How Can I Make My D.i. Disney Infinity Base To Work

Should I get Disney Infinity or Skylanders Swap Force?

I'm wondering whether or not it would be better to get Infinity or swap force for money purposes. Which game would be the best for the cheapest? And if I get infinity, are the power discs worth it?

With Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and now Lego Dimensions cancelled, is there any hope for Amiibo to be ended too, and how soon?

I don’t know for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Skylanders had a good thing going and then Disney Infinity gave them competition. Lego Dimensions was no surprise to me that it got canned. The main set was well priced comparative to the base sets for Skylanders and DI, but I think the pricing for the add-ons was too high for what it was.Can’t say for anyone else’s experiences but I can get Amiibos for under $3 (Canadian) at my local Wal-Mart and I’ve heard from a couple people that have experienced the same. So that isn’t a good sign for them. The only advantage they have is the fact that Amiibos work for multiple games instead having a single purpose. For actual use of the Amiboos themselves, outside of the ones my wife uses for Animal Crossing, the rest have been completely useless for us.

Which has the highest fan base Dc or marvel?

Marvel, easily.The MCU appeals to a wider audience. It has a huge fanbase ranging from kids to adults. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk etc. are universally popular characters. The (generally)light tone, fast paced plot and action scenes, subtle but existent thought provoking ideas and themes, easy to understand story, popular actors have attracted a large audience from all parts of the world. Black Panther represented the African/African-American communities. 5 MCU movies have crossed a billion dollars so far and Infinity War is getting ready to smash records. The MCU is 19 movies strong and still getting bigger and better.The X-Verse films are more violent, R-Rated and ‘comic-booky’. Although it’s inconsistent, it still has a huge fanbase of adults and comicbook fans alike.Spider-Man merchandise had made $1.3 billion in one year, twice of what Batman and Superman made combined.For comics, DC does sell more issues but Marvel makes more money. Their overall market shares are nearly equal, with the top position frequently switching.5. Animated TV movies are a very small market which targets a very small audience. So although DC beats Marvel by a mile in that area, the effect is pretty much negligible. DC wins in video games, a massive market, but with the new Spider-Man game releasing in September, the competition will get pretty intense…Though DC is still doing pretty great, it’s definitely not on par with Marvel due to the MCU’s massive success.

Good Websites?

so i like websites that can teach me interesting junk. how-to sites, common knowledge i may have missed, not so common knowledge, peculiar news... alot of sites i run into are really stupid and start listing lame trivia facts and stuff that just isnt all that interesting. i dont want to here about stuff that isnt useful. im looking for things that make me think--that i can apply. those of u who also spend too much time surfing the web and being frustrated with all the useless junk taking up space prob kinda get wat i mean. my interests are actually really wide, so im just looking for lots of suggestions here. tell me ur fav finds that i may not know of. thanks much!!!

What is the controversy behind the Captain Marvel movie?

I am going to skip right over the fact that no comic fan actually likes Captain Marvel and the fact that she is low tier on the power scale in the comics but Disney is marketing her as the most powerful Avenger and go right to what I actually consider the main controversy at the moment is and what will probably sink the movie.So after almost three years of hype they finally dropped the trailer for the Captain Marvel movie. And… lets just say it was dull. Really, really dull.There wasn’t much to get excited about in the trailer and and to top if off Brie Larson, someone who somehow won an academy award, manages to have the same bored wooden look on her face in every scene. I mean there is literally a scene where she is having electricity shot through her brain and she still looks bored.So people pointed this out and in response Brie Larson and the shill media went full Ghostbusters 2016 and attacked anyone who didn’t like the trailer as a sexist. As if there has never been a female in the MCU before.You know because that has worked so well in the past. If people give you any kind of constructive criticism there is no reason to learn from it. Instead just attack them as a racist or a sexist. That will make them want to see your movie.In short, I think the main controversy with Captain Marvel is the way that the people in charge and their puppets in the media are responding to the honest opinions of the fans.We already saw a Star Wars movie flop for the same reason recently. Something a few years ago I would have thought was impossible. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first MCU flop. I just thought it wouldn’t happen until after Infinity War part 2.