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How Can I Get The Car Back That My Step Dad Allowed Me To Use

Is my step-dad allowed to beat me?

well yeah, my step dad always threatens to beat me, he beat me and my sister a lot when we were younger, and he never adopted me or my sister, he beat us a lot when we were younger because we were bad, i understand that, but he's in the military, and he recently left for a 6 month deploy, and i got in trouble a couple times while he was gone and was punished for it, and now he's coming back early, so my mom keeps saying how she can't wait till he gets back so that he can beat us for everything we do, and me and my sister aren't even bad, we just do silly brother and sister things, and we're not disrespectful, so what i'm getting to, is it technically legal for my dad to beat me, because he never adopted me, and i'm being punished for something i've already been punished for, and he's beating me out of anger, and i'm 16?

Can a step dad legally hit you?

ok so let me start by saying that i'm 17 year old guy i'm really chill i dont like fighting at all i do not live under his roof. he lives under my roof because it's my real dad's house that i live in. so about 5 days ago i parked my car in front of my step dad's truck. he got really pissed at me cus he was trying to go to the store and my car was blocking his truck. so he came in the house yelling at me and he even called me an asshole and a stupid dumbass and that he was gonna beat the shitt out off me than i said to him that words dont hurt me but if he lays a finger on me i was gonna kick his *** so he got pissed and punched me in the stomach i folded than i got back up and punched him in the nose you know than my mom came and separated us. so than 2 days ago (friday) i came home like around 2 in the morning from my girlfriend's house he was really mad because i came in that late he started telling my mom that i was prolly out doing drugs and that she shoud call the cops and than i just told him to shut the f*** up and to go to sleep and he once again got really pissed this time he got all over my face trying to intimidate me and curse me out so than i got mad and just started cursing at him back that's when it happened he punched me on my face than i started punching him and punching him over and over again than my stupid ***** mom came and smacked me with a glass jar and told me to pack my stuff and to get out of the house and now i'm staying with in my girlfriend's house and i dont know what to do someone please help i don't want to inform my real dad about this cus he is prolly going to kill my step dad and make me move with him to california and leave my girlfriend so someone please help me this guy been doing this for a long time he is a scavenger he lives under our roof he eats my food that i buy with my own money from the job that i have he is unemployed so i have been a nice person to him providing him with gas money and buying some food for the house so someone please help me out here idk what to do can they even kick me out i mean first of all is he even allow to hit me?

My stepdad grounded me and took away my car keys but I don't know exactly why or how to fix it? I NEED my car.?

Honesty is going to be your best policy. You need to try to talk to him one on one without your Brother around and apologize. Even if you don't you're're going to have to apologize and tell him you were wrong. Explain you were completely out of line for yelling and talking rudely to your Brother and that you should have cleaned up the mess before you went to sleep and that you most defiantly should have never spoken back to him. Tell him that you will apologize to your Brother and that you will never "act out" again and that you love him and you are sorry.
Even if you don't feel you have to do this...this is probably you only way out!!!
Peace, Love & Happiness

Can my parents take my car away? are they allowed to?

This one is tricky. He is your step father and has legal rights as to your well being but not to your property . His fiance is not a legal family member and has no say into property not in his name. This is a pissing war that sounds like step dad will win unless you get legal assistance. It is your property and he cannot use it without consent. if the vehicle leaves without permission then report your car stolen. Plain and simple, if he or she raises a hand or says anything , call childrens aid or social services and report the prick for abuse and see how they like that . You have a right to your own vehicle and life. May be a step dad, but not your step mom yet.

MY Dad stole my money, help! How can i get it back?

He took money my insurance company had given me(500$) when i had totaled my car, the insurance company gave me this money beacause i payed to much for my car, now i come to find out that my dad had used this 500$ for his own personal use. The check was in my name, but it had "held it" to "keep it safe." I am 17 and still trying to get another car but it is hard when you cant get someone to sign or co-sign with you, although i do have a job, that $500 plus my tax money was going to be a 1000$ down payment on a new car.

If my dad hits me, should I hit him back?

No, do not go down to same level of using violence instead of words, especially with a relative. There are other ways to respond, to show him how this affected you. If you think it safe, find an opportunity to tell him in a calm and measured tone that he should not have hit you and that you will defend yourself next time. Do not pick a fight and do not respond with same physical aggression, I don't think it is a good idea and is not safe.Think about why he hit you. Did you deserve it? Did he overreact? Who is truly right? If you feel that you absolutely did not deserve it and there was another way to send the message that you would understand, try to tell him this.My father used to hit me, but not strongly, and very rarely. Maybe 3–4 times over the whole childhood. A couple times he used a spoon to hit me on the forehead during a family meal. The reason was usually mundane, such as not properly doing something related to table manners in spite of being warned previously, or 'acting up' a little maybe.Each time it happened, it made me want to cry, or I cried later, not due to pain, but due to a sense of deep embarrassment. It was a feeling of unfairness and betrayal on his part. I never felt that I deserved it (though I did other stuff where I probably deserved it, but he never found out about that). It felt unfair because he knew I would not retaliate. However, it completely ruined my relationship with him, which was never the same after the very first instance of using force on me. I lost trust.And that was the seed from which my attitude toward him developed. It was not violent, it was more of what I did not do: I did not choose to live with him after I got older, and I moved away. I wish him well, but I wish it from a distance. You know, sometimes relatives simply must not live together. It's better this way for everyone. Realizing and acting on auch realization is the single most important thing you might ever do to ensure a better quality of life for yourself, and probably for them too.

My stepdad wants to kick me out, can he?

First let me say that he might not like you and thats why he tough on you. but if you are over the age of 18 he can do whatever he wants. His house his rules.

He has no obligation to let you stay at his house.

Maybe the best thing to do is to sit-down with him and explain or ask hm what his expectations of you are. If you don't give any attitude then this should not be a problem. Sit down and talk like adults.

Should I let my stepdad see me nude?

It is bad that your school doesn't provide lockers and showers for you (they don't need to be permanently allocated lockers, just allocated on a session by session basis). You should always be able to shower after any gym, sport or swimming - and should actually do so.

Provided you are not deliberately showing off your nakedness, there is no reason why your stepdad shouldn't see you naked whilst changing. If the two of you went to a public swimming pool or to an independent gym you would automatically change and shower together, so no problem if he does see you whilst changing in the car.

He may have a fatherly interest in how well you are developing, but it is very unlikely that any interest he may have in seeing you will go beyond that.

Can my dad take my car away?

if you’re under 18, yes. If you’re 18 and over and you own said belonging, then no they can’t. Now if you’re over 18 and the property is theirs and they gave it to you, but it’s still in their name, yes they can take it because it’s their property.

If my dad calls the police how much trouble would I get into for using his car without his permission for the night?

Here's the scenario. Your dad calls the cops and reports his car as "stolen" and you have the car. The officer takes the report and the car is entered in NCIC,  a national computer base of stolen items. A lookout is given. An officer sees the car and falls in behind it and he runs the tag and confirms it stolen. The officer stops the car. Most likely, you will be taken into custody at gunpoint. (This scenario could change depending on whether the officer knew the car had been taken by a family member.)Now, let's say that your dad at first didnt know you had taken the car but finds out later that it is you who has it and he decided that since you are his child he does not want to bring charges. You might think you are getting off… maybe so, maybe not. Generally speaking, in most states, stealing a car is a felony and it is really up to the officer  and/or the district attorney or prosecutor as to whether charges are brought or not.  Your dad may not want to charge, but the officer may want to. So, as you see, you can get into some serious trouble. My advice is DON'T DO IT.  But if you do, be very nice to the police officer… he or she has the final, say… generally.