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How Can I Stop Being So Angry/depressed

How can I stop being so angry and depressive?

Can you just for a while take a break and focus on what anger is doing to you. What depression has done to you. What past experiences of your anger have given to you?If you think you are depressive then this might be the reason of your anger as well. You have to deal with depression first. Think about what makes you depressive? What make you feel like you are under pressure and then think about their solution. What can you do to minimize or solve it? Do not overthink. If something cannot be done, then leave it. No one have ever died out of it. You are strong enough to deal with it.Focus on your positivity. The positive vibes you give to people. Help others. Focus on how you have accomplished your achievements in the past and what you can learn from them now.Forgive yourself for the mistakes you did. It is alright to make mistakes. Without making mistakes we would not learn or grow. Everyone make mistakes and alot of them. People even repeat them. You are not at your worst infact you are so much better than alot of people. So relax and try to help others as well.

Why do I feel so angry or depressed?

Why am I so angry and depressed, I asked myself one day. I was 17 years old then.It was a feeling that came and went. Mostly it came. It seldom went.It was a pattern. It had become a habit. To feel bad. To feel sad.To feel misunderstood. To feel that no one would ever understand.Finally, I had had enough. Thus my question. Why was I feeling this way?That was the start.I had a question. I was curious. I wanted an answer.That question had the power to distance me from the problem. Because the moment we ask ourselves something and want to know the answer in a curious manner, we have given ourselves a sense of perspective about the issue.I believe if you take a deep breath and look at your situation now, you would also gain that little distance. That would be your first step. Your act of feeling curious about yourself. The act of being a witness, slightly detached from the problem so that you can solve it.I made sense of it this way. If my clothes are dirty, I can't wash them if I am still wearing them. Curiosity and detachment are necessary for us to solve issues.So, you can take that attitude towards your issues.Also, for a day, take a break from thinking about your issues. Each time you sense anger, let it go by saying I release this anger. I forgive this anger. Each time you feel sad, let it go also. For moments, for a time.Use this break to enjoy your day. Focus on moments of joy even if they are short moments. Focus on the good friends, the love of your parents, the companionship of your peers.Enjoy reading a great book. Or watching a funny show.Expand the joyful moments.And soon, when you feel better, engage your curiosity. Most probably by then, you would be able to see clearly where the anger comes from.Disclaimer : none of the above is medical advice. Seek medical advice if you feel that depression is an issue.

Why does being depressed make me angry?

Depression is a hollowness, a lack of emotion or feeling. Are you toggling between no feelings and anger feelings? If so, that’s totally ok. You have anger! Yay!Follow the anger to get out of the depression. The anger will point the way to other feelings. The path out of depression starts with an acceptance of feeling anything. Whatever you can feel.It would be lovely if you could come out of depression and roll around in joy and puppies all day, but that’s just not how it goes. You are pretty much guaranteed to come out of depression to an emotion you don’t like. You were in the depression because you were hiding from that emotion, after all. Now you have to face it so that you can feel other things again.Emotions are like food stored in your freezer. It would be great if you could just throw out all that old freezer burned food at start over, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to pull that old food out one bit at at time and eat it. Then, when you’ve gotten through it all, you can have a nice empty freezer and fill it or not however you choose.Until then, it sounds like your freezer has a bunch of freezer burned anger. Go ahead and eat it. Eventually you’ll get to something more palatable.

How can I stop being so depressed/cranky before my period?

I always get super irritated and randomly sad/mad and just feel hopeless before my period. Its like all my problems are x100. To top it off, I have the worst cravings for junk food. I've been on a healthy eating fix for the past few months but every now and then I will binge (usually around my period) but I've had issues with eating disorders and binge eating in the past so yeah. Anyway, I was cranky all day today and I totally just binged on cake until I wanted to throw up.. I had just gotten home from volunteering so I was really tired and it was so hot outside, I just kept eating and I havent touched anything close to cake in forever. I felt like a total failure afterwards.. every time I thought about it cried and now it feels really pathetic to write this down. I really wanted to shut everything down and cut myself or something (i also had self mutilation problems in the past but i am over it now, and it was never over something this insignificant). i have no motivation to do anything and everything my parents say to me pisses me off. i just sat here for the last ten minutes staring at the computer screen and literally banging on the keys. i have so much rage inside me.. when i went out earlier today i felt super fat and like everyone was judging me and kept having these random thoughts that i'd never fit into society, etc etc.. and now im just sitting here wasting my time. i have no motivation to do anything productive. i cant think about anything that would make me happy. i dont want to exercise and i dont want to do homework or talk to anyone or do anything. help?

How can I stop feeling depressed before exams?

The more prepared you are the less stressed you will feel so make sure you study well and get enough sleep also if you look at random websites for online tests they can help you be more prepared

Why am I angry at myself for being depressed?

Because no matter what evidence we have to the contrary we will always believe that we should be able to control our depression. That it really is "all in our head". If we try harder or think more or think less or do something differently we can be just like everyone else. Deep down we all think it's our own fault.That's the bitch that is depression. It IS in your head. It's right up in there and it messes with your mind and makes you think you could miraculously overcome something that you would never expect another person on this planet to do. You would never tell someone else to just snap out of it. You would never tell someone else to just try harder. You would never tell someone else they were worthless for for being depressed. But I bet you tell yourself that all the time. Maybe not consciously but you think it. That's what that anger is. My psychiatrist once told me that depression is suppressed rage. I thought that was nuts at the time but the more I think about it the more I think that can apply in some cases. I don't feel appropriate getting angry at my life circumstances or at other people so I get angry at myself. It's easy. It's quiet and it's not disruptive. And when you turn emotion like that inward it does intense damage. Depression is the result of things like that. You may be angry because you're depressed or you may be depressed because you're angry or maybe they are the same thing. I often find that emotions are intertwined and far too complicated to separate from each other or to figure out which one came first.The first thing you need to do is find someone to help you sort through your emotions. Someone impartial and professional preferably. It can work wonders for your psyche and having someone to vent to without feeling guilty about it can be a huge source of relief.But most of all, know that this isn't your fault. You didn't choose this. You don't want this. If you could snap your fingers and be better you would, but you can't. Beating yourself up over it will only make things worse. If you won't be kind to yourself then who will? Just do the best you can and know that that is enough and take it one day at a time. We have so many resources available to us now that you don't have to do this alone. Please don't do it alone. It doesn't have to be this hard.

How do I stop being so angry all the time?

Trying to veer from melodrama as much as humanly possible, but are there non-pharmaceutical ways to go from feeling angry, stressed, unexcited and generally blah (but not sad) to feeling excited about things, and to get rid of constant internal sarcasm (directed both to myself and others) and feeling uplifted and positive?

There's really nothing significant that has happened in my life to make me act and react this way, and there's nothing terrible with my life, either. I'm relatively healthy, young, bright with a good paying job and a loving partner. These are things that should automatically make me count my blessings, right? I mean, I'm much better off than thousands dying, starving and suffering.

Well, I used to, and then at some point I just stopped feeling blessed. I'm sure if I dug deep enough I could find what has made me so angry, hopeless and "blah".

I would say I'm selfish for feeling this way, but that's not accurate. I'm quite giving and compassionate, and it's not fair to deprive myself of feeling a certain way by judging my situation against others -- I'm allowed to feel general malaise every so often without feeling bad about it.

Anyway, to make a novel more of a synopsis, are there methods or mantras I can use to bring myself back to a state of positivity? I'm sure my transgression to this current state was a timely process, so it won't be automatic, but I'm willing to hear whatever advice anyone may have.

For the record, I completely believe in therapy as a great, objective tool, but I'm looking for more than therapy. Also, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN PSYCHIATRIC MEDICINE/ANTIDEPRESSANTS. I do not agree with being clinically diagnosed depressed and being stuck on meds. I have no interest in going down that road ever.

I want natural, whole, real ways to stop feeling like such an angry jerk.

Thank you in advance for your answers, it is greatly appreciated.