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How Can I Make Him Want To Be Here

How can i make him want to be here?

me and my ex were together for two years, we broke up this summer as i moved away but then i found out i was pregnant i told him straight away of course but now he think i have ruined his life and keeps saying how he never want`s to be there for me but he will be for our son, i`m happy with that it`s just that i still love him and i want him to be here for the pregnancy like just buy asking me how the baby is doing today or offering to come baby shopping or to a check up but he won`t and i`m scared of letting him take him out on his own i have no idea if he is good with babys and he is refusing to see me so i can teach him how to make a bottle or change a babys bum :( how can i make him understand that it is important that he learns how to do all these things before he is born?

What can i do to make him notice me more and want to be around me more... been dating 2 weeks?

so 2 weeks ago i started dating this guy and its been going absoulty FABULOUS! hes kind and considerate and very loving but it just seems like hes always busy... i know hes not a big caller or texter but im always the one to call him or text him sometimes with no reply..

i know he is very busy and he likes spending time with his friends. but i also want to be alone with him sometimes... but he never shows up unexpectedly or asks me anywhere...

when were together its awesome and im really REALLY falling for this guy fast... he has told me that he likes me but sometimes he just doesnt show it... what can i do to help this situation... we are both 19... hes a sophmore in college and im a freshman

anything helps at all thank you so much

How can i make him feel jelous and want me again?

Well depends how old you are.. Like if your still in school, then you can show him (with OUT telling him) that you dont need him and also act like you've never been hurt. He'll be unsatisfied and that will satisfy YOU.
For example if he asks you something like "Whats up?" and you just say "Not much just chillin here with this amazin guy" or something like that. But donttttt give any clue that your tryna make him jealous, just act like its for real. Then he will be jealous =D Ive done that sooo many times!! And I love it! Lol. And also dont start a conversation with him, HE has to start it. =) that will make him want you and talk to you more. Just be strong (in not starting the conversations) and you will do just fine =D

There are several ways to hint. I will list 3, starting from the least to most obvious.Wear clothing that is nice to touch in the places that you want him to touch. Usually velvety and smooth fabrics are nice to touch. Lace too. Touch those places yourself first, then invite him to feel how nice the fabric is.When you find a good moment, hold his hand, then gently put his hand where you want it to be. Put your hand over his hand and apply the motion and amount of pressure that you find pleasurable. A good moment can be any time when you are alone with him. If you are both shy, a good moment might be when you are kissing, or when it is dark.Whisper into his ear exactly where you want him to touch you. Be very specific. If he is surprised at first, just repeat your instructions again, slowly and calmly.In all 3 cases, remember to show him that you are enjoying his touches. You can use facial expressions to do that, or make sounds, or just tell him directly how great you are feeling. Ultimately, communication is very important, just as everyone else here has said. Even if you are shy, or your boyfriend is shy, you should start learning to communicate effectively with each other. Good luck!

I think you really need to reconsider texting him. Poor dear, I don’t know what you’re going through, but this isn’t a good choice. If he broke up with you, well, maybe you both just aren’t meant for each other. Also, don’t try and win over someone who left you, in my experience it ends poorly. Heck, I think that’s true for most people. The old adage “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” is actually quite full of truth and wisdom. Anyhow, please just leave him be. If not for his sake, for your own. Try and focus on healing from this. It will take time, but I promise you’ll feel better and better as time passes. Please learn more about your values, who you are, what would make you want a person that seems to be trying to break up with you. If you’re doing this because you think he’s the one, well, hon, they may not be. Also, it’s not very kind to him. Maybe he’s not the best person, but, revenge isn’t often the right answer. It’s not kind to yourself or anyone else and just fills you with bitterness and sadness. Please don’t do something so cruel, it won’t benefit you. If he caused you suffering, I’m so sorry. See a therapist or talk to a loved one if you can’t see one. Just cut that negativity out of your life. All I know is, I just want the best for you. I want you to be able to make your own life and the lives of the people around you better. I want you to be happy, strong, kind, and more self confident than this. Because, you shouldn’t be trying to get someone who would discard you back. It’s never worth it. I do wish you well! I hope you have a happy new year!

My son want to wear baggy jeans. how can i make him not to do that?

You will find that your son is more interested in pleasing his peers than pleasing his parents. He knows his parents love him and will always be there when he needs them. His peers are a whole different situation, and right now he feels he needs acceptance and respect from this peers... Its seems the disgusting fashions of our teens are intended to challenge social convention.

Okay, tell him that you can't stop him from wearing disgusting socially unacceptable baggy pants that show off his underwear. Explain that you don't like them one bit.. It disgusts you so much that you will not permit it in your house. If he wants to wear it when he's hanging out with his friends then consider this:
1. This fashion comes from felons in prison who were issued ill fitted clothing. Prisons don't allow for belts so they were always low.
2. Guys wanting some fun will slip up behind him and yank his pants down and run. Of course, with his pants at his ankles, he won't be able to run after them.
3. Many communities have issues laws against wearing low baggy pants. So he could be arrested if he is not careful.
4. Adults will assume he is a thug and he will be treated like a thug by adults.

And most of all:
5. Girls are also disgusted by them. Girls think it is a stupid fashion and many will not date a guy will droopy saggy baggy pants.

Tell him to take a poll on Yahoo Answers and have him agree to follow the advice of girls on YA.

Then its up to him to make his decisions.

This type of relationship is called a cuckolding one. Many men fantasize about the women in their lives, having sex with male specimens they idolize and (for some) have the hots for. Unlike an open marriage, most cuckolds are not only monogamous, but submissive in the relationship. Though may not be submissive in their daily lives.You can make him accept your offer, by making the offer enticing. You know him better than most, I hope, and know what would put him at ease and what would excite him. Of course he could say no and run for the hills, so I do suggest some caution. See how he responds to you enjoying toys, gage the next step when you’re comfortable he’s open to this.Most boys think well, when guys cheat marriages end. IT’s written right there in the whole definition of an American marriage and those weird prenups. but you say he’s your boyfriend, not your husband. So you shouldn’t feel as limited as all this.Personally, I know how some males can enjoy domination and accept chastity to help the relationship blossom, having control over his chastity while he enjoys your hot experiences with other men can be intoxicating, just don’t let it get toxic. Locked away in a cb6000s he wont feel open to going much further than flirting when he’s out of reach, but coming home to his hot gf, he’d be very happy to show his loyalty and desire to become the person you appreciate coming home to.Feeling left out and ignored, the boyfriend who wants attention will push your limits, just know he doesn’t need to be sexually mollified to be attentive and accepting.Best wishes

Is there anything i can do to try to make him be here for my daughter?

Like everyone else has said, you can't make him do anything. I'm not gonna have a go at you for being 17 and pregnant but again like someone else said teenage boys do not care about being parents. At the end of the day the mother is always gonna end up looking after the child full time, whereas the fther can just do whatever he wants. I'd say just don't even bother with the father. If he can't even be decent to you why would you want him looking after your child when it is born. Have nothing to do with him. His loss not yours. But don't forget to call the CSA and get his money. MAKE SURE YOU DO! That might make him wanna be a father if he's actually paying for the child...