hunting for you.Houses in Iran are extremely expensive, specially if you are looking for a place in Tehran. If not, then you have better chances.Iranians, like most natives of every other nation, will try to get the best of you in a bargain if they realize that you are not a local. So, your best bet would be always to find a local who is willing to hunt a house for you and settle the bargain.There is a dormitory for visiting foreigners near Velenjak in Tehran. Also, there is another near Motahari St., again in Tehran. I have a friend who has stayed in the former, and another who has stayed in the latter. I can ask for you if you want. There are a couple other options available around Tehran for visiting students, but I'm not sure if you are a student.If you have a deposit of around $25K you can rent a place for nearly $100 or less per month that is around 80 square meters near the locations you have stated in your question.I would not recommend that you share a place with someone, unless you either know that person, or it is a public place for people to stay, like a dormitory.There are real state sites (e.g. Page on,  فروش ،رهن واجاره آپارتمان،زمین،ویلا(شمال)،مجتمع ومغاره ) but none of them are in English.Most universities in Iran offer some sort of accommodation to their students, but they are very rarely for visiting students. I am sure, however, that most of them are open to negotiation. Your best option here would be correspondence, or getting someone to write you an invitation.

Would You Live In Iran For A Month?

Stay if you like it. My husband is a naturalized US citizen from Hungary (I am American) we live half the year in Hungary and I love the change. It is a western country I know but the language and customs are different. I work with many Iranian people in Las Vegas in the beauty and casino business, they are alotof fun,contrary to what most westerners believe. Good luck, life should be an adventure.

recently i see many questions about Iran and Iranians in which there are assumptions about us that are completely wrong and more importantly very offensive or insulting. It seems to me that some non-Iranian has written this question and their purpose is not to really get help (get answers) but just to imply that living in Iran is too awful that one should run away without any particular reason!now, I am an Iranian woman and i know a lot of problems here that i have suffered from but when someone asks such questions only to insult or to spread wrong ideas about my country, i get really angry.

Where should I live and travel? Middle East?

@H "In Iran you will be able to tour around with a guy (big brother is watching you:) only."
First get rid of your burqa.Then try to think about Iran , sand filthy .
Janey [ whatever your name is ] , I don't have a lot of ideas about other countries.But I know my own country well. Iran is greece of middle east.There are tons of historical treasures from Elamites , Persian Empire, Parthian Empire , .... . The most famous one is Persepolis in Province of Persia . I mean there are tons of historical places in it.And the weather ranges from coldy in west && North-East to humid [and very beautiful] in North to hot in the south .
In Iran The only thing you need is a headscarve and You don't need "a big brother" at all.
You are welcome But ...
yes , you are welcome till the time America doesn't attack Iran . After Attacking , Forget whole middle east .

I have a good friend who is iranian but has a Canadian passport but travelled to Iran recently to visit family.when he went to visit Israel from Canada he was immediately stopped by Israeli security and without asking for his passport they just immediately asked him are you from Iran are you Iranian. He said yes. They took him to a small Room. Kept him there for 3 1/2 maybe four hours and asked him every question in the world and every question they asked had to have an answer that can be backed up.luckily for him he was with some Israelis traveling and they called the people in isreal he was going to be staying with after the fingerprinting etc and they let him in. Only after building a huge case file on it.from what I understood from him was it didn't bother him and he was just happy to be the end of the vacation he wanted to move and live in Israel.and I was not surprised. This happened in June 2016.thanks