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How Can I Report A School For Not Sending Out 1098-t In A Timely Fashion

How can professors in universities, especially top schools like MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley, publish so many papers per year?

There are some great answers here! I will try to answer somewhat differently by breaking down the steps to publication (the inputs) and looking at whether there is a significant advantage at top schools or not for each step. I am certainly forgetting some step so please add!The idea: i.e. the start of a research project. I think it is hard to argue that top universities have a significant advantage here. I firmly believe the work is FULL of smart people with brilliant ideas. So I doubt top schools have an advantage here.Financial and equipment resources: Top schools have a major advantage here. Not only is there a larger volume of equipment, there is also typically a larger diversity (i.e. several departments). Also, the NSF gives 50% of its money to the top 50 schools, so this is quite direct evidence of a resource bias.Student/Post-doc resources: as David correctly notes, top school tend to have more students. Again, this is because of financial and other resources to attract and retain them. Writing: Here I think the other contributors have a good point, you must be a good writer. Further, you must be good at writing in your discipline, each discipline has its own vocabulary and grammar that people respect and agree with. However, I am not sure those skills cannot be easily replicated by other researchers, hence, its hard to ascribe this as a major reason for top schools in general having more publications. In fact, top schools tend to attract more international talent than non-top schools in general. Editor review: The first step of peer-review at a journal is editor review. This is another major advantage at top schools, as most editorial board members will likely know the submitter if they are at a top school. While the process is meant to merit-based, there is implicit trust in top-school peers. Further, there is the politics of meeting that peer at the next conference, or them reviewing your paper.Peer review: Thankfully peer review is blind in one direction, so at least it shields some bias. However, once again peer reviewers are more likely to trust and consider a paper from top institute. Scientists are human, despite our best efforts to be unbiased, when a well-respected peer makes a claim, we are inclined to believe it over an unknown scientist. Publication: This is a minor issue most probably, but some journals do charge a fair amount of money to publish, and for resource constrained labs, this could be a consideration as to where to publish.

Do I have to pay the Marines to come home?

Tim Sayeau is absolutely correct in the context of being solicited by some random email or spam phone call.However, if that is not what the question asker wanted, here is an expanded answer.A Marine will undoubtedly be sent all over the world during an enlistment period, and sometimes that may involve them wanted to make a trip home. On a deployment to a war zone for example is an excellent example. Military members are sometimes granted leave while in Iraq or Afghanistan if the deployment is long enough. The cost of travel to home and back falls on the Marine. They do have the option to try and hitch a ride with military aircraft, however it is only space available. That means it is not reliable to travel to and from in a timely manner, when they are usually limited to 2 weeks off during a 12 month deployment.Now one exception to this is a Red Cross message delivered because of an immediate family member is in crises. Whether it is death or illness, a Red Cross message will go to the Marine’s Commanding Officer, and they have to get the Marine home as quick as possible at no cost to the Marine.These rules apply to peacetime operations as well, or basically any time a military member is on leave.

Which institute is better to learn Tableau in Hyderabad?

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