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How Can I Post A Picture On Facebook As A Comment On A Status/post Made By Somebody Else

Facebook won't let me post a status or comment?

did you create more than one account? facebook can tell when you break their rules and then they permanently lock you out of all of your accounts

Facebook won't let me post a status, like, or comment. Why?

You’re in Facebook jail. “when users are blocked or banned (by Facebook) from posting on the site or accessing their account, due to violations or spammy behavior. Worst-case-scenario is that this "jail" could also lead to a Facebook account being deleted entirely.” How to Stay out of Facebook Jail

If I delete my comment from a Facebook friend's post, will the friend be notified that my comment has been deleted?

No. FB never notify anyone on unlikes, unfriending, or deletion. I have to add some gobbledygook to keep Quora from collapsing the answer.So there you go.

Why can't my friends comment on my facebook profile picture?

Account ---> Privacy settings ---> Sharing on Facebook ---> Customize settings ---> Things others share ---> Can comment on posts
Includes status updates, friends' Wall posts, and photos ----> Friends only
Click the Preview My Profile button

If someone tags me in a comment on Facebook, for example in the comment of a photo of a page, who can see it apart from the people who saw that page photo?

Tagging creates a link to your profile on Facebook and this may appear on your timeline. You’ll also be notified about that.Visibility also depends on who tagged you, whether they are your friends or not. In case not, Facebook will ask you to review the tag, so you may decide if you want this on your timeline. In the case you described I suppose that photo of a page is publicly visible, so its visibility on your timeline depends mostly on who tagged you.Additionally your timeline settings also influence who can see the tag - depending on how you configure tagging settings. Here’s an example:In case you set the visibility of posts you’re tagged in to “Friends” only they will be able to see them. Other options are: Friends of Friends,Everyone etc.Important: Review section lets you control and preview the posts you’re tagged in before they are posted on your timeline and review the tags people add to your posts. In the example they’re Off, but you may enable them at any time, just go to Timeline settings.That’s regarding timeline, but there’s also a news feed. When a friend tags you in a status update a link to your profile will be available in their update and in the news feed, even if you won’t allow it on your pwn timeline. You may remove the tag, see the Facebook help center article on how to do this, but it doesn’t guarantee that it doesn’t turn up in someone’s news feed, so the best thing to do is ask author to remove the post which your’re tagged in completely

Why can't I delete a comment on Facebook?

It is easy for you to delete all type of comment on Facebook with FollowingLike. You can get it by mass follow the picture.1.Input your Facebook Account2.choose the “Task Setting” module3.Choose the “Delete Comment”4.Select your detail settingFollowinglike can delete the comment on Facebook, it can also auto-follow, like, comment and so on.Hope it can help you.

How do I find all the posts and comments made by someone on Facebook?

The search function is pretty powerful. Simply search “posts by x” or “posts commented on by x” or “posts liked by x.” However, I don’t believe you will get ALL posts and comments.

Do you feel snubbed when you comment on someone's status update, and they like everyone else's comment but not yours?

I don’t think I would notice whether or not my comment was the only one that wasn’t “liked.” You’re not notified unless your comment is liked.Though I have been the asshole who selectively “likes” comments. Occasionally you get the eccentric ex-coworker that’s just becoming too much of a presence on your page. There’s no need to encourage their posting. If it’s annoying enough, I’ll delete the comments. If it’s common enough, I’ll block them. I won’t “like” a comment if I don’t like it. It’s also easy to simply not notice every comment.Facebook is just a website. It’s not real life. It doesn’t warrant the same level of care as personal interactions.

Should I feel upset my boyfriend commented this one a girl's picture?

Obviously he's a flirt. That's not good. He should only be calling your eyes pretty. You have to let him know that. Don't be aggressive, be assertive. Tell him this "I don't like when you compliment other girls, it makes me feel that you don't appreciate me, if it doesn't stop than we may have to go our separate ways." You can tweak it a little if you want, but that's the overall thing you should say. If he breaks up with you then and there, at least you got out of a bad relationship. Staying with him or leaving him is your call. Good luck! :)

How do you tag someone on Facebook?

Tagging people on facebook can be done in different ways;You can tag a person using the mention option which is done by “@” followed by the person’s name; with this option the person will receive a notification that he/she have been mentioned in your post.The other option is to use the Tag a friend option located below the status update popup, with this you click the tag and the type the person’s name or names and you can tag upto 50 persons’s with this option without writing their names directly into the post like in the first option above.The last option is tagging yourself to another person’s post and this is done by clicking on the post and then locate the tag option at the right below the comment box and then click on tag and select the section on the image to tag and type your name or the names of the people you want to tag.