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How Can I Stop Smoking For Good I

Why did YOU stop smoking weed?

I'm 17 and have been smoking weed now for about 2 and a half years. At first I found being high a very exciting, fun, enjoyable and trippy experience. I used to smoke it with my friends and we used to play games like manhunt in the park at night, I also used to get quite deep thoughts about my life that sometimes used to seem quite serious, but these didn't bother me as it was just a small part of being high.

Then I guess that i became quite used to weed, I used to smoke joints and it lost its "trip" affect that it used to have and became more like the equivalent to having a few beers, I would still be high only I could control it much better and it wasn't as powerful. Then I started getting drunk and then smoking weed, which got me really mashed on many occasions. Every weekend I used to drink with my friends and then pass round a joint and we'd be off.

Then I started smoking weed in the weekdays, occasionally in college. The high for me now had got to the stage where it really wasn't a big deal when i felt stoned, unless it was really good weed (which is another story but let's not start on strains)
Obviously I've got a few side effects like memory, feeling like a shell of myself all the time when i'm not high, craving weed alot when i'm doing things that aren't entertaining me.
So, i have come to the decision that I am going to stop smoking weed, i have stopped for a while before and now i think I am going to stop and only smoke it very occasionally. I want to know why people who are reasing this who stopped at some point in their lives? why did you stop? thanks

What is a good way to stop smoking without over the counter patches or gum or meds?

All of the people that I know who quit without meds or gum or patches did it on will power. It might sound far fetched, but it is not. They all had some kind of goal or reason as to keeping them going. Two of my friends stopped when someone they know got cancer. Two wanted kids. One was the fiancee's complaint. I hope you can find a strong reason for yourself to quit, and stay focused. Good luck!

Can you convince me to stop smoking for good?

You’re not ignorant. I’m not going to bore you with the “smoking causes cancer” or the “smoking kills you” talk.Smoking is expensive. The cost of cigarettes varies by state. Seems the average cost is $5.51. Doing the math of 30 a day for 11 years and assuming 25 smokes per pack and you pay $5.51 per pack, your smoking habit has cost you $26,565. If you live in NY where the average cost of a pack is $12.85, that number inflates to $61,954. Regardless of your financial status, that’s still quite a chunk of money to invest in killing yourself.Being a smoker is not a characteristic that people look for in a potential mate. Not being a smoker is. That is, lots of people would refuse to date someone specifically because they smoke. Few, if any, people would refuse to date someone specifically because they DON’T smoke. So if you smoke, you’ve been eliminated in the eyes of a majority of potential mates.Nothing is going to miraculously happen to your body when you quit. In fact, you’ll probably feel miserable for a long time from withdrawal symptoms. But it would be absurd if you use this as an excuse to not quit. Quit because you value your life. Quit because you value QUALITY of life. Quit because you refuse to continue to be shackled by addiction. Quit for your family. Quit for your future wife/husband. Quit for your future children.

What is the best way to stop smoking weed? Can it be done with CBD oil? I have been smoking daily for 20 years.

If you’re struggling and really want to quit. I would suggest CBD oil. CBD impacts the reward system in the brain and can help mitigate cravings when they come on. They have done multiple studies showing CBD can help people stop smoking cigarettes, and we know CBD counteracts the effects of THC and I’ve heard numerous reports where consumers want less and less THC as they increase their CBD intake, so in my opinion I believe it can definitely help.My husband used high doses of CBD to eliminate withdrawal from 10-years of legal opiate addiction and it worked like a charm. He quit taking his prescriptions on March 18, 2016 and never looked back. If it can help him with that… I’m certain it can help with other addictions as well.Good luck!

What the best ways to stop smoking weed?

The best way to stop smoking anything is to quit cold turkey. Only if you are serious about it. You can talk a good talk, but can you walk the walk???? You have to change everything you've done and who you've been hanging out with since you first began smoking. Are you ready to do that? If not, you can hang it up. Won't work.

You can't be around the stuff, can't be around other people who use the stuff. For crying out loud, you have to quit buying it too!!

Get busy with your life! You have too much time on your hands. Change your routine, take up jogging, or working out, or better yet, try adopting someone less fortunate than yourself and spend some of that money you spend on weed in helping them. Not only will you get a wonderful "rush", but you'll really make someone's day (or year). And you'll take your mind off yourself and onto some kid who could use a friend or a new basketball, or an old lady who needs her house painted, or her plumbing fixed. See the tear in someone's eye who is so grateful they are speechless because they know they can never repay you!!!!
Get on with it!!!!!!

Some side effects may be: tiredness, a GREAT desire to have "just a little" so you feel better...............DON'T. Just hang in there for about 3 days is all. Take lots of showers. It may be like quitting will actually STINK as the stuff comes out of your system. So SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER. You may be nervous. You will want to think about it. So think about it and move on. You are either a weakling or you are strong. You get to choose.

But since you are more emotionally addicted than physically, you absolutely HAVE to change your routine and your friends.
I quit smoking cig. after 35 years. Cigs are physically addicting. I KNOW what I am talking about!! All this actually works!
Good luck.....pray daily!

How did you stop smoking cigarettes?

I started smoking in 2007 and completely quit in 2014. Soon I realized this was a serious self-destructive habit and probably in 2010 I started trying to quit which I found very difficult.I was trying to cut back one by one but that strategy didn’t work.I tried to make Friday no-smoking day, didn’t work for me.I tried few other random ideas but all in vain :(But finally how I did this is still a surprise to me.In 2013 I moved to Munich and met a guy who was training for the ironman triathlon (and finished in 2014). He is one of those rare persons who has taken the fitness evangelism as their religious responsibility and at the same time has a pleasing personality. He persuaded me to run for a marathon. And I did it. Picture as proof from my first half marathon, the person crossing the finishing line is meI may sound illogical but running marathon actually helped me to quit smoking. I had to practice for months before the marathon event and soon I found that if I had not smoked I could run better. Running a half marathon may not a big thing for many but for an non-sporty person like me it was a big step.There were few more like me in the group and we were all very excited about the event. I was so geared up that I started smoking less and less as the event was coming closer.Then suddenly I realized that this was my only chance to quit smoking and if I can’t make it this time I will never be able to do it. And by the time the event was over I had completely quit smoking.I don’t run anymore and I don’t think the one marathon event brought much benefit to my health. But surely it was the key to quit smoking for me. I thank the person who persuaded me into this and I am sure he is touching many more lives unknowingly.

What would happen if I stop smoking all of a sudden?

When you stop smoking all of a sudden, that’s called quitting Cold Turkey.While you were smoking you were controlled by nicotine.A smoker’s brain is conditioned to receive "dopamine simulation" in every 1-2 hours.When you stop smoking, positive results starts coming just after you quit your last cigarette but you need to know and accept the results. Remember, now your journey is just starting to return to the normal state.You may feel tired. That's because your body is conditioned to receive nicotine as a stimulant.You may feel not able to concentrate. That's because your brain is conditioned to receive nicotine fix at every particular time to help you focus better.You may feel irritable. That's because your drug addict mind is begging and giving you all the justifications to receive nicotine.But these states are only temporary.These are the withdrawal/ craving symptoms of quitting smoking.Cravings are signs that your body is recovering, it is flushing out all the toxic chemicals and tar which was deposited in every part of your body, not limited to lungs.Cravings are the sign that your brain is trying hard to work normally and regularizing the neurotransmitter network which has been taken hostage by nicotine.Cravings are not going to last forever. Once your body learns to work normally without nicotine, you won't feel any.Nicotine acts as hunger suppressant. When we quit smoking our disturbed metabolism starts getting back to normal. Normally people feel hunger at regular intervals but smokers can go starving without food for the entire day. Nicotine in the cigarettes gives a boost to the stored sugars in the bloodstream. That's the reason smokers feel less hunger. But when they quit smoking the hunger peaks and most of the ex-smokers get stick to sugary and salty items. We all know sugar and salts are the primary reason for weight gain.How to deal with the problem of weight gain?Redistribute your meals in small quantities at regular intervals.Eat healthy and clean diet. Include vegetables and fruits more in your diet.Say no to chips, cookies, chocolates, candies, sweets.Cutting sugar and salt helps a lot in shedding extra fat.Do regular workout like jogging, running, swimming, weight training etc.

How to quit smoking?

I used to smoke when I was younger. Luckily, I quit without any problems. Actually, those special pills and gums don't help at all. Everything depends on your power of will. It's pretty hard to smoke the last cigarette and never smoke again, I'd rather say it's almost impossible and not very good. It's better to smoke 1 less cigarette each day, always less and less. And these cigarettes must be light, that helps. Well, you might also have some friends how don't want you to smoke when you're with them. Keep in touch with them, spend as more time with them as possible. That would help.

How did you quit smoking?

I need help...I am so addicted to cigarettes...I'm 30 years old and I've been smoking for 10 years now and I would like to quit...I think there gross and I hate the smell they leave on your hands and clothes...But, I have a hard time quitting...I need Any suggestions or help...