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How Can I Make An Ankle Brace With No Bandage Material

My shoe bites the back of my ankle. What should I do?

Avoid It:Treat your new shoes before you wear them the first time -·        Applying petroleum jelly inside the shoe and leaving it overnight helps soften the insides that might cause the shoe to bite. Rub it with a cloth before wearing. ·        Apply coconut or castor oil inside the shoes and leave them for three days to soften them before you slip them on. ·        Apply some raw potato slices inside the shoe and particularly the heel area. Repeat for two nights before wearing your new shoes. Minimize the damage/other precautions·        Cover the area of your feet most prone to bites with a band-aid or simply apply cotton and stick it with a tape. ·        Rub talcum powder or candle wax on the rough area/area causing the bite. ·        Try rubbing clean the sewing lines and edges with damp cloth. ·        Cut toenails and make sure they don't scrape the insides of the shoe.

How tight should a bandage be?

How to Tell If a Bandage is Too TightBandaging is a very simple first aid technique which can be life saving when done correctly, but it is a common mistake to bandage too tightly affecting the blood circulation to the injured area.A Simple CheckOnce you have applied the bandage ask the patient if it feels too tightIs there any numbness or tingling in the limbIs the area below the bandage cold or paleCan they move their fingers or toesDue to swelling it is important to re-check the bandage every ten minutesCheck Capillary Refill (Distal Circulation)After you have applied the bandage take a look at the nail beds below the bandage. Check the toenails (if bandaging a leg) or the fingernails (if bandaging an arm).They should be a shade of pink to reddish due to blood flow. (If they are pale or turning blue the bandage is too tight.Image Source http://sambacoGently squeeze the nail until it turns pale and release.The nail should return pink to red almost immediatelyIf this process takes longer than 2 seconds loosen the bandage, there is a circulation problemCheck The Distal PulseThe distal pulse is named so as it is a pulse distal to the injury – further away from the torso, below the bandage.On the foot this is the pedal pulse, on the arm this is the radial or wrist pulse.Checking the pedal pulseLocation Of The Pedal Pulse: Image source MedlinePlusIf the pulse is very weak or not there at all loosen the bandage, there is a circulation problemChecking the radial pulseLocation Of The Radial Pulse: Image source MedlinePlusIf the pulse is very weak or not there at all loosen the bandage, there is a circulation problemHope This HelpsDaveFirst Aid, Health And Everything Related

How can you properly wash an ACE bandage?

For home use, unroll it and stuff it into a mesh laundry bag, and wash it with your other clothing. However, be sure to air dry it, as the dryer is likely to ruin it. Ace wraps aren’t meant for a whole lot of uses, so expect it to be pretty much dead after 5–6 washes.You can hand wash it, but that really doesn’t get it very clean.

How can you tell when your ankle is fractured, broken, or just sprained?

I rolled in in a basketball game, and sat out. I could walk on it, painfully. I played the rest of the game doing a kind of skip-run as not to put weight on it. I then played a soccer game and another basketball game, doing the same type of run. My ankle is twice its normal size on the outside bone and is very very sore. i keep it elevated when I can. I have a fabric brace on that helps a bit. I went to school today but came home before then end of third hour because my ankle hurt very badly and I was tired of walking on it. Does this sound serious? When can I get back in the game? I have a very bad limp at the moment.

How can you cure a sprained ankle in one day?

Recovery depends upon the injured or sprained ligament but you can use Sprained Ankle Support for faster recovery. Bamboo charcoal elastic fibers which is an organic material and is very comfortable, soft and it also do not hurt skin. It helps you in almost every ankle problem like pain relief to injury recovery.

How long do bad ankle sprains take to heal?

A bad ankle sprain can take up to four weeks or longer if you have not properly cared for the ankle. If you have not done any of these things I am going to suggest, I would start doing them quickly. Use ice on any swelling for 15 to 20 minutes three times a day. Wrap an Ace bandage or ankle brace round your ankle for support. Elevate your ankle whilst sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Try to keep your weight off of your ankle as much as possible, such as no unnecessary standing. Doing these things will help to heal your ankle quickly.

Twisted ankle?

I stepped on a small round bottle and it caused my foot to turn inward and my ankle to turn outward (make sense?) I did it about 4 days ago. I can walk on it but it still hurts in one area on the side of my ankle. I want to resume my walking program on the treadmill. My question is, long does it take to heal one of these injuries and should I still walk for exercise if it still hurts? Or am I doing more damage if I do?? I am so mad! I wanted to lose weight before vacation and that is in 3 weeks!!!

Why do ninjas in Naruto wear bandages even when they are not injured?

When I saw this question, the first thing that came to mind was that the bandages are the equivalent of compression shorts, tights and sleeves used by athletes.We often just see the bandages on their wrist or ankle region because of full length clothing, but it most likely goes up the length of their arms/legs.Ninjas in Naruto engage in lots of movement/taijutsu and because of that they have to protect their body. They're like athletes with chakra.The bandages/compression clothing helps to:Keep the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain.Keep sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes.Relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness.Reduce the time taken for muscles to repair themselves.Stabilize joints.I guess all these benefits are worth something to ninjas who generally push their body to the limit.Some also use bandages for fashion purposes.Lastly, it's used in conjunction with kunai pouches to avoid chafing.Yes, so these are the reasons most ninjas in Naruto wear bandages.