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How Can I Stop Myself From Going Crazy

I can feel myself going crazy. What should I do?

It sounds like you are becoming very depressed. I have felt the way you are feeling. You need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through and can help you right now. In the US, you can call 1–800–273–8255. That is a suicide prevention hotline, but I couldn't find a national depression hotline. You can also google depression hotline for your area.It is best if you talk to a professional, because friends and family really don't get it and almost always make you feel worse. They think they can relate because they too have felt bad, sad, confused, depressed, etc, whatever words you use they think they understand, and can tell you what worked for them.You need to get help before it gets worse.That said, some practical steps you can take right now:Excercise, 45 minutes at least three times a week. This can work as well as antidepressants, but takes just as long, at least a month to six weeks. (No guarantee to work!)Change your thoughts. You can't change your feelings (sadness, depression) but you can change your thoughts when you catch yourself thinking negative, or self abusive things, quit repeating negative things to yourself, (I am worthless, my life is hopeless, I hate myself.) Catch yourself and substitute a positive phrase, (I am doing something to make myself better. I am a wonderful person.)You also control your actions; don't stay in bed, exercise, get outside in nature. Eat well, don't drink alcohol or take drugs; this only makes depression much worse.Make the determination to take care of yourself, to not give up on the goal of feeling better. If you don't give up, you WILL succeed!I hope this helps, and I hope you feel better soon.

How do I stop myself from going crazy because my mother’s new 10-week-old toy poodle is biting me constantly even though I redirected with a chew toy?

I don’t know if this is something you’ll want to do, because it encourages licking, but with my standard poodle puppy, every time she nipped at me like the puppy she was, I said “No, Annette. No. I like kisses. I like kisses.” And I’d put my hand out, or snuggle-pet, and repeat it, again and again, and again. And when she finally licked me, I said “Good girl! Thank you Annette! Thank you! I like kisses! Good girl!” And she’d get cuddles and hugs and if she nipped in the course of those cuddles and hugs, then we started again. We always ended on a positive note. Escaping to your room is an option as long as you end on a positive note.Naturally it takes a few months to make it fool-proof, but Poodles are highly intelligent dogs - it’s just at 10 weeks, they’re babies. Babies take a bit of time to catch on. And to control impulses. The important thing is when you’re telling them no, you’re giving them something they can do. If you try to outlaw everything, your results, in general, will come much slower. They want to interact! They want to play! Play with them… try naming a dog toy and asking if they want to play with it. Eventually, you can get to “bring me Red Santa. I want Red Santa.” And this promised game will distract from nipping, just as cuddles do. Fetch, my friend! We went with stuffing-free fuzzy faux animals.Your’s might be a little young to experience a great allure toward a chew toy. Stuffing-free toys flop dramatically in the air, when tossed!By the way… unless the dog draws blood, it isn’t a bite; it’s a nip. Not all that great, but still an important distinction. If a dog wanted to make you bleed, s/he would. And sometimes as puppies accidents happen, due to a lack of understanding in personal force control, but by and large, puppies nip.

Am I going crazy I can't control myself :(?

i can't control how hyper i get. i just get soo jittery for no reason it comes out of nowhere. id randomly blurt out things that seem weird, or id just shout, i can't control how fast i speak usually im speaking too fast for people to understand me, i get excited for no reason and some people think im weird..i cant sit down without having to get up & pace around i just feel this energy coming down on my head and feel like ill explode if im not moving or talking. i cant concentrate everything just seems a daze to me like if someone will tell me what ive got to do for school ill just not get it i usually zone out when ppl are talking to me it annoys them but i cant help it. i always zone out in class like i have a mind going 1000/MPH but it becomes so cluttered i lose myself and can't think. i get angry real easily, i can't stand loud sounds (which doesnt help me cuz i get distracted very easily and it takes me forever to get back on task) or bright lights i get stressed real easily too and feel like im going crazy.

my parents think nothing is wrong with me so they refuse to get me to my doctor. i feel like im going crazy! its got worse since puberty. im 16 as of now. help!!!

Am I crazy if I cut myself?

Crazy is a vague term. You might be a little mentally disturbed by a something going on in your life.

It's definitely a sign that you don't respect yourself. However, I won't just bash you about it. Most likely you're suffering some type of emotional pain caused by some sh!t in your family or your social life.

Personally, I'd recommend you to speak to a trusted counselor at school if you can't talk to your parents about it.

To me, there's nothing cute or cool about damaging your own body, and I've lived pretty miserably during all my adolescence.

Get help through trusted people. And remember that things usually do get better, especially if you do something about it.

I am so crazy and weird, I can't stop myself. What should I do?

you can start with reciting medicine buddha mantra (108 times daily). this buddha is a doctor buddha, he can heal physical and even psychology issue and even provide life necessities.if you situation causes you also do physical weird action , it could be your past life bodily karma that finally ripen out. recite “om ah hum “ daily as this one purify mind, speech and body karma. this is the most basic mantra.recite this mantra if you think you can somehow danger your own life. this mantra help lengthen a person life. the easiest way is to buy the prayer wheel ( carve with tibet mantra words on outside the prayer wheel itself ) and spin it clockwise daily . this mantra also widely available as amulet including necklace amulet and keychain.all mantra above standard recitation are 108 times daily . you can do more per day if you want . if you are busy , play out the mantra song then. ( i personally believe in self recitation as some of the buddhist mantra, hearing and reciting it has very big different type of merit).

How do I stop myself from going crazy at my boyfriend and when he tells me to stop I don't? I go so insane that it leads to him hitting me. What should I do?

Break up with him ASAP.Get therapy for yourselfandget your genes mapped. It sounds like you have anger issues which can be related to genetic mutations that can affect brain functioning like MTHFR mutations or CBS 699 mutations or SUOX mutations.See genetic genie dot org Methylation and detox analysis from 23andMe results and 23andme dot com DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis - 23andMe for more info on gene mapping.What will also help is to immediately start daily supplementation of magnesium citrate since magnesium helps to calm the nervous system so you will not become so angry about things. (Solgar magnesium citrate is a well absorbed and economical and easy to take brand).Start with one tablet per day of the Solgar tablets which are each 200mg and then after one week, go up to two tablets per day, 1 in AM and 1 in PM for the 400mg/day USRDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).This will calm your nerves by calming the electrical firing in your nerves and the magnesium will also help you to make more calming brain hormones like serotonin and GABA and it will help you to better absorb B complex vitamins in your food, which are also needed as base ingredients in the production and synthesis of calming brain hormones.So after you have been taking the magnesium citrate for about 2 weeks to 1 month, then start in on taking a well absorbed B complex vitamin like Emerald B Healthy as well. Taking both magnesium and B complex vitamins will help your nervous system to be much calmer and then you will not get so persistently angry.So. Here’s your to do list:Break up with physically abusive boyfriendGet therapy for emotionally abusive and irritable self.Get genes mapped to see if there are any mutations affecting calming brain hormone production, so u can treat for those mutations if need be.start daily supplementation with magnesium citratestart daily supplementaion with a well absorbed B complex vitamin like Emerald B Healthy B Complex.Once your nervous system is calmer from daily supplementation with magnesium citrate and a good Well absorbed B complex vitamin, you will not get so crazy in your interpersonal dealings with others.

I feel like I'm going crazy. What should I do?

Whenever you or anyone else is “feeling” like that - it is because:You are unable to silence the noise in your mindThere are too many external signals which are affecting you.Here is a question for you to think about.When you are sleeping or you are in deep sleep - do you feel like you are going crazy?The answer without a doubt is - No.You can ask anyone and everyone this question and the answer will still remain the same - a total and emphatic ‘NO’. For that matter have you ever watched a noisy crazy hyper-active baby when it is sleeping?One of the most beautiful sights you can ever see.Reason being:The mind and body is relaxingThere are no external stimuli that communicate to the bodyThe internal communication is switch offThere is no communication from inside to outsideThink about this for a second.And now I want you to picture this.Someone in deep state of meditation or trance. What do you picture?Do you picture something hyper? fast? out of control? disturbing?Or do you sense a feeling of serene, tranquil and silent peace?Of course - you know the answer this…And to date - I have never met anyone who meditates or who lives a life devoid of stimulation - going crazy.Have you?So now coming to your questionWhy do you feel crazy?It can be a whole host of reasons.So why you are going crazy?It can be because of all the external signals that are bombarding youSocial MediaMoviesMusicEmailsFriendsFamilyWorkTravelPeopleIt can be because of your lifestyleToo less sleepToo much milk, sugar, carbs, artificial or processed foodsToo many stimulantsIt can be because of so many factors.Sometimes even something as small yet very powerful factor like “money” can be a major factor.So what you need to do is - step away from all the chaos and confusion and ask yourself - what is happening. Be aware of what is happening and slow down.So if I were you - I wouldn’t ask myself “Why am I going crazy”Rather I would ask myself - How can I find peace or be more relaxed?Because with the former question, you are finding out all the ways to go fuel the fire of being ‘crazy’ but with the second question, you are looking at ways to eliminate what is driving you mad - and see happiness, peace, calm and achieve a sense of serenity.I hope you find the right answer to the right question and find peace.Loy Machedo

How do you stop yourself from going crazy when you have a roommate who studies 24×7?

Easy, make some plans and tell her that she has to come with you, and guilt trip her if she says no, unless she's really busy or has something really important going on. This may include: going for a drink, hanging with other friends, going bowling, etc. And while you're there, focus on getting closer to her, and if you're successful, the chances are you'll be friends in no time, and you'll be able to talk more.I say this because I almost guarantee that she's an introvert, or atleast very shy, so if you don't want to be awkward for your whole time together, you need to bring out her talkative side.Good luck!