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How Can I Get The Hair I Want

Thick hair, I want Emo Hair!?

That site has a lot of hairstyles. But as for the thick hair, I cut hair as a hobby and most of my friends who ask for "emo" hair have thick hair. If you ask your stylist to use a razor, then they'll automatically make your hair thinner with the cut. However, with razors, split ends are innevitable so you should find some sort of shampoo to maintain them.

I want to dye my hair like Jeff Hardy?

Don't try to do it'll ruin your hair. If you want to dye it get it done professionally from a salon where the stylist wont laugh at you. Just a note, If you do dye your hair like Jeff's a lot of people will stare at you strangely.....coz it's very, very different to ordinary hair colours.

I want to get curly hair like corbin bleu?

Many people don't know that blacks have naturally curly hair or coily hair. It's tightly curled and those curls and coils can come in different sizes. You'll have to grow out your hair and see how those curls/coils form. You might be surprised that they already look like Corbin Blue. Who knows. Having afro hair doesn't necessarly mean hair that's devoid of curls. Black's hair automatically grow in a natural afro shape. Take this person's hair for example - - if she cut her hair short then it would be an afro just like yours, lol (she has pictures of it).

Most blacks usually have curls and coils the size of a pencil or coffee stirrer, so they're very small (you might not the coils as "beads"...), but not all blacks have small curls, and not all mixed people have curls like Corbin Blue - some have Macy Gray/Angie Stone/Jill Scott type hair, too. I'm fully black and my curls aren't that small.

You have to find ways to bring out your natural curl or coil pattern, if you haven't already done so. It might be that you do have them but you just dont' like the size of them? You can't change the size unless you get a chemical like a curly perm/jeri curl. What a texturizer will do is loosen your natural curl pattern, but it does not change the actual size of your curls. Actually, there are two different types of texturizers, the other type will give your hair curls/waves. You can look up Lustersilk's texturizer kit and do some research on it if you're interested.

Girls have trouble bringing out their natural curls/coils to so you can get a lot of advice on how they do it and what products they use. - many males are members on this site. - has a section for natural hair.

Why do many people want straight hair?

Now, this is a question I can answer as a true authority. When I was a child, my hair was naturally curly. When I hit puberty, it went straight. Now I am older, for some strange reason, it is beginning to curl again.I am guessing that for the most part, it is purely a fashion choice. Luckily for me, at the time mine straightened, long flowing straight tresses were highly fashionable. It was before the time of curling irons (which of course can also be used to straighten hair) and many girls and young women would actually iron their hair to straighten it.As others have said, curly hair can be hell to manage. It tangles much more easily, and depending on how it curls, can be a heck of a lot more messy looking, needing constant combing, brushing and grooming. Once mine went straight, it was far easier to deal with.Aside from this, there is a factor that is just part of the human condition. We are often not satisfied with what we have. People with straight hair would like curls. People with curly hair would prefer it to be straight. Slim people would prefer a few more curves, and curvy people would like to be stick thin. We humans sure are a strange bunch, aren’t we.

What's it like to have long hair?

Having a long hair is a curse and boon both at same time. Some days i feel like one of those girls’ in hair product ads, and some days i just want to chop them short and want to get rid of all those efforts i make to maintain them. Because maintenance will cost you huge money, a lot of time & extreme care.Pros :No doubt, long hair looks damn attractive. It definitely worth all the efforts, money and time. And I can easily catch many eyes on me.I don't have to worry much about what hairstyle to do. I can just open my hair and go. Because open hair always look pretty no matter what hairstyle you do.Also looks good whenever I wear traditionals.I keep getting compliments and people ask me what hair products I use and always praise my hair.Making a bun & trying out different hairstyles bring beautiful results as everything looks good on long and thick hair.Cons :Combing my hair every morning is so irritating. Untangling every strands makes me want to hate my hairWashing them is a herculean task. I have to be mentally prepared a day before. And make sure to cover every area of my scalp with shampoo. Still sometimes oil gets left.Can't open hair in windy weather. It doesn't look like the girl on music videosHuge amount money is spent on shampoos, serums, conditioners etcStraightening them exhausts me every single time.Some girls are comfortable with short hair and some girls feel beautiful having long hair, some wants to get them colored, some prefers to straightening them or getting different haircut every month. All looks pretty when you're comfortable in them. It's upon individual's choice. No matter how long or short your hair is. You will look beautiful only when you feel beautiful.Stay Gorgeous ;)

I want to know how to make my hair look like hobbit hair.?

I have very straight brown hair, and it is extremely thick. I want curly hair, and my hair is very short.
I want Hobbit hair very badly but have tried and failed all my life to accomplish a lasting curl.
I don't want some product that should help I would like to know if there is any step by step process I can try to get me the hairstyle that I want.
The reason that I would prefer a process to a product is that I want to be able to wear this style regularly everyday if possible, and believe me when I say two hours prep and styling time would be no issue, as I usually get up at 7:00 to go to classes at 10:00 already. A few hours to get my hair the way I want would be absolutely no issue. Unfortunately I am a broke college student and so can only afford a tub of $5.00 hair gel every couple months.
If anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful.
Thank You for your time.

I want long hair like Itachi, so I need your help.?

Hee hee. Me too, but I settled for Raito hiar;

As far as Itachi's goes, you really only have a couple of concerns.
Does your hair part in the center? His does, that's how it lays symetrically. The thicker your hair is, the harder it'll be to pull off.
Ummm... does your hair curl when it dries? If it does, the only way to get Itachiness is with a hair straightener and lots of hair products. And that's with luck. A hair sraightener is a good idea anyway.
You'll need to get your hair trimmed often, not really trimmed as much as thinned, I don't know the technical term, but hair people will know exactly how upon mention.
Depending on the length of your hair at the moment, It'll take you an awful long time to grow as well. Do you realize that Itachi's hair is down to his mid-back?
If all of this works, you only have one more hurdle. In reality, Itachi hair makes you look kinda'... bad. Like the kind of people that smoke in the back of the bus and never wear anything without chains, blood, and black. I know some people like that, and they're really intimidating because of this. Quite honestly, they scare the begeebies out of me. Are you willing to take the risk of appearing as such?
This is why I settled with Yagami Raito hair. It's loads easier, somewhat respectable, but still fun.

How can I get my hair to look like Anakin Skywalker?

I want my hair to look like Anakin's (from episode 3). No I'm not a creepy Anakin fanboy. We just have similar hair. Anyway, I can't quite get it right. I found pictures of Anakin on the internet. Here's a jpeg of them:

See, the one on the bottom is how my hair looks now. See it? It's just a little uglier. I want it to look more like the two on the top.

I don't know if it's just the lighting or the angle, but the two on top look better. I think it's the texture. How can I make my hair a little less flat to my head like that? It curls out at the bottom but the top is flat so it looks bell-shaped. Is there some sort of product I can get or something I can do to make it puff our more on top?

Right now I use "Garnier fructuse surf hair" to give it a bit of texture, and it does make it less flat to my head, but after a while it starts looking bad.

How do i grow my hair like edge or hbk?

firstly you have to grow them (wash them first (and dry)when they growed every 5 times an week or more) at least 30-40 cm ur choice (cut the rest if longer) and then curl them with an curler them comb them slowly and cut of the edges to make them level try curling them Again then ur done. you can add details by dieing your hair to enjoy.

By Y!A Rabbi (one and only)