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How Can I Keep Track Of Cash

Can the IRS track cashed checks?

The IRS can put a nose on any paper trail if they feel a need to do so. Contrary to a few uninformed responses, the IRS does not track all banking activity. The don't have either the legal authority or the computing power to do so. However if they suspect that income is being shielded they can subpoena banking records as needed to track money. They can also resort to a lifestyle audit and assess tax based upon their estimate of how much income it would take to support your lifestyle.

The ONLY safe assumption is that the IRS already knows about your income and will be looking for it.

How do you keep track of your small business finance and cash flows?

According to a U.S. Bank study, 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Cash flow doesn’t mean the amounts of money that are coming in and out: you have to spare some time to look into the books too. For instance, if you operate a business and your invoices aren’t paid on time, you might end up with a cash flow problem.It’s crucial to prepare the budget and analyze cash flow statements to make sure you’re on top of everything. Whether you are handling your small business bookkeeping yourself or hiring a professional bookkeeper, it’s important to understand basics of managing your financial records.These accounting tips will help you to keep track your finances and cash flow efficiently:Organize and digitize your paperworkKeep your business paperwork in an orderly manner. Scan the papers and store everything in your accounting software or in a simple filing system. Maintaining a separate e-folder for every year is essential.Use accounting softwareAccounting software allows you to track your business’s transactions easily. By using software, you can maintain your records efficiently rather than searching for scattered bills around the office. And it is more comfortable, quicker and precise than performing manual tasks.Separate your business and personal financesOpen different bank accounts; don’t mess up personal and office expenses you may get into trouble during tax season.Track all transactionsTracking your cash is crucial to identify your financial status. Many small businesses adopt a simple cash technique to perform bookkeeping, which is recording each transaction efficiently.Hire a professional accountantNot everybody needs to engage in professional services. However, you may discover that your business and personal tax situation demands professional assistance. It is good to outsource bookkeeping and accounting work to experts to save your precious time and money.Many small business owners find themselves focusing on tasks that don’t directly affect generating revenue. But is it really helping your bottom line? Think about how easily you could track your finances and cash flow if this task were delegated to a professional.

Taxes, I didn't keep track of my income!?

I've been working as an independent contractor on craigslist (just doing stuff like cleaning houses and babysitting) I would like to file taxes, I haven't done anything yet. Where should I start? All of the transactions have been cash. I haven't really kept track of my income, but I have some past e-mails that I can use as proof that I have been working.

What's the best way to track cash transactions?


Where to cash a scratch off lottery ticket?

Others already told you what you asked for - You can cash it anywhere that they sell lottery tickets.

As you are new to the lottery, I'll tell you what you really need to know.

Do yourself a HUGE favor - KEEP TRACK! If you're going to continue to play these scratch tickets, keep track of every dollar you spend, and keep track of every dollar you win. Over time you will discover the truth about these tickets.

The truth is that for every dollar you spend, you can expect to only "win" back just 50 cents of your money. So if you went out right now about bought $500 worth of these tickets, you would likely only find around $250 worth of "winners" for all that money spent.

Understand this - at a 50% payback rate, there isn't any standard form of gambling on the planet that comes even close to being as bad a bet as the lottery! These tickets are nothing more than a TAX on the poor and on the ignorant.

If you don't believe me, KEEP TRACK! If you keep track long enough, you will see that I am right.