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How Can I Prepare For An Interview With A Graduate Chapter Of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated

How can I prepare for an interview with a graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated?

I'm currently in the same boat that you're in. I have no one to talk to about it either. If you want to email me you can I can tell you what I've been going through as a grad interest

With admissions interviews being scheduled for early applicants, I can see why this is a popular question/topic on Quora right now! I actually responded to a very similar question yesterday — read more about college admissions interviews here!As this is an interview for Princeton, I will add that you should really do your research on Princeton. Your response to all of the following questions should be Princeton-specific. If you want to study Engineering, why do you want to study Engineering at Princeton?What do you want to study on-campus? Why? How have you developed this academic interest in and outside of the classroom?How do you hope to be involved at Princeton? How will you make an impact on-campus?What excites you about being a part of the Princeton student body? Have you visited campus? What new perspectives and experiences could you contribute to your future classmates? Future roommates?Also, prepare questions for your interviewer! The best interviews are actually more of a conversation! Use this as your opportunity to learn more about the school as well.Best of luck!

I am interested in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc...?

Speaking as a woman who has ambitions of joining another organization once I obtain my degree (C/O 2008...finally!) I would say to lay low. The advice I have been given is if you know a member personally, let them know of your interest and leave it at that. What else you need to know about the sorority (that isn't on the website) will be discussed at the interest meeting (assuming you are an undergrad). Other than that, there is nothing else for you to know.
***Good luck Hun!!*** it is also a very good idea for you to know about the general history of the sorority, their principles, and why you want to be a member!! But it is not a good idea to walk around saying to everyone that you want to be a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
It is also good to know the members on your campus because if they know you (and like you) you will be more likely to get an interview...and possibly be accepted; plus having a recommendation letter from a member is a plus!!!

What do members of Zeta Phi Beta sorority look for in a new member?

Please be careful about ONLY getting advice from "members" on the internet (who may or may not be actual "members") and also from those that admit they are not members, no matter how much they think they know. First, some requirements may be exclusive to certain chapters so you can only be sure of what's required by speaking to those that are in a chapter or are in the process of reactivatng or starting a specific chapter. Also at some schools, there are school requirements that must be met also so every situation is not the same. It's always good to do community service so do this regardless either on campus or in the school's community or in any community and keep track of hours and contact information. Attend any programs and events you hear about (you want your face to be known if possible and introduce yourself to members) and there may not be many at this time if the chapter is just coming back since some schools place limitations on how active a group can be until they've become official on the campus again.

My chapter looks for well rounded individuals who have done some community service, have talents and skills to contribute (and can talk about these when asked), want to be part of a sisterhood for life and plans to transfer to an alumnae chapter, will represent the organization positively, is willing to work hard for the sorority, strives to get high grades (in my sorority some chapters are permitted and require GPAs higher than our national), and is willing to learn the importance of leading and following when necessary. It's also great to be involved in other positive campus/off-campus activities and groups, especially in leadership roles.

But to find out exactly what's needed for a specific chapter beyond what's on the national website, you'll just have to wait until the sorority has their interest meeting or informational on campus so you can learn exactly what's required for that chapter and school. Look for fliers around campus or ask a member when you see them when the interest meeting will take place because you want to be sure to be there. Good Luck!

Just wanted to add that I don't seek to dis anyone. Just sharing factual tips as a long time active member and advisor to an undergrad chapter. Good luck to all that seek membership in NPHC orgs.

Given that you are asking about the interview, I suppose that you have successfully gone through the first round of screening. Congratulations!Coming to the interview, it (generally) would be about the things you have mentioned in your resume (CV), Statement of Purpose and your application.  It is an additional step to check the truthfulness of the details in your application.Be prepared with: All the basics related to your previous coursework, especially anything related to the specialization you are applying for.Projects: Be prepared to answer any questions about your previous project. 'Since you have done it yourself, no one knows better about it than you' is the idea behind this testing. A general idea about the school you applied for (Their graduate program, the on-going research, professors).Questions like 'why did you choose this particular school', 'which professor do you like to work with','what are your research interests'. Also, you can contact the graduate students from that school to ask what kind of questions to expect in the interview.All the best!

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The answers about the fraternity's letters are fine, but I learned a different rule for chapter designations. The first chapter is the Alpha chapter; the second is the Beta chapter. The chapters are named in the order of the Greek Alphabet. When the last letter has been used, the next chapter is the Alpha Alpha chapter. The one after that is the Alpha Beta chapter. Next comes the Alpha Gamma chapter. When the designation Alpha Omega is used, the next chapter is the Beta Alpha chapter, then Beta Beta, then Beta Gamma. All the Betas used? Gamma Alpha is next.After about 600 chapters, the last double letter one being Omega Omega, one has to begin using three letter designation, the first being, you guessed it, Alpha Alpha Alpha!I know of one fraternity which has a different system. The first chapter in a particular state is called the State Alpha chapter, so the first chapter in Iowa would be the Iowa Alpha; the second Iowa Beta. The first chapter of the same fraternity in Pennsylvania would not have to give way to the first one in Iowa. It would call itself Pennsylvania Alpha.I have never heard of a chapter being allowed to invent its own name. Greek alphabetical order, please.By the way, most motion pictures are written and produced by people who wouldn't have been accepted into any fraternity on campus! Their anti-Greek Society bias is all too clear.