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How Can I Make My Volume Work On My Water Damaged Phone

Can vapor damage iPhones?

i always use my iPhone for a timer to get out of the shower in the morning because I always lose track of time in the morning . I take these hot long baths and after there is a lot of vapor on the mirrors and sense vapor is still technically water can't it get inside of my phone and damage it?

Volume button on phone stopped working?

even though the volume button is one long button on the outside, it actually has two buttons inside on the motherboard of the phone, one to turn the volume up, and one to turn it down. Chances are that solder connecting the volume up button to your motherboard has broken and isn't completing the circuit when you press the up button. The electronics contained within a modern phone these days are very compacted, so chances are that the button doesn't have much space to move around inside its casing allowing it to occasionally TOUCH its contact points to the contact points on the motherboard. Which is probably why it sometimes works.

the way you can tell if this is what happened:

The down button (and any other button on your phone) will make a 'click' noise when pressed. You are also able to 'feel' this with your fingers. When you press the volume up button you should feel this 'click' as well. If you don't, the solder has disconnected from the motherboard.

how to fix it:

The button needs to be re-soldered. Even if you have experience with soldering electronics i do not recommend you try to fix it yourself. The contact points are the size of a few grains of sand and are EXTREMELY difficult to solder by hand. Its pretty much impossible. so don't try it. Machines in a factory are the only things capable of doing it correctly.

The only option you have is to take it to the place you bought it and see if they will give you a replacement phone or send it off somewhere to have it repaired.

Otherwise, i'm sorry to say you are going to become very familiar with turning up the volume in your settings menu. :(

this can happen even if the phone has never been neglected. If there was a weak connection between the button and the motherboard it was bound to break sooner or later anyway. Each time you press the button you put force on the electronics inside. The weaker it is, the less times it can be pressed before it breaks off.

How do I fix a water damaged iPhone?

Tips for How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone:Drop you iPhone into the water? It doesn’t matter, here are some tricks for you to fix your iPhone when it is water damaged, you can just have a try!Besides, to recover lost data from your water damaged iPhone, you can also see here How can I recover lost data from a water damaged iPhone 4S/5?Solution:1. Do not try to use itFirstly, take it out the water and turn it off, if it's a phone remove the SIM and any other accessible parts, then rub it dry with a towel or nearby sleeve and remove any water from its ports.On this time, your devices already are damaged beyond repair and these steps may not help you get your wet phone working. But fortunately, there are some other tricks you can try.2. The rice trickRice is amazing at sucking up water, that is why we can put a tiny cup of rice in a saucepan full of water to boil rice.Get a big bowl and goes your wet phone into the bowl, and ensure that there is enough rice to adequately cover it for 24 hours.When the time is up you can attempt to switch it on, but if it doesn't work, stick it back in the rice and try again the following day. Until on the third or fourth unsuccessful time, you should begin to consider noting the time of death.Besides, you could also substitute rice for silica gel and maybe you will find it in your shoe box.3. Warm airing cupboard trickPut your phone in the cupboard for a day or three days where could help draw out the unwanted moisture.On the other hand, there are some tips or common senses for you to away from the water-damaged.1. Do not heat up your wet device with a hair dryer.2. not put your wet device in the freezer.3. Do not leave your wet device on the radiator.4. Do not put a water-damaged device in the tumble dryer (even if it's inside a sock or a pillow case).In addition, if you're not sure about it that your iPhone is really water damaged, you can check it by yourself. When your iPhone has been exposed to water, you'll see a red dot. If not, your iPhone is not water damaged.

Wet cell phone, low volume?

I just went to the gym and put my cell phone and a bottle of water in my bag, so the cell phone got kinda wet. Now whenever I call or receive calls the person's voice is really low and distant and when I press a key the volume is really low. What can I do to make it normal again?

PS: My cell phone is a Samsung SGH E236, if that helps. =)

IPhone 6 volume buttons not working?

so today I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet. It was conpletely submerged for only a few seconds. It had a MODAL case on it. I put it in rice but did not turn it off. Everything seemed to work just fine. I eventually did turn it off, but then about 20 minutes later I turned it back on. I needed to see if anything was wrong with it. All was well, so I continued using it. Now, the ringer volume randomly goes down and will not go back up. When I go into settings, and try to turn it down it stays up. i turned it back off and put in back in the bag of rice. An hour later I got it back out. Now the volume buttons won't work. And when I'm listening to music, the volume wont turn down. Randomly, the volume shows up in the middle of my screen, turns Down, and won't go away. The phone was working fine before all of this. Is this water damage or an issue with the buttons? Do I need to take it somewhere to get fixed? I got the best buy warranty when I purchased my phone, does it cover eater damage? Will they still fix? Thanks for the help.

Iphone dropped in water?

so i dropped my iphone 6 in the toilet accidentally and picked it up almost immediately. it wouldn't turn off for some reason and the volume and lock buttons weren't working. when the battery finally drained i put it in rice (something i heard works) and its been there for about a day and a half. how long should i keep it in there? any chance it'll recover completely since i used it a little after it took a dive? it was working almost perfectly last time i checked besides the lock and volume