How Can I Relay Sky From One Room To Another Wirelessly Without Multi Room

Why are cockpit voice recorders and black boxes still relying on local recording?

Same here I also asked to faa nd ntsb same questionHere's the mail implementation if it not exists ( as per my knowledge not implemented yet )instead of black box recording of aircraft data why don't you stream it live & store it. because searching for black box in accident & chance of data recovery is always tough task. Now we have internet till moon and mount everestSo all the data of two black boxses as well video recording is more in rich way to study a case..Reply..Hello Palash,While the technology exists to stream flight data, currently the infrastructure does not support the concept.  If all commercial transport aircraft were constantly streaming a full set of flight data, current capacity would be quickly overwhelmed.   Bandwidth to receive, process, and store that magnitude of data simply does not exist at present.  That does not, however, imply that industry is not working on potential solutions.  Ideas such as compression of data, streaming of subsets of data, and streaming data only when an aircraft enters a distress phase are being investigated. Streaming of flight data also comes with a different set of concerns that must be addressed.  Transmitted signals in open space can, and are, received by anyone with the technical means of doing so.  As such, concerns such as ownership of flight data, confidentiality of the data, and other related topics must be addressed before such a system is put in widespread use. Thank you for your question, and for your interest in aviation safety. Best regards, Chris ParfittActing Manager -Avionics Maintenance Branch, AFS-360950 L’Enfant Plaza SWWashington, D.C. 20024(202)

Is there any way to change channel on Tata Sky HD without the remote?

Tata Sky has developed an android/ios mobile app that turns your phone into Tata Sky remote. You can perform all the actions via your mobile that you can do with your regular remote control.For more details you can check the link below Tata Sky MobileI Hope this will help you :) :)

What are the hazards of installing a mobile tower on the roof of my building?

This is one question I have been waiting to answer since I joined Quora.I won't deny that that it will have absolutely no effect on your or your neighbors health. However, the following points may help:1. All the cellular towers should have a radiation power within the specified limits by Indian and International organizations. The effects, if any, are very small, and very much ignorable. 2. A tower usually has an ideal place where the company cna get best coverage with minimum radiation.3. Communication with towers doesn't need line of sight. The bounced off signals are just as good if they bounce of appropriate surfaces(buildings vs. hills). So, the radiation of a tower is usually very low right below, or for the whole building right below the tower. For more on radiatoin patterns and why closest to tower doesn't mean dangerous, refer to Dinesh Yalavarthy's answer to Cancer: Mobile towers are usually installed on the terrace of the building near the water tank. Does it make water radioactive and later consuming that water leads to cancer?What from all this?The companies usually like to install the tower at the highest place closest to their ideal location (derived from their calculations) So, if the first best suited position rejects, they go to the next best building, which could be at a lower height, and/or will require higher radiation, and thus may actually start becoming dangerous.So, if someone asks for a tower on your building, please accept immediately. It's good for all.