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How Can I Register As A Member Of Professional Body In Malaysia

How Do I Become A Professional Pool Player?

I assume pool is like any other "sport". You become a professional once you play for a cash prize. You forfeit your amateur status at that point. Some sports will allow you to enter the amateur ranks again under certain conditions, others will not. Becoming a professional at anything is pretty easy. Making money at it is an entirely different story.

Short answer is yes.There are two types of partnership in Malaysia: a conventional partnership and a limited liability partnership (LLP).LLP is a relatively new business entity in Malaysia, which is a hybrid between a conventional partnership and a limited liability company.A conventional partnership is not suitable for foreigners because the owners/partners are required to be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia.On the other hand, for an LLP, there is no such requirement. You can even register as a foreign LLP without a Malaysian partner.However, in both cases, it is mandatory to appoint at least one compliance officer. The officer can be one of the partners or a person who is qualified to act as secretary for the partnership. The officer needs to be either a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia and ordinarily resides in Malaysia.This officer will be in charge of registering the partnership with the Registrar Office, and providing them the following information:proposed name of the LLPnature of businessaddress of registered officename and details of partnersname and details of compliance officerapproval letter (in cases of professional practice)In addition to the above information, if you are lodging a foreign LLP, you also need to provide:a certified copy of the certificate of registration or any other similar document in its place of incorporation, establishment or origin; anda certified copy of its charter or instrument defining its constitution, if any.After all requirements and conditions are satisfied, the Registrar shall register the LLP, issue a registration number and a registration notice.An LLP is not required to have its account audited nor submit its financial statements to the Companies Commission of Malaysia. It is also not required to hold Annual General Meetings.

Tell me your favorite professional skincare product. ex: Aveda, Pevonia, etc.?

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How to start a business in malaysia? How to get the license in malaysia and where can I get it?

Companies Commission of Malaysia (in Malay language called Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia [SSM]) is the goverment body which handling the registration of various forms of business entity in Malaysia e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership (perkongsian) and private limited company.

It is a trouble to fill up the form, getting approval for the business name / company name you apply for, quening up to submit the form, quening up again to make the payment at different counter ( It takes almost a day to register a sole proprietorship and partnership in SSM Kuala Lumpur head quarter. It is longer for private limited registration since you need to have company secretary firm.)

You can hire management services companies or commonly known as 'runner' located nearby SSM head office and branches.Pay them the runner fee about RM30 (please check the figure) and they will settle for you.

You can hire management services firms like company secretary firm, accounting firm and audit firm to help you form a business with SSM.

Buying a shelf and ready made company is the fastest way to register a private limited corporation in Malaysia. In this matter, company secretary firms can help you.

You need to visit the specific goverment department to get the specific license you want, for example, you need to go to Security Commission (SC) if you want to get investment advisor license, to become an agent for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program, you need to get license from Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

Where can I find tips and advice on getting a professional finish to my painting?

My dad owns a painting company and has been in business for 20 years! To really make it look professional you need a professional. But to come close heres what I can say... First use drywall mud found at your local paint store we use sherwin williams, and patch all holes. Then sand all walls pretty smooth, brush off excess dust. sand all wood, trim, door jams, edges good. Sand ceiling. Cut ceiling and wall in 2 times. Prime 1 time 1 or 2 coats paint you decide. Then cut EVERYTHING 1 prime 1 or 2 paint. wall corners, around base board, any small spaces, and around doors, if your not that good at cutting use blue painters tape and mask, don't apply real heavy on tape line. Then let dry. Then Roll primer on walls, you can do this a little sloppy and thick just don't get clumps or lines. let dry and apply paint coat same way, dry paint and done! Be sure to use drops or plastic rolling for the first time can be messy! Most people don't paint base boards leave them wood but f you do then paint all trim base boards etc first and be very careful not to get paint on them. if you do have a wet rag hand and wipe it off asap! Hope this helps!

1) Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)It is mandatory for university graduate to register as Graduate Engineer if he/she wants to take up employment as a Graduate Engineer. This is in accordance with section 7(2)(a) which specified that “A Graduate Engineer who is registered with the Board may, subject to section 8, take up employment which requires him to perform professional engineering services.A Graduate Engineer is a person registered under Section 10(1) of the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015).According to Section 7(1B), a Graduate Engineer will be entitled to describe himself or hold himself out under any name, style or title using the abbreviation “Grad.Eng.” after his name or in any way associate with his name.For more info, you may refer to Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)It is not mandatory to become Graduate Member of IEM.However, if you would like to become Professional Engineer (Ir.) in the future, it is advisable to register as Graduate Member of IEM.IEM is the only place where you could take Professional Exam in order to become Professional Engineer.In summary, it is mandatory to become Graduate Engineer of BEM, but not for Graduate Member of IEM.

Can I ............?

1.) You MUST be at least 18 years old or have a parents consent.
2.)Claire's don't pierce belly buttons cause they are not allowed. They are only licensed to pierce ears.
3.) Talk to your parents about it, sit down and talk to them like an adult. Tell them why you want it and that you will take care of it. Ask them if they will meet you half way with an agreement of some kind. Like wait a month and if you can show them that you are old enough to have it done by acting responsible then they will let you get it done. Or wait a year then you can get it done if you keep your grades up. If they still say no then you will just have to respect that and wait till your of age.