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How Can I Sign Someone Up For The Tv Show My Big Fat Revenge

Good tv shows with love/hate romance ?

the fosters (it just has a season finale last week)
8 simple rules
the bachelor/bachelorette
keeping up with the kardashians

Revenge for husband who watches porn?

I know it's a normal thing but he made this vow years ago on our wedding day to stop because it hurt me. and i know, i was horribly horribly stupid to think he would stick to it. The thing is I'm not ugly but I'm flat, so when i see all these porn stars hes jacking off too with these huge fake silicons bouncing around it disgusts me and puts in question of any kind of attraction he may have for me. the years dragged on and i can't even count the times he broke his vow. I've gotten over being hurt, you can only be hurt so many times until it's replaced by nothing but anger and disgust. I've tried revenge of putting guy on guy action vs his girl on girl crap and he deletes it all from my files but thinks its ok to keep it on his. I really don't get into porn at all, i've tried too, i just can't, and am trying all these things in spite. maybe i should just give up and leave him? I really might be at that point. but whose to say there is a man on this earth that will give up porn for his wife.

What could I do to make someone feel horrible about themselves? I believe in "an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind", but some people deserve it.

If you believe in an eye for an eye making the whole world blind, then do not do this. Trust me, I know what it means to be affecting by horrible people who objectively deserve that back. However, that's what Karma is for. An eye for an eye makes you blind, as well.Acting upon our anger only makes it worse. Maybe it will goad them into taking revenge on you. Regardless, it is always better to take a big fat deep breath and realize that they are a bad person and you don't have to be. Revenge is short lived, an doesn't make you a better person than them; on the contrary, it stoops you down to their level. It's a pain to be the bigger person, but in the long run it becomes easier, and you will be better liked for it.Move on. Even if that means talking yourself down and focusing on addressing your needs (food, homework, exercise, hobbies, learning, etc.). Imagine the good role models from movies and TV shows, who strive to be good even to mean people. It doesn't mean pushing down your thoughts and lying about your feelings, but rather accepting that you have them, you are justified in having them, and that the best thing you can do is to drop it.Bullies bully because it gets a reaction, which makes them feel better about their own insecurities and emotional and household problems. Don't allow yourself to be a victim to this situation. Be stronger, be better. Seriously, I cannot stress how much of a mistake it is to take the low road; it does not solve the problem, and does not help either of you to improve it.Either cut them out of your life as a toxic person, or limit your interactions to being patient. Listen to what they're saying, hear the “kernel of truth”, and address it. You can break them just by exposing their nastiness calmly and without spite, while showing that it doesn't affect you. Be kind, and don't care about them. Be thoughtful, not vengeful.

Why Do Older HIGH SCHOOLERS hate FreshMen?

this reminds me of the t.v. show Boy Meets World, where he's always being bullied by these two punks and occasionally dumped into the aluminum trash can;) older high schoolers, especially seniors, are out to get revenge and want the lower classmen, freshmans are the main target, to feel just as humiliated as some of them once'd think that most of the seniors have grown-up but by acting out their anger on freshmen, is very my high school, the seniors weren't physically abusive or that verbally abusive.they just yelled "Freshman!!!!!" everytime they noticed a puny/short person walking by, assuming that they were freshman, but it could be an under developed junior or senior lol i remember being bullied during my sophomore year in P.E. class but it wasn't by a mean senior.the bully was actually someone from my own class?! it was this fat girl with a grudge against skinny people or it seemed like she just hated everyone. apparently, i seemed liked an easy target, since i was quite petite in size and fit the profile of a geek lol i tried to ignore her taunts but one day i decided to at least say something back and i did. she was shocked that i had the nerve to tell her in her face that i had enough. from that day forward, she didn't dare bully me again lol so my point is that not all bullies are upper classmen and if they do, stand up for yourself and they'll back off:-D when i finally became a senior, i wasn't snobby but rather laid back. i think bullies are insecure because they have to pick on others to make themselves feel better. i didn't stoop to their level. i had a senior friend when i was a freshman, so as a senior i also had freshmans as friends.freshman are people too^__^

Hate this husband, what's the best revenge on abusive spouse?

The best revenge is to just leave...Walk away without him knowing it...

Are (some) guys turned on by the thought of getting beat up by a girl? If so, any idea why?

My guess would be that during the formative years - late elementary school and middle school, a guy is developing his taste in girls. If certain girls are bullying a guy at that age, and that is the only real attention he is getting from girls, he may latch onto those girls as the ones he thinks about.

What is the best revenge against a cheating husband and his mistress?

A friend of mine told me this story years ago, not sure how true it is though.Anyway this couple is married, the lady has a corporate job and is always travelling. The husband is nice and supportive of his wife but has a young mistress on the side he see’s when wifey is away. Wifey suspects nothing.One day she has to travel outside the country to sort out a crisis. She’s expected back on a Monday. Husband uses this opportunity to bring his mistress home. Unfortunately for both of them wifey manages to sort out the crisis early and gets back home a day earlier, on the Sunday.She walks into the house to find a strange woman wearing her bathrobe and washing the dishes. Hubby is on the couch watching the tv with a towel wrapped around his waist. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s been happening. She greets her husband warmly, even hugs him, greets the mistress warmly and rebukes her husband for not introducing them. Hubby is tongue-tied in shock. She then goes to the bedroom, unpacks her suitcase and comes back to the lounge to find the mistress has quickly dressed up and disappeared.Hubby is waiting for the worst but wifey behaves like nothing has happened. She chats merrily about her trip, asks him how he’s week has been, even makes dinner. After dinner they go to bed like nothing has happened.This continues for two straight days, wife behaves like nothing happened, isn’t moody or angry, is in fact very chirpy and cheerful. On the third day the husband broke down and confessed to everything. The torture of silence was too much to bear. He couldn’t even sleep because he thought she was plotting some nefarious scheme against him. He confesses to everything and promises never to do it again and he never does. Wife eventually forgives him and they live happily ever after. Sometimes psychological warfare really does work.