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How Can I Increase My Body

How can I increase my body size in 1 month?

If you are too slim, don’t expect Arnold schwarzenegger’s body size within 1 month. Increasing your body weight is a slow process you can increase only limited size. Eating too much food ends with Diabetes or other diseases. Your genetic is major factor. Always eat healthy foods. Feeding your body is like loading a truck. You cant add more load beyond its capacity. The healthy way of increasing body size/weight is split your meals into small intervals. Eat small meals every 3 hours. Maintain balanced diet. Increase protein foods. (Doesn’t mean you need protein shakes or whey protein). Eggs, Fish, Peas, Beans ,Milk are the good sources of proteins. Avoid junk foods like Cola, Soda etc.. which doesnt provide any calories. Before preparing body weight increase you first check your blood glucose, cholesterol, etc.. If you have any deficiencies first clear that then increase weight. Other vise everything would waste. For example if you have deficiency of protein digestein enzymes, The protein in food wont be absorbed.

How to increase body temperature?

Your body temperature is very finely coordinated by a complex set of systems and it is set at a point that is best for your body and the processes occurring in it. Have you measured your temperature before? Because if you have temperature within the normal range than increasing your body temperature would be stupid and pointless. Normal oral temperature is about 98.2±1.3 °F.

The way to increase your temperature would be to increase your metabolism, which will be coupled with several side effects including weight loss at the very minimum. This will be similar to people who take pills to lose weight, which work by increasing their metabolism and if you haven't noticed, most of those pills are made illegal a few years after they come out because of all of their side effects.

If you're still interested, (though I don't think this is a good idea), the following are supposed to increase your body temperature: bitter orange, capsicum, ginger and caffeine.

PS. You wouldn't be able to increase your skin temperature without increasing your core temperature. Skin temperature only rises when core temperature rises, causing heat to be carried from the core to the skin, where it can be lost.