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How Can I Start Seeing Pictures That People Txt Me Again

Why would my ex send me a picture of him and new girl?

Me and a guy were seeing each other a year on off we used to meet up a lot talked all the time etc.
We only stopped seeing each other about christmas. He broke it off with me but asked to still be friends I never agreed at first and then he asked again saying he hopes we are still friends. Haven't text much .
The last we spoke was just saying happy easter not spoken much really as he ignored texts. Last night he text me a picture of him an a girl saying my love. He never ever usually snapchats me . I just found it odd he sent me a picture of them while they were together. Why did I even came to his mind while hes with another girl?Maybe using the girl to make me jealous? I blocked him after that.

How to deal with the pain of never seeing someone again?

Everyone must deal with this issue at some point in their life. It would be great if we could spend all of our lives surrounded by all the people that we love, but life is not like that. Some of the people we love will die before we do. Sometimes we are separated from the ones we love by circumstances. The important thing to realize, is that even if we never see someone that we love deeply ever again, we can stay connected to them for our whole life in spirit, if not in body.

If someone that you love dies, find ways to celebrate who they were as a person when they were alive and think about them often. Keep photos, video, letters or any other possession that will help you remember them all the time. That way, a small part of their spirit will continue to live inside of you for as long as you live.

Can two people fall in love only through texting and pictures?

Yup, it is possible in this age of technology to fall in love only through pictures and texting (and calls). How do I know? Because I am in a relationship with a girl I have never met in person, and needless to say that I am in love with her.If you have never "talked" to that person, it will be a bit difficult to believe if the person is real, s/he might also be an imposter. Although voice can be faked, but it still gives a sense of security. Another thing it does is take it to another level of intimacy, strengthens the bond and trust. My story: We met on facebook by chance, we talked not because one of us wanted to, but because one of us needed to (there was a situation). We became friends that day and used to chat all day long, and because we both had vacations, nobody used to bother us. I started crushing on her within two weeks (we had exchanged numbers by then) and fell in love with her within 2 months.   After 6 months, we openly confessed our feelings for each other. It's been 1 year, 2 months and 9 days since the confession and since that day, our love only grew. People don't take these types of relationships very seriously, I can tell by their faces what they think of such relationships and I honestly don't blame them, and I don't care what they think. Our relationship is much stronger than any of my friend's ever was (because they all are single now xD). So yeah, love can happen in this way too, just beware, there are many wolves among the sheeps.

If you delete a text message, does the receiver still get the message?

Short answer: Yes, they will still be able to see the message.Long answer: When you send a text message it gets transferred to radiowaves and sent to towers, these towers transfer the radiowaves into digital electrical impulses and sends the message to a mobile switch centre, these centres will locate which tower is closest to the receiver and then it gets sent to that tower where it’s converted to radiowaves again and it’s able to get picked up by the phone. This happens in [math]seconds[/math] which makes it impossible to undo. You can’t reverse radiowaves.On apps like whatsapp and instagram you can delete your messages for both the receiver and yourself, because your message doesn’t get converted into radiowaves but sent via your internet to Facebook.Where Do Your Texts Go?

HELP ME! Will pictures show up on phone bill that me and someone else sent?

they will, your screwed... LOL


Per FCC Federal Prviacy Laws, no USA Wireless Carrier can record word in a text message or pics in a text message or websites visited on a mobile web browser... ITS AGAINST THE LAW.... not to mention if they even did do this, thats recording over 500 million people's data.... i cant even imagine the size of this server, again, if they really did do it!

Ex boyfriend texted me, I started shaking?'s normal. I remember having lingering feelings for a long time after break maybe even a year or two would go by and I'd still feel shaky and weird about seeing them again or contacting them again. Att he time I didn't know if it meant I still wanted to be with retrospect It didn't mean anything, it's just lingering feelings of attachment that were nagging at me.

People say and do things during break ups that they don't mean. telling someone you hate them, don't ever want to see them again...that you never really wanted them...these are all things that people say to inflict pain...because they just need the relationship to end, they can't let the person on the opposite end feel like it's there is hope left. It's a very juvenile way to end a relationship...effective but juvenile.

After time has past, most people dont' like the idea of someone out there thinking they are terrible, and hateful. They tend to soften up and just want to forget the things they said. You are confused he didn't tell you to F off and stop texting him...but what's confusing to him is probably why you would even want to text him after all that's happened. Also, it sounds like you caught him at a very lonley moment. I wouldn't read into it much more than that. You broke the ice...we know that the animocity has subsided between you. But I wouldn't bother him anymore, or you will start to look pathetic and desperate.

If you hear from him then great. Something girls need to learn is to let teh guy make the moves.

My boyfriend wanted a picture of me........?

so im 15 and my boyfriend is 14 and we're both freshmen in high school. we've been dating off and on since september and we broke up 4 times, now we've been dating again for 2 weeks. but all of a sudden ever since yesterday he's been acting more sexual when we're he was talking about me giving him a private show and idk if he was joking or not....then he said he wanted a picture and said i wouldnt like it then said the picture he wanted was me in my bra and i said i wasnt comfortable with it and he started apoligizing and saying he wasnt like that. then he asked for a video of me dancing.....idk if he meant inapropriate dancing but thats kinda what it seemed like. then he asked me for a sneak peak picture of me in bed and when i just sent him a normal selfie he was like oh and seemed sad......and started making sexual jokes again. then i didnt reply for a while and he texted me later and said sorry if im being weird if u wanna break up i understand. i mean i was thinking about it but then i thought talking it through would be better and plus i got him a christmas present already and im gonna give it to him tomorrow so i really didnt wanna break up also cause of that. then he started saying how wonderful i am and how much he loves me and doesn't want me to do anything that makes me uncomfortable. then he said he had other ideas of new things we could do but he said i wouldnt like them and said he just asked for the bra picture and if i trust him i could show him more and said he was just seeing if i trust him enough to send me those pics......he also said he isnt after just that but like i feel like he's just saying that and only wants pictures and just likes my body and not me.....but anyways my friends found out at school today and they were all telling me i should break up with him because he's a jerk and doesnt really care about me. so he started apoligizing a lot and said he wouldn't ever ask for those again and is gonna be a good boyfriend but idk like i feel like he's gonna bring it up again and everyone was telling me i should've broken up with him because i think if he really cared and loved me he wouldn't be asking for pics and wanting to see me just asking do u think i should break up with him or just forget about it and if he does it again then break up with him?

Why did a guy stop texting me, when we used to text a lot? He just stop answering me suddenly, so should I text him again?

You actually could wait for him to text you. Let's say, a week. If the conversation ended at him, just wait until he texts you again. If it ended at you, you may ask him one more time but then wait.  If after a week nothing happened and he didn't bother to reply any of your messages, well you may just get the answer: he's losing interest, having a second thought about the whole text activity, and obviously, he wants to quit.  It may sound harsh and cruel for him to just stop texting suddenly. But you two are not in a term of relationship where one of you should say something about what happened between you two. You and him, both of you, are allowed to just leave like that. Because if you say you want to end "this" relationship, what to end when there's nothing started? If you knew him only in text and never meet up before or not even planning to meet, he might get bored because no fun to only text with a girl he has interests with. But if he never asked to meet as well, he probably just want to talk with you with no further plan. He may not use feeling, just using the moment.  I guess it would be better for you to put a rest of this situation.If he texts you again, you may ask later on what was happened when he's awaybl.But if he didn't, just move on.