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How Can I Get This Book Published

How do I get my book published?

I have written a book. I have been working on it a long time and I am very proud of it. I have given it to a few people to read so I had a few other opinions and was not just being bias. Their responses have been most positive and encouraging so I really think I have something here. I have no clue what the next step is. Where do I go from here?

Where can I publish my book?

Essentially you have 3 broad choices.Legitimate Publishers — these firms are very selective about what they publish. Before submitting material to one of them you should purchase a copy of “Writers Market" which lists most major publishers along with what each is looking for and how they want material submitted.Vanity Publishers — These firms will publish almost anything but they will charge you for every step of the process. Costs range from $500 to several thousand. The odds are you will not make your investment back.Self Publishing — You can publish your own book on Amazon Kindle for free. Get the free Kindle book “Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing” which will explain exactly how to do it. If you want to add print editions, you can work with CreateSpace thru Amazon. They will charge you to do print on demand but you can do most of the grunt work yourself saving you money.Be aware that just because you have a book available on Amazon doesn't mean anyone will see it so marketing will be your problem.Best of luck.

How do you get a quote book published?

There are a few basic parts of the overall work here. First, of course, is getting together the quotes you want to have to make up the book. I'll return to this in a minute. Then there is finding a way of getting the product published. This can be done in a few ways. A number of famous authors were true self-published authors, when that used to mean that they went around getting subscription payments from people for a book to be published. When there was enough capital to handle that, a printer (and book-binder) was contacted who did that work. Then the books were passed out to those who had subscribed. (T.E. Lawrence is a case in point, with complications.) Nowadays, people can go to various online companies who will print whatever is sent to them, for a minimum fee. Or you might write to actual publishing houses giving them a brief resume of your book, its focus, its strengths, etc. Some publishers want to hear only from agents, some from agents or from authors, and some from authors directly only. So, back to the gathering of the quotes. A first issue is the question of copyright infringement, which is, yes, something to try to avoid, as opposed to having to defend yourself in court against charges of such infringement. There are copyright laws governing this. Often recent publications (if that is the source of your quotes) will retain rights, and you are on non-probematic ground only by getting formal written (I stress that last word here) authorization or permission to quote something that is explicitly mentioned in that authorization/permission. Good luck.

Can a 13 year old get a book published?

Your grammar and punctuation are not up to publishable standard in this question, but I'll let that slide.

Nobody in the publishing industry cares how old you are. They care whether they can make money from your writing. Commercial publishers (the sort who published every book you'll find on the shelves at your local bookshop) very seldom think that about books written by 13-year-olds, but don't let mean old me stop you from trying. If one of them accepts it, they pay you an advance (a few thousand dollars, typically, for a first novel), plus a royalty (a dollar or two, typically) for each copy they sell. (It's a bit more complicated than that - your advance is actually some of your royalties paid ahead of time, so you don't get any more money from the book until it's "earned out" its advance - sold more copies than the advance divided by the per-copy royalty.)

If you don't have the patience to learn how to write something that appeals to a commercial publisher, you can self-publish it as an ebook on, for example, Kindle Direct Publishing. They accept everything, but you have to do all the marketing yourself, so unless you know someone who's good at that, you're not likely to make much money. You also need a bank account to pay the money into. They don't pay an advance, but they usually pay a much higher percentage of the cover price as a royalty.

Speaking from experience, I would advise you to have your book checked over by a couple of adults who aren't predisposed to be nice to you - not friends or family, and preferably not teachers. (Google "critique group" to find the sort of people I'm talking about.) You might think it's the best thing ever at the moment, but unless you're one of those rare geniuses who writes like an adult, then in a year or two, you will be horribly embarrassed at how bad it is. If you put it out as an ebook in that state, you will regret it later, and will wish you could erase it from the Internet.

How can a 13 year old get a book published?

If you want publishers to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. Have confidence in your written work and be determine to get it published. Rejection is a definite but do not give up and keep pursuing to get your book published.

Here are some sites to help you with publishing your books:

Publisher sites:

List of publishers:

All the best!!

How much would it cost to publish a book?

You should first worry about finishing the book.

Next, ask yourself what kind of publishing you want - just a few copies for you and your friends and family? Or copies available on stores shelves nationwide?

If all you want is a few copies, self publishing will cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars (or it's "free" but the books cost considerably more than anybody except friends and family will pay for it). Self publishing is in the business of selling printing services to authors, not selling books to book stores. Most self published authors sell less than 50 books, so despite the supposedly great royalty rate, you loose money.

Traditional publishing will cost you nothing. The publisher PAYS the author for the right to sell the book. The are in the business of selling books. The royalty rate many seem low, but most traditionally published authors sell more than 1000 books, so they do actually make money (maybe nothing more than the initial advance, but still, it is money earned). The books will be available in real stores, on real shelves, where most people buy their books (being 'available to order' is NOT the same, no matter how often self publishers try to tell you that it is).

Utilize the internet by researching writing and publishing (as an industry). Check author websites (many of them have good tips for new authors - Holly Lisle and Robert Sawyer, for example) and consider joining a writer's forum (like

Get a copy of the writer's market or author's yearbook. Most of what you will need to know is in there. Check any agent or publisher you are considering sending your work to with scam busting websites like writer beware or preditors & editors (there are a lot of scams aimed at new authors).

How do I get my children's book published?

Buy the Writers and Illustrators Market, found at any bookstore. It's got great articles and lists literary agents and publishers. There's also a lot of resources online which tell you what format to use for your manuscript, how to submit, etc.