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How Can I Get Rid Of This Water Damage Off Of My Ipod

How to fix iphone with water damage?

- 8GB iPhone, has water damage. The screen turns on but you can only make an 'emergency' call. The phone also reads 'iphone needs repair'. There are some scratches on the screen and back but no dents. (now for the story) - So I was out on the lake getting ready for a wakeboard tournament... I had all my equipment (rope, handle, helmet). I then strap on my wakeboard and jump off the dock to start riding.. but there was one problem. My iphone was in my pocket. I emediatly jumped out and turned it off. It worked about 2 hours after that but now just says needs repair.. Maybe someone can get it working again. Feel free to message me.

Can i get rid of the watermark inside the screen of my ipod touch?

ok, so yesterday morning i was brushing my teeth and I was listening to music on my iPod (and my iPod already had a split crack on the side of the pod because I dropped it in past so any way ) and I moved and the iPod dropped pretty hard on the floor and I pick it up to see water forming inside the screen and I wiped of the iPod but obviously could not get inside the screen and I'm still confused on how water got in it because it was no water on the floor that it dropped on maybe water went through the crack the iPod already had so I went to school and let it dry off and I came back home it dried o
Up but there is a water that just won't go away I tried blowing in it and now its been a whole day and that water is still inside the screen it looks like little sparkles in it like is it even a watermark ? So can someone please give me some tips on how get rid of this watermark because heard that best buy and apple inc. Doesn't cover water damage so what can I do and if I change the screen will it be gone

Damaged iPod touch screen (vertical lines)?

this is actually common try to restore it by

Make sure you have iTunes the program installed on your computer and it's running. Plug the iPod Touch into the computer (into a 2.0 compatible USB port) using the USB charging cable the iPod Touch came with. We are looking for the iPod Touch to show up in iTunes on the left hand side under the devices category. If the iPod Touch does not show up instantly the computer may be having issues recognizing the iPod Touch is plugged in. Try plugging the iPod Touch into the back of the computer if you are on a desktop computer or another USB port if you are on a laptop computer.
When the iPod Touch shows up in iTunes on the left hand side under the devices category, click on the name of the iPod Touch (in most cases it will say "owner's ipod" or "your name's ipod") to navigate to the summary tab. Once you are at the summary tab (you should be seeing a larger image of your iPod Touch on the screen with the name, capacity, software version and serial number) hit the button in the "versions" section that says "restore."
Once you hit the restore button iTunes will ask you if you are sure you want to restore your iPod Touch. It is essential you do not backup your iPod Touch or restore from a backup because if you were having issues with the software before, the restore from a backup will just put the same issue on the iPod Touch again. Hit restore/okay to continue restoring the iPod Touch. The whole process can take up to a half hour depending on how much content is on the iPod Touch.

if this does not worktake it ot the apple store and they may be able to fix it but you will have to pay.

My iPod Nano 7th generation had gone through a machine wash. What should I do?

Well, tough luck!First of all, dry it out and try it out. If it works, its all good right? If it doesn't well you definitely need to get it repaired or get a new one if you have money for that.Now the only question that matters is : do you want to spend probably a lot more and get it repaired at an authorised Apple service store or some other 3rd party service provider. For that you need to visit an Apple service provider in your locality and get your Nano checked out.It is a very situational question because Apple service providers in India are not upto mark according to me as they should be. So if you believe some 3rd party service provider offering reasonable rates for repair, go for it.You need to understand that as soon as your Nano came in contact with enough water inside the machine, its warranty was voided, but still if its under warranty period, do give it a shot at the store and don’t tell them about this incident, you may have a good chance of getting your device repaired for free, directly from Apple.Peace!

How do I get super glue off of my iPod touch?

ow that's got to two things i can suggest. make sure your ipod is turned off and put some rubbing alcohol on qtips and keep rubbing it on. this will soften it up and is completely safe for electronics as long as theyre turned off. the second suggestion is the same exact process but with vodka. yes vodka. they will have like the same effect but with the vodka you might want to follow up with rubbing alcohol because it might get a little smelly and a little sticky. and these might take a minute but theyll help trust me

How do I fix a supposedly "water-damaged" 5th generation iPod Nano headphone jack, as a slight wiggle inside the headphone jack, the headphones will fast forward, skip, and pause the playing song?

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Spilled coffee on my iPod!?

So this morning I had a little mishap where I spilt some coffee on my iPod Touch. There was coffee on the iPod for maybe 3 seconds before I wiped it off and put it in rice. So my question is, how long should I leave it in there? Would it be okay to take it out yet, since it was only wet for a few seconds. It's been in the rice for about 5 hours now.

How do I get rid of a black spot inside my iPod's screen?

Sounds like you have a dead pixel. These are much less common now than they were 10 or 15 years ago.A dead pixel is a gone goose. Like others said, there’s no way to get rid of it but to replace the screen. If it’s an old iPod, that might no longer be possible. Even if it’s possible, it might not be worth the cost.