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How Can I Hide My Birthdate On Y A Profile

How can you hide your profile on LinkedIn?

Like Ed Han I am trying to understand instances where you would want to hide your profile unless you are getting inundated with unwanted messages or requests.As Teddy Burriss has indicated you cannot hide your profile but you can certainly limit its visibility externally and within the platform.Go to your Privacy and Settings section on your profile. The first option is to“Edit your public profile”Choose how your profile appears to non-logged in members via search engines or permitted servicesYou can check the “Make my profile visible to no-one” see belowThanks to John Paterson for requesting my answer.

How can I temporarily hide my LinkedIn profile while I am out on disability?

A lot of people don't realize that there are actually 2 versions of your LinkedIn Profile: the one shown on LinkedIn and a version of it shown on Google (or other search engine results) i.e the Public version. While it's true that you can't actually make any Profile 'private' on LinkedIn, you do have control over what people can see both on LinkedIn and in search results on the Public version. Bear in mind that the changes you make to your Public version will not occur quickly because Google and other search engines take time to update (usually 48hrs+) their cached version.The issue here seems to be unwelcome communication while you are recovering. The solution I propose addresses that scenario without having to 'disable' your Profile (not currently an option provided by LinkedIn) or delete it (too drastic). (1) Change your Connections to Private - this means that you and only you can see your Connections. This will substantially reduce Recruiter interest/activity.(2) Add the requirement for an email when people try to connect with you - this makes it harder for people to send connection requests. If they don't have the correct email for you, their requests will get archived in a 'blocked invitations' folder which you can ignore/respond to at your leisure.(3) Take out as much of the info as possible in the Public version of your Profile - this will reduce interest in you from Recruiters and other parties who surf you/your name on the web. Or select the option to show nothing.(4) Leave those LinkedIn Groups which you know you can re-join easily - this will reduce Group comms/activity.(5) Delete your Summary and add a placeholder message along the following lines:"NB. [Your Name] is currently taking a sabbatical - please refrain from contacting him until he returns from his extended leave. Thank you."That ought to do it.Thanks for the question - wishing you a speedy recovery.Andy

How do I hide all past Facebook posts from a new friend?

Sometimes there are some Friends that you don’t want to Unfriends but you also want that they can’t able to See Your Facebook Status. So we have Tricks to Hide a Facebook Status from Certain Friends.How to Hide a Facebook Status from Certain Friends?1. First, Login Your Facebook Account and Type your Status as you normally would, when finish your status, Don’t Click on Post.2. Before Click on Post, Click on Public → More Options → Custom and Edit your Settings.3. On the Next Screen You see Two Field in Which one is for Friends that able to see your Facebook Status and second is for that Friends that you want they can’t able to see your Facebook Status Update.4. After adding Friends into your Hit List, Just Click on Save Change.5. Now in Below Dialog Box you see that now one of My Friends is not see my Facebook Status in Future. Now you can Hit Post Button.In Above We Demonstrate that “How to Hide Facebook Status From Certain Friends?” We already know that Facebook is the Number One Social Networking Site and Have very Interesting and Cool Features that many of People Don’t Know. So We Share a Trick to Improve the User Experience for Facebook. We can customize our Facebook Profile as we want. So, it is good when we use Facebook Features in Better Way.

HOW to delete my bear411 account?

go to the settings tab and delete it
clever innit

Horoscopes: i think i'm so ugly.?

If you were in the entertainment industry they would give you some (natural looking) false lashes and a matte pink/hot pink lipstick. I would say look to style inspirations from lala vasquez. Although she is lighter skinned with different makeup though, your eyes leave some similar impression in my memory.
I think with your color you can get away with wearing bright opaque colors that some of us can't pull off. There are probably some bold MAC lipsticks like that. Also, exfoliate and moisturize to maintain a nice glow. I am wondering if you would like some highlights in your hair too.
If you don't have the time for false lashes try to find a place where they do lash extensions.

As a pisces your mind probably drifts to the fantasies of what pretty girls look like in media and entertainment industry. What teenage girl doesn't do that time to time anyways.

Your pictures are cute btw. That last one is a cute face too. You look all sunny and beamy, then on here you're like "I'm hannie a bad bxtch!" You say that with confidence but you should mean it. I think Pisces fluctuate with this esteem of themselves, highly worth something but then they personally and philosophically want to deny the ego and physical self. So they travel down with the current when they're in that kind of mood, in those type of waters.

How to write a southern accent?

I am currently writing a novel that takes place in Alabama for the majority of the time. many of my characters have strong southern accents. what are words that people with southern accents use alot? y'all? any more, i am clearly clueless, being born and raised up north.

thanks again, a list of words that are commonly used by people who have southern accents... or a way to express a southern accent through my writing. Thanks!

Can you describe a Scorpio teen girl's personality, please?

I think this link will actually help you!

Your personal ruling planets are Mars and Sun.

The powerful 10th Solar House rulership indicates high preferment and possible fame - if you desire it. The power and warmth of the Sun endows you with a natural feeling of leadership and self importance. People will look to you for guidance, and with the added lunar and Saturnian vibrations, you maintain a calm mental outlook, even when the situation seems hopeless. This really instils confidence in those who look up to you.

Though your successes are assured after a long fight, you will experience hardships as a result of opposition and enemies - who are probably envious of your sterling qualities.

Your lucky colours are copper and gold.

Your lucky gem is Ruby.

Your lucky days of the week are Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 1, 10, 19, 28, 37,46,55,64,73 and 82.

Famous people born on your birthday include Erasmus, Elsa Lanchester, Evelyn Waugh, Jonas Edward Salk, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Joaquin Phoenix, Des'Ray Manders and Lauren Holly.

Otherwise just type in Scorpio profile!!